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March 12, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

Well, tonight we saw some fabulous performances, and the heir apparent, crash and burn. But before the show really got underway, I was thinking how nice it was not to have to see Danny’s nasty eye-rolls and sneers. Good riddance. Again. I did find Ryan’s baiting of Simon tiresome, and quite frankly, Simon should have told Paula to shut up four years ago. He doesn’t interrupt them, why do they feel they cannot let the man has his say?

Tonight’s theme was McCartney & Lennon songs. There were a few stellar performances.

Syesha was not one of them. She sang, Got To Get You Out of My Life. She needed to get off the stage. I was yawning. Really. Randy agreed, Paula used way too many words to say, meh, and Simon? I was surprised he liked it as much as he did.

: Best performance of the night. He sang, She’s a Woman. I totally dug his performance. I sat on the edge of my seat and rocked along with him. He was having too much fun, and I smiled the entire time. I really loved the way Ryan kept it going. And like the Dawg said, “Who knew?” Chick smashed it! I was happy Simon agreed. But seriously, how could he not? I forget what Paula mumbled.

Ramiele: Man is she petite or what? In My Life. I love that song, and I thought she did okay. She has a good voice. Solid, but well, booorrrrriiiing. Randy agreed, Paula Poo-La-La said her requisite, “You look really pretty.” And what else I don’t remember, and of course, the Simonizer was brutally honest.

Jason: If I Feel. LOVED IT!! Not as much as last week, but I’m sorry this kid has got it! I totally one thousand percent disagreed with Randy. Paula Poo-Poo agreed with Karin, and Simon? Dude, did we watch and hear the same performance?

Carly: Come Together: and oh baby did she. Wow wee. I totally dug it. She really has a strong, vibrant voice. She was kind of shouting a little bit there at the end but I didn’t mind. Randy said: confident. Stellar. The chick next to him agreed, and Yay! So did the Simonizer.

David C: Eleanor Rigby. I have never liked this song. It depresses me, but I have to say David rocked it out. (I did have an ewww moment though when they showed him working at the bar and he was wearing that ugly metallic nail polish on chewed down nails. Gross. Gross. Gross.) So back to his performance: I thought he sounded great. I really like his gravely voice. Randy agreed. As did PP, and Simon used the B word again. It’s like getting a 10 in the Olympics.

Brooke: Let it Be. I thought she was going to just come across boring. But the girl has heart. It showed. I loved the last part where she got jiggy with it. Good job. The Dawg is a fan, Paula? Shaking my head. And Go Simon!

David H: I Saw Her Standing There: I see you standing toplees behind a bar. Buh-bye. All three judges agreed with moi. Ciao, David H, it was nice while it lasted.

Amanda: Looked really cool. She sang, You Can’t Do That, a song I love. But quite frankly, as I sat there and watched and listened, I wasn’t sure how I felt. Her performance came across discombobulated to me. My son said she was annoying. I really tried to listen. But at the end, I just didn’t care for it. Randy and Paula dug it, and I have to agree with Simon, especially about the word slurring.

Michael: Across the Universe. Started a wee bit slow for me, bit I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy him. Good job! I thought it was much better than what the Dawg said, Paula agreed with Karin, and while Simon did make sense, I really liked it.

8 Days a Week: Yowch! Did. Not. Like. It. I just wanted to her to stop! Buh-bye. Randy? Was too nice. Paula took more time and more stutters to get out, “I didn’t like it.” then anyone else on the planet would have. Simon? Horrendous? Dolly Parton on helium? Cringe. Truth hurts.

David A: We Can Work It Out. Honey you need to work it out all right. I now pronounce the David Archuletta Idol Show officially over! First of all, the boy needs to man up. Is it me or are the Idols this year a bunch of girls? So, bad song, bad performance, and he flubbed his lines repeatedly. What a mess. The kid cracked. He sounded like a wounded animal. The Dawg says, “Not on point.” Karin says, “That’s an understatement.” Paula Poo-Poo said, blah blah blah, and Simon? Used my words, “A mess.” I felt bad for the kid. But he needed some humble pie. Better luck next week, coz as bad as it was, he will be around.

So, I am totally sure David H and Kristi are his-tor-ee.





  1. Cele

    Hmmm, this was a night of High points, Low points, and no inbetween.

    I would like to have heard Ramielle do Across The Universe she sang one of my favorite songs and put me to sleep. So I asleep I almost missed Jason sing one of my other favs. Damn I like that guy.

    I unfortunately missed Chikezie, but the revisit clip sounded great. I love Carly, Love David Cook, loved Brooke.

    David Archuletta is human after all. I honestly think he’ll bounce back.

    Going home based on tonight’s performances that is a toss up. Syesha, David H, Ramielle, or Kristie Lee.

