AI starts off with a bang and ends with a roar!

February 20, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments

That said, I was kind of disappointed with several performances tonight. I really expected to be wowed across the board, what, with so much professional and or seasoned talent in the hunt this year, but, whatever. Before I get to my thoughts on each of the performances tonight I have a couple of things to get off my chest.

First of all, Paula needs to go. Period.

Secondly: Josiah? The kid who lives out of his car? He annoys me. His fake British singing accent annoys me.

Thirdly, Paula annoys me.

Fourth: I love Simon.

Okay so numero uno David Hernandez: What’s his story? Pro? He sounded like one, and performed like one. Midnight Hour was a great song choice for him. He looked good, confident, and seems likable, and until the very end his voice was solid. I agree with Simon though, the guy needs to loosen up. But, hey, I totally get his being nervous tonight.

Chikezie or as Simon is fond of calling him, Jacuzzi. So, to begin with I wasn’t feelin’ the song. It was too slow for me. Secondly, his voice in general didn’t resonate with me. But. I like him. I think the dude screwed himself by arguing so vehemently with Simon so early in the game. I won’t be heartbroken to see him go.

David Cook: Did not like the hair-do. I liked the song choice, Happy Together, and he looked really comfy up on stage. He’s done this before. A lot.

Jason Yeager: Moon River? Wow! Who’da thunk? The singing server might be back to serving tables before too long if he keeps picking songs he turns into Tylenol PM. I was really hoping to get wowed by this guy. But I wasn’t. Oh, and I didn’t like the little blond thing he had going on in his hair.

Robbie Carrico: So this guy toured with the crotch flasher Brittney Spears. Loved his song choice: Three Dog Night’s, One. I thought he sounded great. He’ll be around for a while. AI needs a rocker like him. He’ll be fun to watch.

David Archuleta: Another one who’s been around. He won teen Star Search a few years back. Here’s the deal with Davey; he reminds me of that chick last year, Melinda?, who was so good, and the judges fawned all over her, and she was grinning like she didn’t have a clue how good she was. Davey does the same thing. Get over it. You’re good. You know it. Now work it.

Danny Noriega: I almost spewed my coffee when this train wreck opened his mouth. I haven’t liked him from the beginning. Can someone say, Ewww? I hope he goes Thursday night.

Have I mentioned Paula annoys me? A lot?

Luke Menard: I had high hopes for this cover model material. Too bad his voice didn’t measure up as much as that smile of his. I couldn’t hear him over the music. And he is a dumb ass if he thinks that was a memorable performance. It wasn’t. Hell, if I hadn’t taken notes, I would have forgotten he stepped on stage. He has the tools, he needs to work it.

Colton Berry: Ellen’s twin bro. So, I’m biased when it comes to this guy. He beat out my boy, Kyle. I miss Kyle. I would have loved to have seen Kyle up there tonight. I love the song Suspicious Minds by Elvis, Colton sang, and he did okay. But like Simon said, he did not represent. Kyle would have! End of story.

Garrett Haley: My initial reaction to this kid is he’s weak. He needs to grow a set. C’mon. Neil Sedaka? Sheesh. I was’t buyin’ what he was sellin’. Either were the judges.

Jason Castro: HATE. THE. HAIR. And he mumbles! But, I. LOVE. THIS. KID!
I smiled the entire time he sang and was holding my breath in anticipation of Simon’s comments. I was relieved he liked him too. He is good looking and has that ‘it’ factor. Now he needs some confidence, and he needs to strengthen his vocals. I’m really looking forward to watching him grow over the next months.

Michael Johns: What is there to say? The guy is a pro. He presents like a pro, and sings like a pro. Kind of boring actually. But he is good. But he is going to be predictably good, so for me there isn’t much drama in that.

So, I predict two of the following dudes will be heading home Thursday night: Chikezie, Jason, Danny, Luke or Garrett. If I could vote two off the island it would be Danny and Garrett.

Thoughts? Who did you like?



  1. Mary

    Definately Chickeze and the kid that did Jailhouse Rock, don’t like him at all.

    Liked the kid with the dreds (beautiful eyes) and good voice and my aussie.

  2. Edie

    Michael Johns is my favorite, though I liked Jason Castro and David Archuleta too. BTW, if anyone didn’t remember the names (like me), here’s a place you can match them to the faces.

