The 80’s Continue with the AI Ladies

March 6, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

Kay, I missed the very first part of Aisa’h’s performance. I was writing. So she picked a Whitney song. Why do these gals beat themselves up with those big songs? It’s like a ticket home. Oh, and before I forget, that shot of Paula stretching? Slap on a bra, sister.
Okay, back to Aisa’h. Not a bad performance. Her cuteness and energy will get her to next week if her performance didn’t. The Dawg wasn’t over the moon, I forgot what Paul said, (and do we really care) and Simon: as always, I respect your opinion. So, nothing special here. On a scale of 1 to 5 five being tops, I’d give her a 3, maybe a 3.5. We’ll see her next week.

So, Kady, girl, you gotta mix it up. Let me begin with a Paula comment: Kady you have great hair, and beautiful smile. Now let’s get to what counts. I didn’t care for those low notes right from the get go. But it did get a little better. Much better then last week. She hunches. I know she’s tall, but she needs to throw those shoulders back and be proud. She also needs to break out and let lose. I was hoping she’d do that tonight. She very well may not have the opportunity again. She will probably go this week. The judges were right on, and Simon, more than the other two combined.

Amanda: 🙂 I loved that she wore less makeup, she has a natural glow and she is shy, and I think likes to hide behind all of that stuff. She doesn’t need it. That said she looked pretty tough up there. I wouldn’t want to wrestle with her. Was that Joan Jett she sang? It matters not. She did a wonderful job. I was really hoping she’d come out and just nail her performance. She did. While I wouldn’t give her a 5, I’d giver her a 4, no wait, a 4.25. 🙂 at first I thought Simon hated it. I was so relieved to see he loved it. I completely understand her reticence. Better safe then sorry. Last week her feelings were really hurt. I think she can take a big deep breath and relax.

And then there was Carly: Another Paula moment coming: Carly, you are so beautiful, your eyes, and skin are just gorgeous. I have to say those pants did not do anything for her. I enjoyed the song. There were some pitchy notes here and there and she was kind of screechy there at the end, but it worked for me. Why does Randy call chicks Dude? Whatev. I was actually glad Paula Poo-la-la corrected him. And what was up with her and Simon tonight. She must have taken more than her usual dosage of whatever she takes. So back to Carly. Solid, and while I always respect Simon, I liked it better then he did.

Kristy: might be going home. She’s just boring. Or as Simon said, ‘forgettable’. Yikes that word is the kiss of death. I don’t think she’ll be buying back her horse any time soon. 🙁

Ramiele: She is so cute. Her performance began slow for me. I wasn’t overly impressed by the end of it. But it wasn’t bad. It was, for me, forgettable. I thought she did do a good job hitting the high notes there at the end. And I didn’t think this time around Paula could have completed a sentence or a thought if her life depended on it. Simon was right on.

Brooke: She is really growing on me. She is coming into her own and I would not be surprised to see her get better every week and be in the top 4. What I enjoyed most tonight was the acoustic guitar in that it allowed her natural layered voice to come through. It had a rawness she didn’t try it ignore or hide. It totally worked for me. 100% And so Simon agreed. 😉

And last but not least Syesha: Another cutie. Loved her shoes. I enjoyed the performance but it didn’t knock my socks off. It’s time for the Wow performances. Do or die, Idols. No more safe, no more cute, let’s go balls to the walls and bring it!

I think Kady and Kristy are gone.

So what do y’all think about tonight’s performance? And who do you think is going?



  1. Cele

    I wasn’t wowwed tonight. So sad.

    I think Amanda was in her groove – wouldn’t you have just loved to hear her sing Lita Ford’s Kiss Me Deadly? But Joan Jett was a good fit for her.

    I’m a DJ and I never thought I Drove All Night Was an 80s song. Oh wait, I’m not a Celine, a Whitney, or a Mariah fan – so how would I know. But still Carly was good, Asia’h was so so, and Syesha rescued it, barely at the end.

    Rameile is cute but forgettable, Kady a tragedy, and Kristy just down right sad.

    Brooke was an interesting note for me, I kept waiting for her to belt out this big song, but the purity of the voice and emotion sold me… but not until the end, the ending clenched it for me.

    Going home, I think Kady and Kristy.

  2. Karin

    Cele, I was uninspired as well. Let’s hope next week we get our socks blown off.

  3. Jaci Burton

    The woman again were meh for me. I agree with all you said. I still don’t like Amanda. Do you ever watch her when the guys are singing and all the girls are sitting off on the side? All the girls are standing and grooving and Amanda just….stands. She’s so not in it if you know what I mean. I think she lives in her own little world and doesn’t seem to support the others.

    Anyway, I agree that Kady and Kristy are probably history. So many forgettable voices by the ladies. They’re going to need to step it up.

  4. Mary

    In total agreement – I loved Brooke’s performance and Amanda was my second fav. I’m not sure what was going on between Poo la la and Simon I swear they have a side (thing) going on!

    Kristy and Kady get the boot.

  5. Edie

    Amanda. Carly and Brooke were the best for me. I like Amanda. She hasn’t displayed emotions, right from the beginning. She said somewhere that she’s a calm person. So it’s funny that she has a Zen-like personality, yet she belts out those bluesy rocker songs.

    Probably Kady and Kristy will go. Ramaille have the voice, but not the confidence, and it shows. Syesha has the confidence, but not the voice. She has a “thin” voice.

  6. Amie Stuart

    >>She must have taken more than her usual dosage of whatever she takes.

    Or less. THey were a hoot last night but at least Paula was coherent!

    I hope Kady goes. I actually LIKE Kristy and think we need a nice country influence. But a lot of the performances were forgetable last night.

    >>I kept waiting for her to belt out this big song

    Cele I did too!!!!!!! but it did work.

  7. Virna

    I agree that AI is spiced up ala Tabke. I like Brooke. I’m in the minority in that I don’t like Amanda, but I agree she looked so much prettier and younger without all the make up.

  8. LaDonna

    You’re a hoot, Karin! They should hire you to sit with Simon, now that would be a great show! But, it’d put, “Paula Poo-la-la” out on the street. Luv the name you gave her btw. I like Amanda and Brooke. 😯 I really think a guy is gonna win this year.

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