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March 20, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments

Sort of. I knew the bottom three would all be girls, but I didn’t expect Carly to be one of them. I’m not surprised Amanda went, but frankly I’m surprised Kristi didn’t go before her. Not sure who’s voting for her. Maybe VFTW?

Anyhoo, that girl has got to step it up! So does, Syesha and Ramiele. Jason does too. His cuteness can only get him so far.

So, while I was mildly surprised, I wasn’t shocked by the results.




  1. Jaci Burton

    Utterly surprised to see Carly in the bottom 3. Not so surprised to see Amanda and Kristi there. Surprised Kristi didn’t go first, but inevitable that Amanda would go eventually. Let’s hope it’s Kristi’s turn to go next week cuz I can only listen to her sing for so long. Yikes.

  2. Edie

    Same here about Carly. Maybe that will wake people up and make them vote for her the next time.

    I knew Amanda wouldn’t win, but thought she’d get into the top ten. She was different, but I guess the people who vote for her aren’t the ones who watch AI. (Although I did. I voted for Carly too. Maybe I’m bad luck. Oh no!)

    I agree with you about Jason. He’s cute, but so is the 16 year old David, and David sings much better.

  3. Amie Stuart

    I think Kristi is getting the country music vote…

  4. Cele

    Amanda was being championed by Vote For The Worst since Danny’s departure. I wasn’t shocked to see her go, but yeah it could easily have been Kristi.

    Carly? Very shocked.

  5. Poppy

    Ok, I didn’t vote for her, bc, I’m not, like, twelve, with time to speed dial for an hour, but I like Kristi and am happy she made it through.
    I agree that the countryized song was horrid and I do see Simon’s point with the wallpaper comment, but I think she has a lovely voice and seems very sweet. I’d vote for her over Carly or most of the guys.

    Chikezie is my fav. I like David A. Michael Johns hasn’t had a single decent performance since Bohemian Rhapsody. I think it’s now his evil twin. But if the other Michael Johns ever reappears, I’ll like him again.

    BTW: VFTW was supporting Amanda

  6. Hubby

    Perhaps after last years fiasco with “Someguya” VFTW is having an opposite effect. I’m tired of David A’s big doe eyed look and please love me ballads. Doing the same type of song/performance over and over is what killed Amanda. David, take note…

  7. Poppy

    Not that you have to be twelve to vote, but I’m pretty sure there’s no point in voting once.

  8. Karin

    every vote counts, Poppy.

  9. Poppy

    You think so? Don’t they get, like, 30 million a night?

  10. Karin

    yes, if 5 million separate people voted that would be 5 million single votes. they add up.

  11. Virna

    I kind of think like Poppy as far as trying to vote, but maybe that’s because I’m not really thrilled with anyone. I don’t think I even have a favorite.

  12. LaDonna

    Karin, I was surprised that Kristi didn’t go. I think those left standing need to really kick it up a notch. I am shocked the rocker gal left, though. She probably wouldn’t have made it, but I expected her to go a few more weeks. I have about 4 favs nows.

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