I’m hunkered down again

This time with copy edits. I’m working on IN HIS BED my novella in the ITALIAN STALLIONS antho (I’m still not used to that title). I had every intention of having them back to my editor by now, even with the heavy inserts, but it is not to be. I’ll overnight them tomorrow. There has been too much going on here at home. My oldest son is sick and has decided he needs to be over here infecting us. Oh, and I have to make him soup and grilled-cheese on demand. My youngest son woke up really ill this morning… Read more »

Seven things you really don’t want to know…

…but, I just found out my brat of a friend Sylvia Day tagged me. Hah! see if I stop by her blog again any time soon! Anyhoo, it’s a tell us 7 random facts about yourself tag. Not too difficult. 1. I love animals. All animals except bugs, which are not really animals they are insects, and I only dislike two types of insects: flies and roaches. I think snakes are really cool creatures. (Amy are you squealing yet?) 2. I had a six foot iguana named Mondo who had the run of the house. Muwhahahahaa. He was potty trained… Read more »

It’s cold, it’s windy,

and it’s rainy. I love this weather! Snuggled in my fleecy PJ’s, and warm fuzzy slippers, I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon on the phone with a GF. I drank a pot of coffee, ate a really scrumptious cheese strudel thingy, and just smiled and laughed all the while we gabbed. It was a really good gab. I really like it when good things happen to people I care about. And contrary to popular belief there are a lot of really good things happening to some really well-deserving people out there. It makes me happy… Read more »

Who’s going to National?

So y’all know registration is open for National, right? Go to www.RWANational.org and reg. I know a lot of people are complaining about the fee and hotel rate this year, but frankly, I think it’s the best couple of grand (combined expenses) a girl can spend on her career. Find someone to share a room with, and before anyone complains about the room rates, don’t. San Francisco is expensive, and ya get what you pay for, and I for one am very happy I won’t be melting in Dallas. That Dallas heat and humidity was atrocious. Kudos to those of… Read more »
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