A mixed bag o’ Beatles

March 19, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 7 comments

I found myself really at odds with the judges tonight, most especially Randy and Simon. What I didn’t care for, they did, and what I totally dug, they didn’t.
My favorite performance tonight was Michael, followed by David C.

So let us begin with Amanda who sang, Back In The USSR. I was hoping she’d rock it out. But once again I found myself on the fence. She just sounds the same to me each week. Hubby did say if she gets the opportunity to do some Skynard she’ll bring down the house. He may be right, but I’m not so sure she’ll get the chance. I don’t think she’ll go home tomorrow night. But, I thought she looked really comfortable up on stage tonight. And boy what a difference a week makes, huh? She showed some spunk afterwards. Randy gave her a 7, I agree. Paula Poo La La rambled. It was funny to watch Simon watch her lips move but not make any sense. I cringed when Simon got his turn. But he’s right. She needs to mix it up. She’s a one dimensional singer. Unfortunately for Amanda I don’t think she was listening to Simon. Her loss. Literally.

Kristy Lee sang, Hide Your Love Away. She’d better hide. It was horrible. Not as horrible as last week, but Kristy is his-tor-ee. Okay so to be fair, I enjoyed how she began, but it didn’t last. Randy hit the nail on the head: It needed more emotion. Leave it to PPLL to tell her how gorgeous she looked. Simon’s comment, “it was musical wallpaper,” was right on. Another forgettable performance.

David A sang, Long and Winding Road. Much improved from the crash and burn last week. Very powerful performance. And egads! I agreed with everything PPLL said! But I have a question: Is David’s cuteness beginning to annoy anyone else? Or is it just me?

Michael sang, A Day In The Life. I love the timbre of this guy’s voice. LOVE. IT. I thought his performance was exceptional. I was alone. Randy, gave it a thumbs down, but Paula disagreed. Yikes. Two in a row for me and her. Simon called his performance a mess? Which Mike was he listening to?

Brooke sang Here Comes The Sun. I’m smiling as I typed that. She is the sunshine. I enjoyed it, but then I enjoy her. She really is too cute for school. Randy loved the Woo! So did Karin. Paula uttered the L word. And Simon? All I can say is 🙁
And Brooke? She kept smiling. Chin up, sweetheart. You’ll wow them next week.

David C sang, Day Tripper. I loved it! He looked very comfy up there. Totally dug the Peter Frampton voice box. But David needs to watch out. He’s getting a wee bit too cock sure of himself up there. I see shades of Daughtry. Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now. Randy and Paula liked it, hubby and I completely disagreed with Simon. David C needs to take some humility from the other David.

Carly sang, Blackbird. I thought it was beautiful. And, does she not have the most incredible blue eyes? Randy said, “Kooliosis.” PPLL agreed. Simon, totally disagreed!

Jason sang, Michelle. Okay, so I am soo biased, even if the ding dong didn’t know ma belle was French. Hubby said the performance was juvenile. “But he’s so cute!” I countered. Simon nailed it as usual. Jason’s face sold it. But the boy needs to step it up.

Syesha sang, Yesterday. Sounded to me like she began too soon then rushed. Shaky voice. I wasn’t feeling it. To me her nerves showed and her voice was thin and pitchy in areas. IMHO she doesn’t have the voice to carry that song. Randy disagreed with me as did PPLL. Simon? While I agree with many of his comments, for me it wasn’t as good as they all seemed to think it was.

Chikezie sang, I’ve Just Seen A Face. I totally dug it, bad harmonica and all! Randy: DISAGREED. PPLL: egads again! I agreed with her! Simon, Simon, Simon. Sorry, disagreed.

Ramiele sang, I Should Have Known Better. Love this song. But I didn’t think she nailed it. Not even close. She really needs to step it up. I was waiting for Simon to say it sounded karaoke. Instead he said, amateurish. Randy liked it, and PPLL actually said nothing after the words bumbled out of her mouth.

So, not the most impressive night but for me some shining stars. Kristy is, as I said, his-tor-ee. I hope she can buy her horse back.




  1. Virna

    I’m pretty much with you this week. And I must confess, I’m not a huge Beatles fan.

  2. Liz L.

    I pretty much agree with everything you said. David A was adorable on Star Search when he was about 12, but he needs to give up the little boy act and move forward. IMO, he will make a lousy Idol and seems better suited for Broadway. My favs are Michael, Carley and David. And I must confess, Chikezie is growing on me.

    I agree with Virna. One week of the Beatles was enough.

  3. Edie

    I thought Amanda was a little off on some of her notes, but I loved her performance. And I loved her self-confidence afterward. It wasn’t cockiness, she comes across as having a real sense of who her is.

    Carly’s was my favorite last night. I think she’s awesome. Ramiele isn’t doing as well as she should. I think it’s a confidence issue. Syesha has the confidence but like you said, her voice is too thin. If she and Ramiele were combined into one person, with R’s voice ans S’s confidence, they would be serious contenders. As it is, I think R or Kristy will be voted off.

