A Little Surprised but not Shocked

March 27, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

So Chikezie, Syesha, and Jason round out the bottom three this week.

Chik goes home. I liked him as a person, a lot. But he made that fatal flaw. He sang the wrong song, and became the dreaded musical wallpaper!
Lesson of the week: Take risks, musical wallpaper is worse then taking a risk and bombing. People remember the bomb not the wallpaper.

Sayonara, Chik.



  1. Cele

    I was very surprised that he was eliminated and yet Ramielle didn’t even make the bottom three.

  2. Edie

    I wasn’t surprised that Chikezie was voted out. He gave the most boring performance. He’s only given one really good performance, IMO, and now he’s sunk back into bleh.

    I was surprised about Syesha. Her performance was excellent. But it’s the first time it’s been good — the others were not — and she might not have the following the others have built up.

    As for Jason, I thought he deserved to be in the bottom three. Simon’s critique of his performance was spot on.

  3. Jaci Burton

    I like Chikeze, but he just didn’t have the oomph to make it. Surprised to see Syesha in the bottom 3. Jason…eh. He just doesn’t do it for me.

    David Cook rocks. Hope he goes all the way.

  4. LaDonna

    Karin, I hope all goes well with your FIL today. I wasn’t shocked that Chik is gone. I really do like Jason’s style, though. Truly, I love his easy going style. I was blown away by David Cook’s last performance. WOW!

  5. Karin

    Cele i figured Ramiele would be in the bottom three too.

    Edie, maybe the voting public is just used to not voting for Syesha?

    LD, FIL is doing great! We’re all still jumping for joy.

    Jaci, I’m pulling for David C as well. Did you see how humble he was last night? I wonder if he was faking it…

  6. J. Carson Black


    He knows how good he is. I was blown away by his performance. Unaware me, I didn’t even know it was THE “Billy Jean” until halfway through.

    My problem is, I don’t listen to much vintage Michael Jackson.

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