Yes, I am going to follow AI again this year and chat about it here

February 13, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments

I couldn’t let a season go by without all of us having our say, now could I? But, I am wrapping up the copy edits on JADED. Amazingly, I still love this story. I think I have a crush on Jase. And I love Jade to bits. My heart squeezes each time I think of her and how brave she is. I love this couple. If I had to describe this story in one word it would be: raw. There is nothing sugar coated about their story. It is what it is and I make no excuses for either of them. How they managed to fall in love is still a mystery to me. Especially with all the crap thrown at them. But they do find love, and it’s a big fat love. Sigh. I want a cigarette now. 🙂

Oh wait, I quit. Except I am so gonna smoke with my agent and editor in San Francisco. Hmm, maybe not, is there anywhere to smoke in that place?

Okay, so about AI. Last night I cried, well I felt like I wanted to cry when Angela was sent home. 🙁
I was screaming at Simon to keep her. What an angel! And her sweet little daughter, and what about her dad getting killed? How tragic. Life can be very unfair. But that girl has her faith and her goodness to see her through.

:)Then there was Josiah who with his last performance got on my nerves. I was glad to see Simon smack him down now. I hope the boy who lives in his car goes far.

🙁 I was sad to see the beauty queen girl go. I thought she was adorable and could sing. Paula pissed me off. She just didn’t want the competition. Beotch.

Oh, oh, oh! What about that adorable sexy foreign guy with the hunky accent who couldn’t sing? That was book cover material! Too bad he couldn’t sing. Sigh. Not that I really cared, I would have settled for just looking at him for a little while longer. Hubby if you’ve read this far, I’m just kidding. 😉

🙂 I like the rock and roll guy, the biker nurse and the goil from Ireland. Oh, and I like the blonde who played the piano who reminds Simon of Carol King.

So, I know it’s way too early to call it, but who do you see at least in the top ten? I predict all of my above mentioned. 😉

Ciao for now,



  1. Amie Stuart

    I LOVE the Ausie!! And the young kid–the 16 YO and *sigh* honestly I was so sad to see the nerdy guy not make it through. I really liked him. And I was stunned when Simon said he didn’t agree w/the decision.

  2. Jaci Burton

    Oh yayyy! Another AI follower!

    I love the Irish girl. Love the rocker guy with the reddish funky hair and the Aussie guy too. I was sad to see the nerdy kid go home, but loved the encouraging words he got from Simon. I really like the 16 year old boy. He sings so well.

    And I was thrilled when Simon sent Josiah packing. The kid needs to grow up. Way overconfident and he blew his last audition last night. He deserved to get the boot.

    I’m not going to RWA this year. I’ll miss smoking with you, but good lucking find a place to smoke in SF. Gah.

  3. Poppy

    Apparently, the Irish girl already had a cd out from a major label. The Carole-King blonde, the 16-year-old-kid, and the guy who sang Bohemian Rhapsody should make it through. And car kid with the british singing accent.

  4. Edie

    Glad you quit smoking, Karin. My son did too. Yay!

    The Aussie guy, the biker nurse chick (my husband liked her), the Irish girl, the Carly King-like blonde, the 16-year old, and Ayesha (I think that’s her name. I’m sure some of the others are great too, but so far those are the ones who stood out for me.

  5. Karin

    I was surprised to see the boy who lives out of his car go. i mean i agree why, but was still surprised. i was soooo sad to see kyle the last of the two guys to go. he was/is so, wow, i can’t put him into words. it would have been a joy to watch him. i told hubby i wanted him to come live with us. he rolled his eyes.
    the final 24 look pretty darn strong. right now, i’m liking michael the aussie. and the girl who lost her voice.
    and if what poppy says is true, that the irish girl, carly, has a major label somewhere else, i don’t think she should be allowed to compete. oh, and i really like the 16 year old boy from san diego. i forgot his first name, but his last name is archuleta. 😉

  6. B.E. Sanderson

    I haven’t really been an AI watcher, but I caught it last night. Kyle reminded me of a friend of mine from high school, so I was already sympathetic, but since I hadn’t heard him sing, I wasn’t holding out much hope. Then I heard him, and I was sure they’d pass him through. When they didn’t, I was severely bummed out. He was amazing, and Simon knew it (too bad the other two didn’t). Expect to see Kyle again – like guest singing on Evening at the Pops (where I first saw Josh Grobin). I also couldn’t believe they picked the plus-sized model over the professional singer. The singer was so far above the model it wasn’t even close. Feh.

  7. Virna

    I like the guy who sang the Queen song. Is that the Aussie? And the girl from Ireland, the girl who played the piano, and the 16 years old kid who sang Heaven. Actually, there are quite a few I’d root for!

  8. Mary

    Thanks SIL, I thought I had lost my AI group. My life is pretty tranquil and I look forward to this time of year.

    Now with that said I am in total agreement with most of the crowd, however, I felt really bad for carboy I think his nerves got the better of him. It was nice to hear original material from his first few auditions – not people trying to sound like the people who actually do sing the songs.

    I’m rooting for aussie man.


  9. Amie Stuart

    it would have been a joy to watch him.

    I AGREE!!!!! I was so sad to see him go!!! *sigh*

    There was some talk, somewhere, about some of them having had major label backing and/or working with big stars but I can’t remember WHO

  10. Becca

    I was blog surfing and found AI chatter!

    I really liked the Bohemian boy, and the Nurse. It’ll take me weeks to learn their names!

  11. Cele

    Now that the trainwreck episodes are over I’m back on the AI bandwagon (har har.) There were several I liked, it will be interesting to see how the whittling down goes the first five weeks so we can get to the top twelve.

    There were a few I was sad to see not make it, other that made me stop and wonder, “What are you guys thinking?” But I will be right here for the ride Karin.

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