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March 26, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

And it really wasn’t the idols. I’m in a meh mood and well, it carried on into my notes. My fil is having a risky procedure tomorrow and well, AI was not really a priority for me tonight. Oh, and I won’t be around to comment tomorrow until later. I’d really appreciate anyone who believes in the power of prayer to say a bunch for Larry tonight. And thanks in advance.

So here is my half-assed recap.

It was sing a song in the year you were born night.

Ramiele started off with, hell, I didn’t write it down, sorry, but I thought finally she belted something out. It was okay, but I’m not sure it was okay enough to get her to the next round. Randy has the creeping crude and mentioned Rami did as well. Paula sounded like a frog for a minute. And does anyone think a lowly germ can infect Simon the Great? Hell no! The man is bullet proof, and on that note, I was too reoccupied to jot down notes on this performance.

sang? Never heard of the song, and while he needs to stretch musically and vocally, I enjoyed the performance. I just like his laid back goofy style. He isn’t in your face, he’s comfortable, a bit complex and enjoyable. Randy agreed. Paula Poo La La, said the same and, Yikes! Simon was right. Despite his right on comments, I still enjoyed it. Ding dong Jason didn’t get it. He thinks he needs to perfect the song not branch out.

Syesha: That baby cry thing was annoying! She sang, If I Was Your Woman? Okay, so I thought for her she sounded great, but the performance didn’t wow me. For me, kind of like that technically perfect contest entry. Perfect but not memorable. Randy agreed. Paula, blah blah blah. Simon, agreed 100%!

sang, If Only For One Night. I liked his breakout stuff much better. But this wasn’t awful, just meh. Kind of like my mood tonight. That said, the performance had its moments. Randy asked, “Where’s the vibe, man?” I wondered too. Paula blah x 3. Simon, was right on.

Brooke sang, Every Breath You Take. I don’t care that she screwed up in the beginning. In fact it made her more adorable. I love this girl. She is my favorite. Randy wasn’t sure. Paula, blah, she enjoyed it, blah some more. Simon said the band screwed her. Hmm. Maybe. I liked it.

Michael sang, We Are Champions. Loved it. Love him. He perked me up. Well, actually Brooke did. Randy loved it. Paula blah x 3 but I agreed. Simon said Michael has star potential. Whoo hoo!

sang, Bright Eyes. Good song choice. I liked the performance, but I’m thinking the judges may not be all warm and fuzzy about Carly. She isn’t my favorite as far as personalities go. Not sure why. But, I totally disagreed with Randy. More blah x 3 from Paula, but I did agree with some of the blahs. Simon wanted her to lighten up? I thought she looked fairly comfy up there. But what did I know?

David A sang? I wasn’t paying attention. But the voice for me in the beginning was off. Too low. But it picked up. He’s peaked. Others are passing him by. Not saying he isn’t good, he is, but he needs to streeeeetch. Overall, meh for me. I totally understood where Randy was coming from. Paula? Check. Simon? A theme park with little animated animals? How funny, but sadly, true. I liked it better then that but totally got his POV.

Kristy Lee. Surprise surprise surprise. Why you sly little minx you. Play to your strengths. Appeal to the heart of America then belt out their song. Wise choice. Her best performance so far. Randy said, “Very nice performance.” And he meant it. Paula said, “Your voice is sounding stronger.” Wow, what an observation. Simon said, “Your best performance by a mile.”

David Cook. David David David. What an intelligent performer you are. See? The man takes risks, breaks the rules, and breaks them right. Better then right, he blows them away. He has no freakin’ rules! I love Billie Jean. It’s one of my all time faves. He made it sound so damn soulful, gritty, and full of emotion, I forgot who Michael Jackson was. I was completely wowed by his performance. Once again I want his rendition.
Randy said, “Dude, you might be the one!” Paula, blown away, blah blah now shut up. Simon said, “That was a brave performance. Amazing.” I think he said amazing. Did he say amazing? I must have. He should have.

So there you have it. My half-assed version. I think it’s Ramiele or Syesha. Kristi has the heart of America vote this week.

Whatcha think?



And don’t forget to say a prayer for my fil.