    Most of them were kind of bland. The Moon River guy will probably go. I agreed with Simon on all his comments about their talent — but not his personal comments.

  3. B.E. Sanderson

    I like Robbie, but I didn’t think it was the best song choice for his talent.

    Is it just me or does Garrett remind anyone else of Leif Garretson? (Does anyone else even remember that guy?)

    I still can’t believe Colton beat out Kyle. I loved Simon’s comment to Colton about spending more time on his singing and less on his hair.

    And Paula irritates the crap out of me, too.

  4. Virna

    There seems to be a wide wide margin separating the great from the so so. I can’t believe how many times I turned to my hubby and said Paula has to go.

  5. Amie Stuart

    Paula smokes crack. 😀

    I posted my recap on my blog, but I think Luke M and Jason Yeager are going home…….RObbie the Resident ROcker better step it up. I liked him but I’d forgotten about him until I came over here. My notes just say “okay” next to his name. And I totally agree on the Colton/Kyle thing.

  6. Mary

    Thanks Edie for the link I am terrible with the names and don’t take notes like my sil.

    I learned to tune Paula out.

  7. Poppy

    The Australian guy and the 17-year-old kid were fabulous. The rest I can’t even remember this morning. Hopefully, the girls will be bette.r

  8. Jaci Burton

    Okay here’s my take:

    David H – did pretty good
    Chickeze – ugly suit. Has a decent voice, actually. Just a cheesy song. He’s better than some of them.
    David Cook – Love him. My Tulsa rocker boy!
    Jason Y – bleh. Naptime. Buh bye!
    Robbie C – another awesome rocker. Loved him!
    David A – such a cute kid and a ton of talent!
    Danny N – He’s gone. No way can he measure up.
    Luke M – totally meh performance. Forgettable.
    Colton B – I’m with you. Loved Kyle. they made a bad choice.
    Garrett H – Blech. Boring
    Jason C – Eh. Kinda cute but his performance didn’t really do anything for me.
    Michael J – loved him. Not his best performance, but he’ll be in this for awhile.

    Can you tell I’m picky? *g*
    Can’t wait to hear the girls sing tonight!

  9. Karin

    Beth, I remember Leif Garrett, he was way hotter then this Garrett. Of course he was until he turned into a drug addict. He’s hella gross now.

    Jaci,picky is good. 😉

    I’m really looking forward to the ladies tonight, but I have a feeling we’re going to see some stinkers.

    I’m constantly amazed every year how safe these wanna be super stars play it. I understand the nerves and the insecurity of it all, but you either have a voice and can sing and perform or you can’t. If they didn’t have *something* they wouldn’t have made it this far. I think for a lot of these Idols they just need to close their eyes, take a big deep breath, slowly exhale, then let it rip. Trying too hard is almost as bad as not trying hard enough.

    Okay, enough blabbering from me until later tonight. I have a book to write.

  10. LaDonna

    Karin, we’re on the same page with AI so far. David A, jason, Michael, and Robbie are my favs. I can barely tolerate the young guy you spewed coffee watching. He totally irritates me too. And Paula should be happy she has this gig. Can’t imagine the money they’re wasting on that one. Simon and Randy rock. I’m hoping they’ll fill her spot one year. Remember the annoying guy that was co-hosting with Ryan the first year out? He didn’t last beyond the that season.

  11. Karin

    Hey, Cele, you called it on the guys.

    I think everyone in the world concurred re: Amy. I feel bad for her. Sort of. Well, not really. Okay, I do feel bad for her. I feel bad for anyone whose hopes and dreams are crushed then ripped out of their heart and soul on National television. But, she did a lousy job singing. Maybe she’ll get a modeling contract out of this? She is stunning. The guys? Not so much.

  12. Cele

    I am hurring up and commenting before the finals show begins.

    I totally adored Jason Castro. From his attitude to his performance and his beautiful eyes the kid has my vote. Then David Cook.

    Going from the guys, I’m going to say Cheeezzzie and Garette. Oh wait it could be Colton.

    From the girls, I wasn’t overly impressed. I loved Brooke, Asia’h, and Remeille.

    Going home… hmmmm Amy and either Kristy or Alex.

    I too thought Amanda looked much older than 23, I don’t see her sticking around, she’s a one tune woman. It’s a good tune, but she should have done Rockstar instead of AI.

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