My Favorite Time of Year!

January 16, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments

It’s AI time!

And how perfect is it that it coincides with the end of my crazy 3 month writing jag? I already love Angela from Chicago, and the blondie from Oregon.
Alexis scared me. Really scared me. She pissed my MIL off big time. I got the call, and it was not pretty. I love it when she gets all riled up and swears like a sailor.
So the guy who wrote and sang the stalker song to Paula? Very scary. I was glad Simon insisted the bouncers cart his weird ass away. The dude with the Genie costume? Wow. I wonder what his waxing appointment cost him. There were others. Oh, oh, oh! How could I forget Princess Leah? O.M.G! Who knew there were clip on ear buns!

Okay, so I was not disappointed tonight. I thought while the show was rife with the freaks there were some diamonds in the rough plucked from the mud.

But, what I am constantly amazed by how many of these people who actually believed they had what it takes to get to the big show but who have zero in the talent pool. I know many, okay, a lot are just trying to get on national television, but some of them who really suck are genuinely devastated when they get the British boot in the arse. How does that happen? Who are the people encouraging them and telling them they’re good? I’m all for telling my kids and friends to reach for the stars and don’t let anyone tell you can’t achieve your dreams, but here’s the real world: I’d love to be a rock and roll star. The forty-something version of Stevie Nicks. But, the sad fact is, I can not carry a tune if the lives of my children depended on it. No matter how much training I have. I. Can. Not. Sing. Period.

Sigh. But I can do karaoke! Heh, apparently so can my friend Jami Alden. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So, who’s in for the AI long haul this season, and do you have any faves from tonight? Cele? I know you’re watching and you too, Edie. Thoughts?



  1. Jaci Burton

    I’m so sadly addicted to AI it’s pathetic. The auditions are my favorite time of year. And I loved the girl from Oregon. She actually has a life…and an interesting life at that. She’s cute, and she can sing like nobody’s business. I hope she makes it to the stage! Can’t wait til tonight’s auditions!

  2. Margaret

    I must confess that I love AI, too. As an unpublished writer, I can relate to banging my head against the wall, unwilling to admit that for all intents and purposes I AM JUST A HACK. It is a hard reality, and even harder to admit to it.
    There were some real gems in the pile of steaming and cursing manure, though I find it sad that sparkle girl went rabid and didn’t really listen to what the judges said. Hopefully, she has cooled off a bit and watched the sequence all over again. She definately was channeling Grace Slick and her singing didn’t suck, but she wasn’t right for this show.

  3. Mary

    I too, am an addict. Tho I don’t really follow the auditions (can’t take all those fools). But once the actual show starts, I am there faithfully.

  4. Cele

    I try really hard to not watch the Train Wreck episodes, I get so embarrassed for the people who have no clue, who have been lied to by well intended family and friends and people who must truly hate them. So I wait until Hollywood week usually before I really begin watching.

    But your comments intrigue me.

  5. Karin

    Hey, Jaci, we can be pathetic with each other! And the girl from OR? If her character holds she will go far.

    Margaret! You are not a hack! The good news, and I truly believe this is (and many will disagree), writing is a craft that can be honed! Keep on keeping on.

    Hey, Mary, and Cele, you really are missing some fun by skipping the initial auditions. Do what I do whan someoen is about to crucify themselves nationally: Duck and put your hands over your ears and shake your head singing, “La, la, la ,la la, Simon don’t be too cruel, la, la, la,” until your hubby tells you it’s ok to look now. 🙂

  6. Jami Alden

    I never got on the AI bandwagon, and I can’t really explain why. I love so many other reality shows. And yes Karin, I can sing the hell out of Karaoke! I actually can carry a tune – Bella Andre and I were even in an acapella singing group together in college. one step up from band geeks…

  7. Amanda

    I love AI, even the auditions. We mute the train wrecks. Loved the girl from Oregon and Angela with the little girl, also, there was one guy, he sang really well too.

  8. Edie

    I like watching the auditions, but not as much the group ones. All of a sudden, some of the singers who sounded so good in the audition suck. Once they’re narrowed down, then I’ll watch them.

    It’s pathetic how the angry ones blame Simon. The sparkly girl was scary. I thought Simon was actually polite to her. And he had a group hug with the singer who didn’t get in, the one with the sick mother. If I remember correctly, the three of them escorting her out was his idea.

    See, he has a heart. 😀

  9. Karin

    Edie, I love Simon’s heart.

  10. Poppy

    Simon was polite to almost everyone! That was annoying. What’s the point? Although, I was glad he was sweet to the girl with the sick mom. I was worried for a minute.

  11. Amie sTuart

    Oh. mY GAWD! the guy in the white suit that wrote a song for Simon…..when Paula started singing, i was literally screaming with laughter. *sigh*

    It’s gonna be a great season but I wish they’d shown more talent!

    Poppy he was! And it was like Paula turned a bit bitchy–what’s up with that?

  12. LaDonna

    I’m so glad AI is back in town! And how do you remember names so well, Karin? I remember the blonde gal with great vocals, the baritone guy who scared me with his wierd voice, the sparkly gal who should get anger help. It’s just so great to see Simon’s face again, and so happy he hasn’t changed. I LUV him!

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