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October 16, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 21 comments

Okay, after much finagling, (I so suck at spreadsheets) here are the entries that qualify. My judge will be culling 19 of these. The entries that make it to round two will be posted some time Monday the 22nd. Those still in the hunt have until Friday of the same week, the 26th, no later than midnight PACIFIC time to post their second line accompanied by your original first line. No changes to original lines!
Good luck!!!!!

1. The Sunday sun sinks low in the sky and the time has come.
2. The blood splattered on Maribel Thompson’s pillow and drying on her hand wasn’t hers, and neither were the boxer briefs tangled in her sheets.
3. At the moment of his death Alexander Detweiler didn’t find God, or see the welcoming smile of his dead sister, or experience that all but clichéd brilliant halo of white light.
4. The dust was still settling and there wasn’t time to think.
5. As I forced my eyes to open, despite the thick crust gluing them shut, I knew one thing was certain – I was dying.
6. It was right around 10 p.m. that I realized merry widows were made to be ripped off right away, not worn for an all-night TV marathon.
7. Remorse, the malicious shit, saddled up and rode Sierra Talbot’s heels like a haunted horse the day she blew back into the heart of Simon, Michigan.
8. They spied the dog first, lean, long-legged and pale as a moonbeam in the darkness.
9. Something was wrong and had been for quite a while now.
10. I was standing there naked when a dead man sauntered into my bathroom.
11. Sherry Fernando hefted her suitcase and marched toward the latched wooden gate she’d exited some four years earlier, never to look back.
12. Shattered like a goblet on a tile floor, Sarah Wild’s dreams lay in a tattered heap of shredded white silk and gossamer tulle.
13. I squeezed the trigger, the noise of the gun nearly deafening in the confined space of the elevator.
14. The mahogany coffin rested eerily over the wounded earth, the deep fissure as hollow as the hearts of the two mourners.
15. During the course of his quest, Dair Curator had lost count of the number of women he’d slept with.
16. Lindani didn’t run from anything, even a monster in the sea.
17. He floated headless in a mist of tears.
18. “This is your fault,” a male voice thundered.
19. For someone with Kate Atkinson’s unique talent, finding England’s most infamous pirate had been easy.
20. Shivering in the half-light, Mary Jones was assaulted by the futility of her life.
21. Emma Morris looked out the back window of Zelda’s Magical Diner at the rows of tomato plants heavy with the red fruit, and something free and wild inside her unfurled.
22. Chocolate was made for moments like this.
23. I bucked and twisted to shake off the men pinning my arms against a rough brick wall.
24. “It’s amazing the guy can climb at all with balls that big.”
25. Death permeated the air in the post-WWII bungalow as Sara Cooper walked through the front door and dropped her backpack on the floor.
26. “You look like a man who knows how to be wicked.”
27. Whoever said princesses couldn’t grow up to become killers was a liar.
28. For Jersey girl Mel, finding a town called Yeehaw Junction right off the Florida Turnpike, hit her harder than her near death encounter on the road to Nowheresville.
29. “Face it, the only reason she could possibly have for marrying that old fart is to get her hands on his money.”
30. When my water broke, I was sitting on the floor, writing about waiting and time and limbic spaces.
31. Nothing but forest–miles and miles of forest–stretched out in front of her.
32. I’m lurking in the almost-dark at the door of my hotel bathroom, staring at the bathtub.
33. It seemed ironic that his own marriage should come undone at a house party whose sole purpose was to celebrate the promise of another.
34. Finding anyone on a reservation is never easy, even someone dead.
35. “I bet you taste as good as you smell.”
36. He found her just before sunrise.
37. “Betrothed…you can’t be serious!”
38. “Ah, baby, that’s it…just a little…um, yeah…” he urged, his low ragged moan changing to a satisfied growl.
39. Lissa, Princess of Horvald, waited for Death.
40. The frilly bedroom had been recently decorated in red – blood red.
41. Jenna Montgomery shot from bed with her daughter’s shriek still rattling her brain.
42. Her eyes were full of amusement, then it hit all at once and he breathed her name on a soft moan “Gabby”.
43. Dr. Ava Monroe listened intently as the subject screamed in pain.
44. “You want me to do what?”
45. Tam pressed deeper into the corner of the dark closet and jerked cloths from hangers to hide her bright copper hair.
46. NICK JUMPED as someone’s fingers slid down the back of his jeans.
47. The first time he had put the moves on her she let it go but the second time, she shot him.
48. “Run that by me again, and try not to sound like you’ve lost your mind.”
49. There was only one coherent thought in Francesca’s mind as she huddled on the closed toilet seat twisting her hour-old wedding ring.
50. She couldn’t believe it had come to this.
51. And then she smelled it!
52. Antoinette threw back her head and let the scream rip from her throat.
53. “Ever heard the phrase ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’?” Dan muttered as we stared at the huge black mirrored doors.
54. He’d heard of fairies at the bottom of the garden, but this one was in his lounge room, and practically naked.
55. Kaitlin McKenzie stared down at her red-slicked hands and swallowed the pain; who knew a female body could lose so much blood!
56. In recent nights, the hunger had grown overwhelming.
57. “Pull out, pull out, please pull out,” she moaned.
58. “Another fat wanker,” muttered Alex through gritted teeth, as she hurried up the pit lane towards the portly middle aged man.
59. Nestled on the side of a hill was the town of Kintbury, bathed in the late afternoon sunshine.
60. It’s hard to have a life when you’re the Angel of Death.
61. “Oh my God,” Clea cried, staring down at the telephone reciever.
62. I stared at the nine men of my supposed dreams.
63. Julie closed her eyes tight begging the images to cease.
64. NAKED images of ‘The Cyclist’ flashed through his head, and his body responded accordingly.
65. Ringing phones and telegrams only brought bad news.
66. Bloody slave labour!
67. Edward Sarkins placed his rough, ashy hand on the counter of his small booth.
68. Hundreds of miles away from Rhesus-Hecks, on the other side of a mountain range resembling a row of green and gray witches’ hats, the sun is mooning Whatever!
69. The bitch needed to die.
70. “Un-believable,” Ethan said as he threw his pen on his desk in disgust and pinned his assistant with a stare that made grown men’s balls shrivel.
71. “I’m not giving her this.”
72. It happened as the third of them started on her.
73. “Which of you two biyaches is my Aunt Freddie?”
74. Jim Callahan was born in the shadow of the lighthouse on Sandman’s Island, twenty miles from the End of the World.

