A Little Surprised but not Shocked

So Chikezie, Syesha, and Jason round out the bottom three this week. Chik goes home. I liked him as a person, a lot. But he made that fatal flaw. He sang the wrong song, and became the dreaded musical wallpaper! Lesson of the week: Take risks, musical wallpaper is worse then taking a risk and bombing. People remember the bomb not the wallpaper. Sayonara, Chik. K*… Read more »

Meh Tuesday

And it really wasn’t the idols. I’m in a meh mood and well, it carried on into my notes. My fil is having a risky procedure tomorrow and well, AI was not really a priority for me tonight. Oh, and I won’t be around to comment tomorrow until later. I’d really appreciate anyone who believes in the power of prayer to say a bunch for Larry tonight. And thanks in advance. So here is my half-assed recap. It was sing a song in the year you were born night. Ramiele started off with, hell, I didn’t write it down, sorry,… Read more »

Super Tuesday!

Okay, if you get the call as a finalists for either the RITA’s or a Golden Heart shout it out here in the comment section. Also, two very dear friends of mine, Sylvia Day and Roxanne St Claire, have releases today. If I knew how to link their books at the Amazon site, I would, but I don’t, so please click on their name and then from their websites check out the new releases then rush to Amazon or your nearest book store and buy a copy!! Good luck to everyone who entered the RITA’s and the Golden Heart!!! K*… Read more »


No, I’m not talking about your RWA dues, I’m talking about Easter and stuff over at Murder She Writes. K*… Read more »
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