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So I came up to post last night and got side tracked!

Geez, see if I have a beer with my tacos again. So, we all had David H pegged to go home, but I really thought Kristi would go first. Oh, well. If she keeps up the sub par work she’ll go next week.
Did you see how shocked David was though?
I’m looking forward to next week. I think the Idols are only going to get better. I’m dragging though about watching Dancing next week. Maks is not participating this year, and none of the celebrities interest me. Maybe I’ll sit this year out. It sure as hell isn’t like I don’t have a book or two to write.

How about you? Are you going to watch Dancing?

K* who is off to have tea with the ladies today. 🙂


  1. Jaci Burton

    No surprise about David H at all. But yeah, he sure looked surprised didn’t he?

    I agree. Kristi won’t make it. She’ll probably go next week.

    None of the Stars look interesting enough for me to watch Dancing this round. I already watch enough television and I have book deadlines like crazy. So I’ll pass.

    Oooh tea sounds fun!

  2. Randy

    Forgot to come and comment yesterday before eliminations, but here’s my two cents anyway (in no particular order and please forgive the misspellings):

    Syesha: only hits the notes in the upper registers but has such a gorgeous smile, I forgive her

    Chickeze: Agree with everyone else; he put his own spin on the song

    Kristi Lee: I actually didn’t hate it. She definitely has a great country voice, and her looks don’t hurt, either.

    Ramielle: Um…I’m not lovin’ her as much as everyone else. She IS adorable, that’s for sure. And she can sing. I s’pose her problem MAY be a confidence issue, but to me it comes off more like a training problem. She needs more vocal coaching. (Ha, from someone who can hardly carry a tune, I’m suddenly an expert).

    David (was that his name? the one who’s gone?): Again, didn’t hate it as much as everyone else. But how funny was it that when he found himself in the bottom three he said (paraphrasing here): “It’s okay. Being in the bottom three doesn’t mean you’re going home.” Oops. In your case, it does!

    David A: Oooooooh nooooooo. Simon cautioned him against all the melancholy, so what does he do? As advised, he sings an upbeat song. Badly. VERY badly. And forgets the lyrics, to boot. Confusing! Usually it’s the ballads that reveal someone’s voice isn’t what you thought it was. Hope this was an aberration.

    Amanda: My problem with her is that she can belt out the Janis Joplin notes but when it comes to melody…um, not so much.

    Brooke: Her engaging personality goes a long way and she can definitely sing. To me, Let It Be is a boring song, but she made it more interesting. Still…she’s a little too laid back for AI stardom, I’m afraid.

    The Irish girl: I always feel like the key she sings in is a little to high for her. *shrugs*

    Michael Johns (that’s his name, right? Hunky guy from Australia??): For the first time, I really appreciated his voice. LOVED it.

    David Cook: Likewise. By the end of the song, I was a convert.

    Jason: A little weak on If I Fell, but I still enjoyed it. Doesn’t look like he’s gonna be able to surprise us week after week.

    After watching the entire show, my conclusion was this: if you have an “okay” voice and you sing the song as recorded, you’re gonna come off karoake-ish or cruiseship-ish. If you have the talent to “make it your own” (a la David Cook and Chickeze) you’re gonna come off as inventive and talented. If it’s your VOICE that makes the song special (Michael John), you’re above and beyond the rest of the crowd.

    And, yes…I’ll be watching Dancing! 🙂

  3. Karin

    Jaci, tea was lovely. I hang out with my mil’s ladies group once a month for lunch. First time for most of them to the tea house. My hubby scratches his head and wonders why I go, since I could be a granddaughter to some of them, okay nit quite a granddaughter but a really old daughter, but they are always a kick.
    I’m with you on Dancing. I have to much to do and since Idol will be going at the same time, I’ll have to chose, and Idol trumps a lame Dancing lineup. I’d make the effort for Maks, but it’s a good thing I won’t be spread so thin.

  4. Karin

    Love your recap, Randy. ha ha on your singing advice for Ramiele, I can’t carry a tune either but am quick to offer advice. 🙂 Hey, since we’re on the receiving end of their voices, we’re entitled to a few suggestions.
    And since you are going to watch Dancing, can you let us know when you post here if we’re missing out? I’m not above changing my mind.

  5. Edie

    I think the right person was voted off. Ayesha’s voice isn’t as good as Kristi’s, but Ayesha has that great smile. They’re both beautiful, though, don’t they? Ayesha won’t make it until the end of AI, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on TV or in the movies.

  6. Cele

    I wasn’t surprised about David H, oh wait neither were you. I think there are several who will find themselves surprised, but none as surprised as Kristie last night when it wasn’t her. If you Tivo’d it last night, go back and watch her eyes, she was really trying to prepare herself.

    NO MAKS???? ack! Yes, I will be watching and blogging it for

  7. Karin

    🙁 No, Cele, no Maks this year. Sigh. The good news is, my hero, Ricco, in NAUGHTY SANTA is totally modeled after him. So I get my Maks fix that way. Except in NAUGHTY he doesn’t dance. He does better stuff. 😉

    Very cool you will blogging over at Jenny’s place. I’ll be sure to pop in.

  8. J. Carson Black

    I thought Kristi was awful–beyond the pale. Completely unaware of the grating quality of that arrangement. Unaware people don’t get the clues they need to improve. At least David used his voice a little.

    No Dancing for me. Did you guys ever see the video with Kenny Mayne and Tucker Carlson about how hard it was to kick the habit, so to speak? It’s on Youtube. It’s called Kenny Mayne Dancing with the Stars Rehab Segment. Hilarious!

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