Great lines evryone!



  1. B.E. Sanderson

    I second that, Karin. Great lines, everyone. Good luck to us all. =oD

  2. Carol

    Best of luck to all!

  3. Kara

    Thanks again, Karin for culling through the mess some of us made in the entries! We appreciate and love this nerve wracking, nail biting contest. It’s a blast!

  4. Donna

    Thanks for doing this again Karin. I have to say the lines are great this year. If you read straight from line 43 though line 53 as one story it’ll get you laughing because it blends well.

    Good job everyone.

  5. Brenda

    Wow, what a hefty job to take on. Kudos to you for all your hard work.

    Donna, I read 43 through 53 and what a hoot, you are so right. Especially 49-51, hysterical. Good luck to all and have fun!!!!!!!

  6. Edie

    It was fun reading these. Thanks for putting the contest on again, Karin.

  7. Melissa

    Thanks Karin 🙂 for such a wonderful and fun contest. Can’t wait to see everyone’s lines unfold.

  8. Taylor

    Yes, good luck everyone. Just putting your stuff out there to read takes guts and that’s an important part of the process. Each time we do it we’re one step closer.

    Thanks again Karin.

  9. Amanda

    Karin, you are great for doing this again.

  10. Michelle

    Thanks again, Karin. This is going to be so much fun, as usual.

  11. Alex Adams

    Wow, there are some really fantastic first lines here! Many thanks for doing this, Karin. And good luck to us all; looks like we’re a pretty talented bunch. 🙂

  12. Jordanne

    Oh that was funny. I’m so very glad I didn’t have a mouth full of tea for the 49-51 spread.

    Thanks again so much for doing this, Karin, you’re a sweetie!

  13. Jennifer Faye

    Karin you’re fantastic to take the time to put on this contest. Thank you so much! There’s a lot of talent in those first lines. Good luck to everyone.

  14. Pilar

    Thanks Karin! Even if I don’t make it any further, I still love reading everyone’s lines. Good luck everyone and thanks again, Karin!

  15. Bernita

    You lovely Girl.
    Thank you,

  16. LaDonna

    Karin, these lines are great! I can’t wait to watch this contest unfold, and tune in every Monday. You’re a goddess to all of us familiar with this contest.

  17. Linda S.

    Karin – What fun! Thanks for doing this. Reading all the first lines makes me curious for the second!

  18. Cele

    I’m with Donna, this is my favorite part of the contest, you can read straight through and get five or six really funny senarios.

  19. Mary

    So I see the lines have already been judged!

    Do we still have to wait with great anticipation until Monday to see if we made it?

  20. Marcia

    Thanks for running the contest, Karin. If nothing else lines 49-51 were worth it. 😆

  21. Karin

    Yes, Mary, you do. 😉

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