    David A and David Cook were great. Michael was solidly good. I agreed with the judges that he could have been better. Same with Brooke, although I like her a lot. I liked the last country part of Chikezie’s song but not the beginning. Jason was bleh.

  4. Cele

    I remember when the Beatles broke up and every station in LA played whole weekends of Beatles’ music.Screamming Meme’s it hurt my soul. I hated the Beatles. Well no not hated, I love the ballads. Well no I like that stuff that George Harrison wrote too. Oh and btw I know all the words. Oh, crap I’m a closet Beatles FAN. That was my evolution.

    Last night was a mixed bag for me. Well that and I was flipping back and forth between it and Dancing With The Stars.

    Amanda, doesn’t listen. I didn’t like her performance, plus she was hampered by bad sound at the beginning of the song, and she screamed through half of it.

    Kristi Lee – gone, gone, gone. If you want to hear a kewl version of Hide Your Love Away listen to Silkies’ version.

    David A – I was bored. He does it beautifully, but I was bored.

    Michael – some weird notes, weird lyrical moments. I liked and hated it all at once.

    Brooke – one bad moment and the dancing was weird. Buyt I liked the song.

    David C – didn’t like the Peter Frampton moment, but it was a great performance.

    Carly – TERRIBLE TOP. Yes incredible blue yes. Gorgeous voice.

    Jason – it’s official I love Jason Castro. I love Michelle, some nice tenor moments, but yeah, predictible on the verge of boring. He needs to step it up.

    Syesha, hmmm nice arraingement, nice power note in a song where I never would have put a power note, great emotion.

    Ramiele – will be vying with Kristi to go home this week. It made me think of a sixties beach musical number – just weird.

    Dancing With The Star fans, I’m blogging my thoughts over at Jenny T Partridge

  5. Karin

    Virna! Not a Beatles fan? Ay yi yi yi.

    Liz, thank you on David A! And yes, the producers made a boo boo- we could certainly revisit the Beatles, but two weeks in a row? Nah.

    Edie, Ramiele will probably go next week unless she smashes it. But she’s too shy for this gig. I keep thinking, what the hell do you have to lose at this point? Go for it!

    Cele, that was a dreadful shirt. Hated it! And I made the mistake of going over to Jenny’s and reading your DWTS commentary. Sigh. I’ll be flipping channels next week. Thanks.

  6. Amie Stuart

    I was surprised at how much I disagreed w/Simon this week so it wasn’t you. Overall I totally agreed!

    >>Which Mike was he listening to?

    no kidding!!!

    I actually DID like Ramiele’s performance this week best of all of them. It felt the most real, dawg.

  7. Randy

    Chiming in late again (especially ‘cuz I’m scared to death I’ll post something too early–PDT) LOL. Can’t go wrong posting on Thursday, huh? Hey, plus…there’s an advantage to the hazy memory factor. My comments are whatcha call ‘lasting impressions.’ So, in no particular order:

    David Archuletta–I can’t help it. What a relief to confirm the earlier performances weren’t fluke-y. Cheered him on, I did. And, come on. Am I the only one who sees Steve Martin in his smile??

    David Cook–Here’s a guy who can sing ANY Beatles song and make it his own (well, based on two, anyway). Obviously, not all singers can make this claim.

    Brooke–I’m sorry. I HATED this performance. Thought it was a poor, poor, song choice. I mean, it just repeated and repeated with nothing to really show off her voice. And though I like her personally, I thought she overdid the “little Miss Mary Sunshine” routine.

    Chikeze–Decent performance. Looked like he was having fun. Why did he choose to play an instrument he’d never played before? Do the producers make them do this stuff?

    Jason–Simon nailed it. His looks sold the song. No way is this guy gonna make it to the finals, but I sure hope he has a career cuz he definitely has something special–both in looks and voice.

    Amanda–Okay, I’m writing this in hindsight–I know she’s already gone, and I felt bad for her not making the tour ‘cuz I think she would have brought something special to it. Having said that, I never really heard her sing a melody, y’know? What would she have done with a ballad?? And again, come on…am I the only one who saw JODY FOSTER every time Amanda smiled??

    Ramiele–cute. Lots of potential in her voice. Needs some training.

    Sayesha–pitchy. Not so memorable. (See? We’re dwindling down to the contestants who didn’t make lasting impressions ‘cuz I’m going by memory here.)

    Oh, crap. I forgot Michael. How could I forget Michael? Yes, it was an ambitious song, but as Karen said, I’m loving the timbre (good word!) in his voice.

    Oh, and whastername. Irish girl. I dunno…I still don’t love her as much as everyone else seems to. Yeah, she’s got an undeniably great voice…maybe I’m getting a “tries-too-hard” vibe. Plus (okay, no knives please), she just seems a little old to be competing on American Idol. *ducking*

    Ha…and the ever-popular Kristi Lee. I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually think she has a very strong voice. If she could find a way to grow and mature over the course of this thing (that is, if she stays long enough), she could do what Idol voters LOVE the most–evolve into a real talent. (Okay, ducking some more.)

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