  1. Lynn Raye Harris

    Hugs, Karin! I hope all is well with your FIL!! Totally agree with you on AI. LOVED David Cook. He’s been my favorite for a while, but I love gritty rock voices anyway. 🙂 He blew that song away! For the first time ever, I picked up the phone and voted. Amazing performance, and yes, Simon did use that word. He said it could have either been insane or amazing, and it was amazing.

    Didn’t stop by yesterday, so didn’t see the previous post, but I got the GH call. So happy. 🙂

  2. Amie Stuart

    David Cook blew me away and I”m not a fan!!!!

    I blogged mine but I think Ramiele is going home *sigh*

    Lynn congrats again!!!!

  3. Randy

    So sorry to hear of your FIL’s trouble. Hope all goes well with his procedure.

    I’m pretty much in agreement with you this week. Don’t know what it is about Carly–maybe the early hype–but she leaves me cold. Could be that’s what they mean about relaxing/lightening up. Sure, she has an edgy style but so does David Cook and he blows me away every time. Last night’s rendition of Billie Jean–MAN. HAUNTING. Worth finding on youtube today. For the first time, I almost picked up the phone to vote! The rest were…well…better than other seasons. That Kristy Lee–I KNEW she had a great voice, she just doesn’t really do anything with it. Even last night (her best performance IMO) was technically outstanding but (especially for the song in question), I didn’t get any emotion from her. She needs to live a little, I think. (But like Simon said, what a song choice! HA! America can’t NOT vote for that song!) You nailed it with David A–he’s peaked. Unless he comes up with some phenomenal song choices in the next couple weeks, he’s gonna continue to fade. I still like Michael Johns but even though he was spot-on last night, he didn’t add anything new to the song (like David Cook did), so I’m not sure he can go all the way. As for Brooke, I still like her a lot–undeniably, her voice is strong and she’s talented. But I wasn’t crazy about the second part of the arrangement, either. Plus, it was a bit too rushed and I didn’t like the way she dropped off the ends of words. But then what do I know? Maybe the song’s “supposed” to be sung that way. Oh, wait. Forgot about Jason Castro. He just pulls at my heart strings, y’know? I’m a Latin music fan, and I loved the way he put a Latin spin on that song. He won’t be the American Idol, but I sure hope he gets a career out of this cuz he’s just so dang sweet. My prediction for this week: Ramielle.

    BTW, congrats to Lynn (commenter above me)–way cool on the GH call!!

  4. Cele

    My thoughts and prayers for your Father in Law and your family.

    My AI thoughts…

    Ramielle, bleh! scream, scream, bleh! I think she’s going home this week.
    Jason, has found his nitch, he may not be what AI is looking for, but the guy has already found his place and his following. He can have hits just like he is.
    Syesha, I liked her performance, but she’s not the one.
    Chikezie, Didn’t like the song, loved his voice for the most part.
    Brooke, Just like Hason, she has her nitch. Loved the performance, but agree leave the band out of it.
    Michael, I liked his performance, I love Queen (his best performances have been Queen covers. hmmm that says something.)
    Carly I liked her performance, it fit her and her voice well.
    David A bleh.
    Kristi what’s to say, smart choice the song fit her, fit the mood, fit her style.
    David C, I think I’m the only one who didn’t get this. I didn’t think he did a bad job at all. It just didn’t appeal to me.

    Going home, Ramielle, bottom three Syesha and based on peformance (but it won’t happen…) David A.

  5. Karin

    Everyone, Thank you so much for your well wishes! My FIL came through like the champ he is, and we could not be more ecstatic or relieved.

  6. Karin

    Lynn congrats! Are you going to National?

    Amie, I became a David C fan when he sang the Lionel Ritchie song.

    Randy, great minds!

    Cele, I think we may see the Chikster in the bottom three tonight, and maybe a repeat appearance by Carly. It should be interesting.

  7. Edie

    I’m coming late to the party. I checked last night before I went to bed and your blog wasn’t up yet. That 2 hour time zone difference isn’t working. lol I already know who won, but you don’t so I won’t say. I agree with you about David A reaching his peak. Love David Cook. If he keeps this up, he’s going to win.

    So glad your fil came through the operation. Yay!

  8. Lynn Raye Harris

    Great news about your FIL, Karin!! Yes, I’ll be in SF. 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

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