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March 4, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

I’m very excited to share the back cover blurb for my June release JADED. I love these characters and their story. Right after the blurb is a short excerpt. I’m so excited about this book.


It takes more than a red-hot body and stunning sex appeal to manage a club like Callahan’s successfully. Jade Devereaux hides whip-sharp smarts and cold calculation behind her sleek façade, and she’s come a long way from the frightened teenage girl who was once prey to a brutal man. Now, in the cat-and-mouse game of sexual escapades, Jade makes sure that the men are her prey.

When a wealthy businessman is viciously murdered mere yards from Callahan’s, cynical cop Jase Vaughn turns to the exclusive private club for answers. Luscious Jade Devereaux sends his masculine desires into overdrive the moment he sees her, but he has plenty of experience with both women and crime suspects, and he can tell Jade has secrets to hide—secrets that are somehow connected to this twisted killing.

Jase is determined to strip away the pretense and expose the real Jade Devereaux, even if that means getting closer to her than the love-them-and-leave-them playboy has ever been to a woman. If she’s guilty, Jase has sworn to see her behind bars. If she’s innocent, then she could be the killer’s next victim. But whether Jade is guilty or innocent, Jase realizes to his dismay that they are both falling victim to something neither has ever known—the power of love.


His body instantly heated and he felt his stomach do a slow roll, then another. Her sultry musk scent infiltrated his senses and attacked him like a lethal virus.

Big jade-colored eyes slanted upward at the corners, reminding him of a sleek black feral cat as she stared at him unwaveringly. Her cool indifference was unsettling. Straight hair so black it almost looked blue hung like a veil around her heart-shaped face. Her short aquiline nose flared, and her ruby red lips parted just enough to reveal brilliant white teeth.

She extended a slender hand. “Sergeant Vaughn? Jade Devereaux, proprietress of Callahan’s. How may I help you?”

Jase took her hand. The current of electricity that sparked between them startled him. The jolt went straight to his dick. His eyes narrowed, and hers widened. She tried to pull her hand from his. His fingers tightened. Her warmth surprised him. It shouldn’t have. He bet she was a tiger in bed.

His eyes raked her long, lithe form, the silky black halter dress she wore doing nothing to quell his imagination.

“I can think of several ways,” he said.



  1. Amanda

    O…M…G, June is tooooo far away. Must take cold shower now!

  2. Karin

    Isn’t it awesome, Amanda? They totally captured the essence of this story.

  3. LaDonna

    Love them both! And the guy is totally a heater! LOL. You go on those 40 pages a day too!!

  4. Edie

    Oops, I ended up commenting on your previous blog about this. LOL Love it all, Karin! You have a winner in JADED. 🙂

  5. Elisabeth Naughton

    Sounds great, Karin! Can’t wait to read it. 😉

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