Thank you, America!

March 7, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

I guess YouTube/MySpace or wherever that nasty video stream came from can come back and bite you in the ass. I am over the moon happy Danny N is history. I could barely look at him tonight. With that, Asia’h’s premature departure was a wee bit of a surprise, but Kady and Luke? As expected.

So, I’m a happy camper are you?



  1. Karin

    Oh, and thoughts on the elf hat?

  2. Cele

    I’m thinking it was a sick Christmas Greeting, hense the elf hat. Keebler was getting ready to boycott–go elf power.

    I was a wee bit surprised at A’siah’s departure (this early) but it was only a week or two early.
    The rest were right in line. I guess one of the things that surprises me is that people like Kady expected to go home, and didn’t take or understand the critiques. Here you’ve got a great learning opportunity to hone your skills and you settle for not listening or not understanding. Beyond me.

  3. Amie Stuart

    I have to say overall I”m happy.

    I did NOT like Kady. she reminded me of those girls in HS who were nice to you but talked about you and made fun of you behind your back. I WAS surprised to see Danny go home but like you, think that video did the trick!

  4. Amie Stuart

    Cele I agree….their critique of Kady was spot on but she coudln’t see that at all!

  5. Jaci Burton

    I think Asia’h’s departure was a little early, but no doubt inevitable. Glad Danny’s gone. The other two were utterly predictable.


  6. Edie

    I was happy to see Danny gone too. He was acting way too punky. I was sorry for Asia’h, but I actually did like Kristy’s country western take, and I agree that Asia’h’s song choice wasn’t the smartest.

  7. virna

    No big surprises, but I didn’t realize the final 12 get to tour, so I can understand why people were so emotional!

  8. Cele

    Not only do the final twelve get to tour, but Nigel Lithgow is the executive producer for both American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. This year’s tour will be a joint effort between the two shows. Attendance at American Idol Tours has fallen in the past few season because the concert is so cut and dry, what you saw on the show is what you get in the tour, no production. This is expected to pick up interest, production, and therefore attendance to the tour.

  9. LaDonna

    YAY, wierdo is gone!!!! Now, I can sit back, relax, and enjoy! WHOOT!

  10. Karin

    i forgot about the tour. double thank you, america!

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