  2. Karin

    Cele, I’m with you on the David A thoughts. He was so nervous tonight he couldn’t overcome his fear. Remember his pipes froze up for what, two years? the kid needs to get over it.

  3. Lynn Raye Harris

    I mostly agree, and your two choices to go home — yep, with you on that. I like Ramiele, but the girl has GOT to get some spunk and fire. She’s just boring, even with that big voice.

    Loved Carly, looooved David Cook. Chikezie rocked it and was totally cool. Brooke was fabulous.

    I have to diverge on Jason though. I like him, but his performance was too much like last week for me. I want him to change it up some. But you know what, is it just me or does he totally look like a young John Travolta? Every time he’s there, I’m amazed at the resemblance. Maybe it’s just me. 🙂

  4. Edie

    I loved Carly, David Cook, Amanda (don’t agree with you there, Karin, but I like her kind of singing). Chikezie did a great job. I liked Brooke and Michael’s performances. Wasn’t crazy about the rest, not even Jason’s. I’m pretty sure he’ll go on to next week, but his performance just wasn’t that good. I felt sorry for David A. for falling apart. I agree with Lynn on Ramielle. She’s got the voice but not the confidence.

    I don’t know who will go home tomorrow. My husband thinks Ramielle, but I hope not. I have empathy for another shorty.

  5. Virna

    I think you’re right regarding David and Kristi. How many people turned to their companion and said, “What the @!#@ were they thinking? Ramielle, I think, is going to step up the next time around. I have a feeling almost everyone will. Hopefully Michael too.

  6. Amie Stuart

    >>So, I am totally sure David H and Kristi are his-tor-ee.

    Ooooooooo we agree!!!!! You made me laugh. I blogged mine but here’s the short recap.

    Chick–Totally Agree!
    Ramiele–disagree somewhat–i actually liked it but she needs to stop singing slow songs
    Jason C–I hart him. And/But I agree
    David C–agree even on hating the song! LOL 😀
    Brooke–agree. Homerun. Possible dark horse.
    David H–agreed again. He was er Cabaret
    Amanda–disagree. I actually loved it
    Michael J–disagree. I hated it. I fast-forwarded
    Kristi–painful but I agree. Say hello to Branson, Mo where you will spend your days performing. Sorry Branson
    David A–dudeeeeee totally agree. 🙁

    Ok now I’ll back and see what everyone else said.

  7. Amie Stuart

    PS I think it’s REALLY interesting to see who stepped up to the challenge of the big stage and who tripped and fell

  8. Jaci Burton

    I think they’re down to one person going home per week now, aren’t they?

    Syesha was forgettable. Nerves, I think.

    Ramiele was boring. She can do better though and she has a great voice, so hopefully they’ll keep her on.

    I think David H has run his course. He was bad.

    Kristi was painful. Yeowch! She’s history. If not this week, then very soon.

    Amanda – she did okay, but I agree on the mumbling. But she was more animated and she smiled.

    Jason C – cute, but he just does nothing for me. His singing isn’t inspiring. He’s just kind of meh for me.

    Brooke – she really does have heart when she sings, but I don’t think she’ll win this.

    David A was finally humbled and isn’t the superstar everyone thinks. But still has a buttload of talent so hopefully he’ll bounce back next week.

    Michael – great song and he sang it well. Nothing overwhelming there though.

    Chikezie rocked it. David C did too. Carly was great. My top 3 of the week.

    Who’s going home? David H or Kristi I think.

  9. Karin

    Lynne, Jason does look like a young Travolta!

    Edie, your hubster might be right.

    Virna, I really love watching these guys just go balls to the walls. Like Chik did last night. And I agree with everyone on Ramiele, she has the pipes now she needs the confidence.

    Amie, great minds, baby.

    Jaci, I hope David A bounces back. But that show has a way of juts sucking the nerve right out of you. And I agree about Brooke. Heart but not enough of everything else to clinch it.
    Okay, so if it’s one elimination a week now? Kristi gets my vote.

  10. Mary

    David H. (it is down to one) he literally sucked the big one (no pun intended) lol!

  11. Lynn Raye Harris

    The thing about Ramiele, though, is that Hawaii may just vote for her in droves. Remember, they kept Jasmine Trias in. When I lived in Hawaii, I remember reading the statistic in the paper that more than twice as many people called AI for Jasmine than voted in the presidential election. !!!!! I know she’s not from there, but she could be a local wahine, no problem. And she hula-ed. I could be wrong, of course. 🙂

  12. Amie Stuart

    Lynn I didn’t watch it then and I have no idea what Wahine is–going to google 😉

    I guess no surprises last night.

  13. Karin


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