Compliments of my cat

November 1, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

I have lost files. Yep, whilst up writing into the wee hours of the night, I was too weary to think to shut down my computer. I woke this morning to find my cat Sphinxlike on the keyboard with my narrator chatting away. Funny thing is, I never knew I had a narrator. Well, when I went to retrieve files they no longer existed. After a frantic SOS to my computer whiz, Lorenzo, who did come to my rescue and fixed things, I cannot locate the file with my judge’s critiques. I’ll email her and hopefully she saved them. Will post as soon as possible.

Back to your regular scheduled programming.





  1. Edie

    Karin, I’m afraid to laugh because I have a cat too, and maybe she’ll try that some night when I’m sleeping. I didn’t know computers came with narrators either.

    I’d hate to think our cats are smarter than we are. That would make a good TV show. “Are You Smarter Than Your Cat?”

  2. J. Carson Black

    Lorenzo? There’s got to be a story there! This is grist for a very hot novel. With the cat in the middle.

    Whew! Hot in here…

  3. Cele

    This makes me ever so thankful I’ve no cats, but fills me with dread that Arlo will take up keyboard surfing.

  4. Theresa


    I’m reliving some advice I gave you regarding allowing cats to visit certain websites. . .

  5. Liz Kreger

    Cats will do that for you. Mine keeps trying to slip behind the computer … where’s its warm. The sucker is too fat to fit and generally knocks things over. Pest.

  6. B.E. Sanderson

    Ohhhh. Bad ol’ puddy tat. Must’ve been the day for bad kitties. Mine decided she didn’t want to be petted and shredded my arm. And then later when I was trying to work, she jumped on my desk and laid between me and my keyboard. (Maybe our cats resent the time we spend writing instead of pampering them.)

    Sorry about the lost files. That truly stinks. My fingers are crossed that your editor has them saved.

  7. LaDonna

    LOL, Karin! I need a cat to show me what my new laptop can do. Thank God, he didn’t mess with your books.

  8. Kara

    Edie! LMAO! I nose booted my coffee on the new game show title! And Karin, sorry to hear about the files, but sounds like everything was restored. Cats, we love to love them–don’t we?

  9. Amanda

    I don’t own a cat any more, or more precisely I’m not owned by a cat any more. LOL But, when I had them they would be the strangest things.

  10. Taylor

    I HAVE to close my laptop when I leave it alone b/c it only takes a second for my furbaby to realize it’s unattended, even when she’s sound asleep.

    The last time I made the mistake of not closing it she somehow got my msn open and sent a ton of gobbledy-gook to my entire contact list. Thankfully most of them have kids as well as cats so they understood but sheesh, could you imagine if she’d sent a naughty scene to one of my older, prudish relatives?

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