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February 21, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments

So, dog, the girls really didn’t do it for me tonight. And Paula still annoys the hell out of me.

So, let us begin with Miss Kristi Lee Cook: She sang Rescue Me. Hmm, I thought she had a more powerful voice then what she showed tonight. It felt to me like she sang too fast. I get that she had the flu, and I give her props for pushing through. Hubby said she played it too safe, I say she played it too boring. But I think she’ll be back next week. Maybe.

Joanne Borgetta: I like this girl, and I like her voice, but she seemed pitchy and spotty to me. I know she was nervous—but—well, you gotta shine, nerves and all.

Alaina Whitaker: I thought her performance was better then the first two. I liked it. I like her.

Amanda Overmeyer: The rock and roll nurse. She seems older than 23 to me. An old soul I guess. So to start off with, I really wish she’d ditch the Mrs. Frankenstein look. It really detracts from her. But hey, I’m all about staying true to yourself, I just don’t care for her hair. I have to give Amanda huge props for going out on that stage and doing her thang! She lets it all hang out, she is who she is. That said, I didn’t care for her performance at all. But like Simon, I like her.

Amy Davis: Before we discuss her performance let me just say, it was Connie Francis who sang Where the Boys Are, NOT Patsy Cline! Okay, so, I really wanted this girl to belt out that song, but she didn’t. Her voice was too pitchy to carry it. Too bad, because Amy has presence. That said, hubby loved the performance. It was, meh for me. I actually agreed with Paula I’m-a-Ding-Dong Abdul.

Brooke White: I like this girl, mostly because she reminds me so much of my eldest daughter. So Happy Together. I liked her performance, but I think she could have dug deeper and really done something with it. Maybe she doesn’t have the rage. Hubby didn’t care for it at all.

BTW, I hate when Paula opens her mouth. Can she not just say a complete sentence that makes sense?

Alexandrea Lushington: Whew that’s a mouthful to say and write. So, she was cute and she can sing, but she was a wee bit annoying with her gushy gush. BUT! The girl came out to win, and her performance jolted me out of my nap. BTW, I agreed with the Simonizer regarding her vocals. Always room for improvement!

Kady Malloy: I like her voice. It’s strong and vibrant. But, I’d like to see her get all wild on that stage. I didn’t think her performance was as bad as the judges did. Safe, yes, Bad? Nah.

Asia’h Epperson: What a cutie. I loved the way she sang the Janis Joplin song. She made me forget it was Janis’. Methinks she will be around for a while to come.

Remiele Malubay: Love this girl! Her hair, and her voice!

Syesha Mercado: My daughter called right when she opened her mouth! But I think I loved it. Did you?

Carly Smithson: She has a great voice. Lot’s of control. But I was bored. And it bugs the crap out of me that when Simon makes a negative comment the other two plus Seacrest, who is also beginning get on my nerves, pounce on the poor guy. Maybe they should all listen to him for a change?

So, whatcha think? An overall yawner? Who do you think will get the boot tomorrow night? I’m guessing the first two: Kristi and Joanne. The sad thing is, I don’t care who goes at this stage.



  1. Jaci Burton

    Remember last year when the ladies far outshined the guys, who were all dull? Last night none of the ladies totally wowed me. Some were okay, but a lot of the gals sounded exactly the same and if you lined them up together I wouldn’t be able to distinguish one from the other. That’s bad.

    I pretty much agree with your assessments. I thought Amanda was terrible. Hated her song because she really didn’t sing anything. I really like Alaina, Asia’h, Ramiele, Syesha and Carly. I think the first two who sang will probably go tonight.

    All the girls are going to have to step it up to be able to compete with some of the guys.

    Should be interesting tonight!

  2. Mary

    Well, basically I totally agree with you Kars. Gawd what a boring show. I finally got my hubby to watch it with me and he critiqued as they sang and actually was pretty dead on about most.

    We are having a contest tonight to see who is right about who gets voted off.

    My only two favorites are the nurse and Carly (what a beautiful voice) I loved Simon’s comment to the one about being as dull as a pencil (rolled on the floor).

    Guys 1 – Girls 0

  3. Edie

    I feel like I was watching a different show. I thought the girls rocked! Well, half of them, anyway. Much better than the boys. I only liked about 3 of the boys and 6 of the girls.

    Here’s my favs from last night: Rameile, Asia’h, Carly, Brooke, Amanda, and Syesha. Although I’m putting Syesha in that list, I kept hearing in my mind Lou Rawls singing “Tobacco Road,” and his version was so great, hers wasn’t anywhere near it. Like you said about Asia’h, she made me not think about Joplin — something that must really be hard to do. Asia’h is special.

  4. Amanda

    I’m thinking Amy and Kady are going home. That’s my bet anyway.

    I love little Ramiele.

  5. Amie Stuart

    I think Kady and Amy are going home. GOtta run but I blogged and I’ll weigh in again later!

  6. Amie Stuart

    Can she not just say a complete sentence that makes sense?

    Can she not just say a complete sentence!!!!!!

    Overall I thought the girls WERE better, but not by much.

  7. Karin

    Hey, everyone, remember a bunch of us are on West Coast time. So no spoilers tonight!

  8. Karin

    I love Lion Sleeps Tonight!
    And where the heck have you been, Cele?

  9. Cele

    It’s a minute to show time.

    I am hurring up and commenting before the finals show begins.

    I totally adored Jason Castro. From his attitude to his performance and his beautiful eyes the kid has my vote. Then David Cook.

    Going from the guys, I’m going to say Cheeezzzie and Garette. Oh wait it could be Colton.

    From the girls, I wasn’t overly impressed. I loved Brooke, Asia’h, and Remeille.

    Going home… hmmmm Amy and either Kristy or Alex.

    I too thought Amanda looked much older than 23, I don’t see her sticking around, she’s a one tune woman. It’s a good tune, but she should have done Rockstar instead of AI.

  10. Cele

    Oh Oh and I have to say, Moon River was one of the two first fortyfives I EVER had.

    The other was the Lion Sleeps Tonight.

    Sorry had to add that.

  11. Amie Stuart

    >>Oh Oh and I have to say, Moon River was one of the two first fortyfives I EVER had.

    My grandmother used to play this on her organ 😀

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