Seven things you really don’t want to know…

January 28, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

…but, I just found out my brat of a friend Sylvia Day tagged me. Hah! see if I stop by her blog again any time soon!

Anyhoo, it’s a tell us 7 random facts about yourself tag. Not too difficult.

1. I love animals. All animals except bugs, which are not really animals they are insects, and I only dislike two types of insects: flies and roaches. I think snakes are really cool creatures. (Amy are you squealing yet?)

2. I had a six foot iguana named Mondo who had the run of the house. Muwhahahahaa. He was potty trained too.

3. I hate to fly. Even on Xanex chased with a double/triple/quadruple Bloody Mary. I hate to fly. I also dislike driving with my husband who feels it is his duty each time he gets into his car to attempt to break the sound barrier. I refuse to drive with any of my children. They learned to drive from their father. ‘Nough said.

4. I can’t sing. Okay, correction, I can sing but it is an atrocious, pathetic sound. I am tone deaf and cannot carry a tune to save my life. There is no hope for me. Ever.

5. In my next life I want to come back as Stevie Nicks. Go figure.

6. I am not vindictive. But, once bitten, you are dead to me. There is no resurrection. Ever. Unless you’re one of my kids.

7. I love good wine and dark chocolate.

So, as the story goes I have to tag 7 goils? I have to think about this one. I think everyone has been tagged!

So tell us one random fact about yourself that no one else knows! 🙂



  1. J. Carson Black

    Okay, I’ll bite. (Pun not intended.) I once spent roughly forty minutes with a black widow spider on my head.

  2. B.E. Sanderson

    I just did a meme like this, but I’ll come up with one more random fact. You know that old phrase “Half-past a freckle”? I have a freckle on my right wrist – exactly where my watch sits when I wear one. If I drew numbers on my wrist, half-past a freckle would be 3:30. ;o)

  3. Kara

    Boy, this stuff is floating all over the blogs. I just did my seven as well… but here’s another: I’m the middle child of 5 and the youngest daughter and I fit everyone of the stereotypes that go with that placement! *vbg* 😀

  4. Karin

    Jake, was that spider up there on purpose?!

    Beth, I’ll think of you every time I hear that now. 🙂

    Kara, I decided not to bombard the ‘net with more, so it ends here with me. and Kara, we have stereotypes for a reason don’t we? are you a brat?

  5. J. Carson Black

    When I was 18, I went over to a neighboring farm to ride. I decided to do some jumping, so the farm’s owner led me into their dusty, cobwebbed tack room to get one. I picked a hard hat, got on my horse, and did a couple of rounds of jumps. When I took off the hat, I was looking straight at a cobweb in the crown, with a black widow sitting right in the middle.

    That spider got quite a ride!

  6. J. Carson Black

    I meant to say “to get a hard hat”. Maybe that spider did bite me and it’s affected my writing skills. 😉

  7. Edie

    I did my 7 facts last week. It’s the third time, and I’m running out of interesting facts. I don’t think I told this one. Our first dog was in love with my husband and tolerated me. Barely. At night she slept between us with her head on my pillow. Then she started putting her four feet on my back and pushing me out of the bed.

    We no longer let our dogs sleep on the bed.

  8. Jaci Burton

    I used to love flying. I’d fall asleep as soon as the plane taxied down the runway and relax the entire flight.

    The past year or so I’ve grown deathly afraid of it and I get painful anxiety attacks and get sick before I even get on the plane. Wtf? I so don’t get where that came from. I had no air trauma or anything. *sigh*

    And I like to think I can sing. I’m sure my family humors me because they love me. Heh.

  9. LaDonna

    Love your facts, Karin. Here’s one no one knows but a few. I wear socks for every papsmear. I’m butt-naked under the paper gown, but boy howdy my toes are covered. 😆

  10. Cele

    I love Meme’s they help me keep up my vow to blog twice a week (but I get to bank blogs when I run over, for the weeks I run under. whew.)

    I consider myself the singularly most boring person in the world. I can never think of a thing about myself except I’m terrified of snakes. Oh wait you all know that. See.

  11. Sylvia Day

    Brat? wassat? moi?

    And I dig the way your hubby drives.

  12. Karin

    so he keeps reminding me!

  13. Karin

    um, LaDonna? TMI sweetie.

    And Cele, you are not boring, but I think the entire west coast knows how you feel about snakes.

  14. Karin

    Jaci, I feel your wtf? pain. I used to love to fly too, but somthing inside snapped, and I am now certifiable without the aid of Xanex. Ok, that’s a lie. I can fly w/o drugs, but you do not want to sit near me.

    Jake, you are damn lucky that spider had mercy on your head.

    Edie, does Sky love you the best?

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