Some AI surprises tonight?

February 29, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

I was surprised by how early some Idols were given the boot. Alaina and Jason were no surprise, but Robbie and Alexandrea? They were both going to go eventually, but I think Luke and Kady or Kristi, and always on the top of my list, regardless of his performance, Danny, should have gone first.

C’est la vie or in this case, that’s show business.

On a good note, while I think we are all agreed that Amanda’s disastrous performance should have seen her hitting the road tonight, I’m glad she’s going to be around for another week. There is something about that chick I like. I really like Remiele, and I’m hoping Brooke steps it up. Every time she smiles I think of my oldest daughter.

So what do you think so far? They keep touting this as the most talented group ever. Do you agree? And how much you wanna bet Brad Pitt will not make an actual personal appearance on the show but it will be him taped somewhere in Africa? Either way, I’m donating again. I just hope my money goes directly to the people who need it and not the quagmire of red tape.

Ciao for now, oh and I’ll be chatting over at Murder She Writes tomorrow as usual.



  1. Cele

    I was happy to see Alaina step up to the mic and give a good performance after being knocked off her feet emotionally with her farewell. Kady looked equally shocked thinking it was her going. But it also notes that they are human and being told you are to leave has to be painful.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Simon’s hand thingie was making him look like a half wit moose.

  2. Karin

    Cele, I felt really bad for everyone tonight. I really don’t think any of them were expecting it.

  3. Mary

    I was thrilled to see Amanda stay. We got to keep the rocker chicks in! Enough of this wholesome down on the farm shit (lol).

    But no, I totally was shocked by the choices of America of who left the show. Please tell me there is not some website that voting to keep Danny (OH MY GOD LOOK AT ME) on the show. See ya next week.

  4. Edie

    I thought Luke and Kady should have gone, too, but the ones who did would not have made the top ten anyway. Alexandrea is so young, if singing is her real passion, she has plenty of time to make it. So far I won’t miss anyone who’s been cut.

  5. Virna

    I think I actually upset my 3 year old by my intense reaction to the cuts. And I am not usually a demonstrative t.v. watcher!

  6. Mary

    Cele, I think someone must have said something to the moose. I noticed that he did not do that last night.

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