The winner of the First Line Contest is…

February 19, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments

Melanie Scott!!!!

Coming in second, Deborah Allen
third, Diane Della Maggiora
fourth, Heather Wardell
and fifth, Helene Young

Congrats, ladies!!! Miz Teeman said she enjoyed all of the entries!!!





  1. Holly D

    Congrats ladies!

  2. B.E. Sanderson

    Congratulations Melanie and all the other top five. Good job!

  3. Edie

    Congratulations to all of the finalists!

  4. kara

    Congratulations, ladies. That was some stiff competition. Every one of you should be very proud.

    And thanks as always Karin, it’s a wonderful contest and we appreciate all the time you put into it.

  5. Heather W

    Thanks so much for doing this for us, Karin! And congrats, Melanie!


  6. Heather W

    Ladies (and gentlemen, of course :),

    I have posted my first ten pages on my blog and would dearly love any feedback anyone feels like providing me. The link on my name on this message should take you there, but if not, it’s and the post is at the top.

    Karin, if this is not okay with you, I apologize and please delete my comment. I’m just hoping people might want to read and comment on my pages.


  7. Karin

    No problem, Heather! I’ll try and pop on over later today, and take a read myself.

  8. Heather W

    Thanks very much, Karin. 🙂


  9. Carol Burge

    Congratulations, ladies!

  10. Heather W

    Karin, I just found out that my email’s been down for about a week. If you emailed us anything about the contest, could you re-send it to me? If you didn’t, then no worries, of course. 🙂


  11. Melanie Scott

    Wow! This is nice news!

    Congrats to everyone else and thanks to Karin again for running such a great comp!

  12. Keziah Hill

    Well, I’m stunned! Thanks for organising this Karin and congrats to every one else particularly Mel and Helene. Us Aussie girls rock!
    Keziah (aka Deb Allen)

  13. Calliope

    Yeah for the Aussies!

    I got bumped in the last round, fortunate since it was 2 days after my darling computer crashed and I’m still catching up on the stuff I missed out on in the next month. So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you now, Karin, and the other contestants, for every gut-wrenching moment of the competition – and of course for making me really look at every word of my waffle. It was a HUGE learning experience, and very much appreciated, especially with your hectic schedule.

    Thanks again

  14. Diane Della Maggiora

    oh, wow, that’s cool. Now, I don’t remember whose entry was whose, I guess I’ll go back and look. Congrats to all! And Heather, if I can keep it in my brain long enough, I’ll go look at your pages on Thursday.

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