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February 28, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

And Karin is tired. Life interrupted me up until just about ten minutes ago. I wrote zero today. A very bad thing. Tomorrow I’m going under for a writing marathon.

Watching Idol tonight was almost an exercise in futility. My kids were constantly interrupting me. Then there was my daughter’s dog, Chopper, who is part Rhodesian Ridgeback and staying with his gran for a while. He is a happy 70 pound camper who wants nothing more than to make friends with the girls (Coco and Zoe my two little shih-tzus) and who were having none of it. So he processed to annihilate there squeaky toys. He pulled the stuffing out, and the squeakers all while Zoe barked her freakin’ head off at him. Needless to say, AI did not have my undivided attention this evening. But, I did manage a few notes.

So here goes.

Carly: I love Heart. I have a bunch of Heart on my iPod. I liked her performance. I liked it a lot. Disagreed with Randy and as usual agreed with Simon.

Syesha: I was on the phone with my aunt. How did she do?

Brooke: Love Carly Simon. I thought it was a good solid performance. I’m glad Simon liked it.

Raniele: Adorable. I thought she did fantastic. I can see her as the next American Idol. Totally disagree with Randy, that chick, and Simon.

Kristy: Looked great. But her performance came across as kind of overdone. I thought she did a solid job.

Amanda: Wow, that hair and those pants. Boston? I was so anticipating her nailing it. Yowch! I was cringing when she started. Paula actually got it right, and when Simon spoke I felt really bad for Amanda. I’m pretty sure she’s gone. But, I kind of hope she doesn’t go.

Alaina: Hopelessly Devoted to You, was hopelessly booooring. I’d really like to see her belt one out. Simon nailed it. He is so good.

Alexandrea: Hated the get up. Okay here’s my take on this girl: She is above average in vocals. Has lots of personality, but, she doesn’t enunciate the ending of her words properly. It’s annoying. I didn’t care for her performance.

Kady: More Heart! I love Magic Man. But alas, Kady doesn’t have the vocals to carry off this classic rock and roll hit of the 70’s. Too bad. That said, I thought she did one sexy good job at the attempt. She’s the Haley of this year.

Asia’h: All By Myself, Eric Carmon. I knew she wouldn’t be able to hit those up front high notes. To me it began as a disaster, until she nailed that big high note and held it. Good job.

My picks for going home: Amanda and maybe Kady. Whatcha think?



  1. Margaret

    Anymore, AI is boring and all I do is watch the recaps. Sorry, but Ninja Warrior is my new addiction.

  2. Edie

    I LIKE Amanda, but she didn’t do a good job. I hope she stays though. She’s different than the others, she stands out. And she’s a reader! 🙂

    Carly and Brooke sang the best. A couple of the others were okay, and some were plain bad. You didn’t miss anything by not hearing Syesha’s song, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be back next week. There were worse, too many for me to make a prediction.

  3. Mary

    I’m in total agreement. WOW the rocker chick really sucked (but I loved her hair) hubby hated it of course (we don’t agree on much). But for us rocker chicks at heart I hope she makes it thru, but I don’t see it happening. Not feelin the girls at all this year.

  4. Amie Stuart

    I posted a recap too….Amanda was Kansas (according to Randy and I think he’s right) that said, MAN SHE SUCKED BUTT! and I love her but DAYUM! *sigh*

    I’d like to see the blondes go home–Kady and Alaina.

    I thought Syesha did a good job–very smooth and strong but NONE of them made me go DAYUM DAWG! THAT’S IT THAT’S IT!!!!!! WOOT! ya know? hmmmm 🙁

  5. Jaci Burton

    The girls were all pretty meh this week. None of them knocked my socks off. Carly and Brooke did fine. The rest…eh. Not sure who’s going home this week. I thought Amanda’s song was terrible and she was off key at the beginning, so it might be her. Kady didn’t knock Heart out of the ballpark either, so she might get the boot tonight. But none of them were great so it could be any one of them.

  6. Amanda

    I love Ramiele. She is so little and cute and then she opens that mouth to sing and magic happens.

    I hope Kady and Alaina go home.

  7. Cele

    Okay first I have to ask, What is it with Simon and his left hand? He looks like a one antlered Bullwinkle. This is two weeks (at least in a row.)

    A Diva Song? Why on God’s green earth would the attribute a cover song for credit on Eric Carmen’s All By Myself? I was kind of appalled. Only so many people like Celine Dion and when we’re covering Seventies week she was what? Barely born?

    Carly rocked it
    Syesha was pitchy, but I did like her take
    Brooke was good, she not only made the song her own but the profile and three quarter profile shots made her look like Carly Simon.
    Ramielle is good but I hate that song
    Kristie Lee sang it well
    Amanda so sad
    Alaina is desperately hopeless
    Alexandrea bleck
    Kady ohmigod
    Asia’h meh

    The best Carly and Brooke
    Going home… hmmmm Kady and Alaina (I’m betting Amanda has a large following, but by all rights she should be on the brink of leaving. Very talented One Trick Pony)

  8. Cele

    Oh and everything Edie said.

  9. Mary

    Cele, u said what I forgot to mention. That Simon hand thing is really getting on my nerves and I love Simon!

  10. Virna

    Oh, please, please, I hope Amanda goes home. I know she’s unusual, but she is so painful to watch and listen to. I thought Kady did the next weakest vocal. I’d like to see Raniele loosen up a big and show the hip action she did in her interview.

  11. LaDonna

    I’m an Raniele, Brooke fan. I need to jot names down too, cause my memory sucks. Not sure who will go, but some were mighty painful to watch.

  12. Poppy

    Sounds like Chopper needs a trip down to doggy daycare.

  13. Amie Stuart

    YOu mean Simon fondling Paula’s chair?

    What is THAT? LOL I noticed it too.

  14. Karin

    Okay, I must not be paying close enough attention to Simon. What hand thing? On the back of Paula’s chair? That doesn’t bug me. It actually humanizes him some. Not that I’m digging the human Simon. Double yowch though, he was pretty harsh with Amanda. I felt so bad for her standing there just trying to smile and blink after the barrage.

  15. Karin

    Poppy, Chopper really isn’t the problem. He’s a sweetie, with a wicked tail. he just wants to be friends with everyone and the ‘girls’ are having none of it.

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