A mixed bag of AI nuts tonight

April 2, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments

And methinks Simon is PMSing. And he doesn’t like country to boot.

Tonight was Dolly Parton night. As a mentor they didn’t really show her doing anything except standing by a piano, but that’s ok. While I am a huge fan of Dolly Parton the person, I have never been a big fan of her music. She does have a few tracts though that I like.

So here we go.

Brooke started off with Jolene, a song I have never really cared for. Until tonight. I loved the arrangement and the singing. Much better then the Dolly version. Good job, Brooke.
Randy said, He didn’t know if it was a stellar performance.
Paula said, blah blah blah
Simon said, “It lacked emotion.” I disagree 100%.

David C did it again with Sparrow. Damn I love this guy’s voice! Loved the arrangement, the groove, and the entire vibe. He is just good. I told hubby I’d love a CD of just David and the songs he sang this season.
Randy said, “Once again, another hot performance!”
Paula said in between her blahs that she really liked David’s new hair cut. Ditto that here.
Simon said, “Not as good as last week, but congratulations.”

Ramiele sang…? Didn’t recognize the song, and it doesn’t really matter. The cream is rising and she is stuck at the bottom. The performance was passable but forgettable.
Randy said, “Check it out, it was kind of all right. A 6.5 out of 10.” Gee Randy just say she is forgettable and move on.
Paula said, Blah x 3.
Simon said, “Overall I thought it was forgettable.” Bingo!

Jason sang Traveling Through, and say what you may, but I love him. I love his voice and I will buy his CD when it come out.
Randy said, “I started believing in you, man.”
Paula said, “You let go and your voice sounded rich.” Then blah blah.
Simon said, “I didn’t like it at all.” Karin says, Simon needs some Midol.

Carly sang, Here You Come Again. I like this song. She was solid, strong and she delivered. Great high note there at the end. But, I won’t remember what she sang at the end of the week.
Randy said, “Nice job.” Meh.
Paula said, Glorious! Amazing! Beautiful!” Blah blah blah. Gawd.
Simon said what went through my head the minute I saw her. She really needs to work on her wardrobe. Not flattering. He also said, “I thought it was good. Not great.”

David A. I feel sorry for this kid if the rumors about his stage dad are true. Poor thing. Anyway he sang, Smokey Mountain Memories, and boy did he nail it! I really thought when they showed the clip of him goffing over Dolly he was going to do a whiny ballad. But he delivered. Good job, David.
Randy said, “That was the best performance tonight!” I disagree. It was the other David.
Paula said, Blah x 3
Simon said, “Absolutely on the money.”

Kristy sang Coat of Many Colors. I never really listened to the lyrics until tonight. Poignant. But Kristy’s delivery was boring. But she did look cute in he outfit and bare feet.
Randy said, “Definitely your wheelhouse.” Country that is.
Paula said, blah blah blah.
Simon said, “This was pleasant but forgettable.” Right on.

Syesha sang I’ll Always Love You. And they always ef up this song. Why even go there? Yes, Dolly sang it first but we all remember Whitney’s version and only Whitney sings like Whitney. Stan back 100 feet! I just kind of sat there while she sang it and waited for it to end.
Randy said, “I think you did pretty good.” He was being polite.
Paula said, blah blah
And Simon said, “Um first part good, second part bad. Not a fantastic performance.” Ya think?

Ma man Michael sang…don’t know the title of the song, but talk about angry, raw and full of emotion. Yowza.
Randy said, “Check it out, baby. Blazing hot performance.”
Paula, more nattering
Simon said, “I have to say this is the best I’ve heard you sing.” Right on.

So a good night in my eyes. But here’s the thing. Syesha, Kristy and Ramiele have no business being on stage with the rest of them. I wish they would all get the boot tomorrow night so we can get down to it.

So I pick any one of them to go. How did you like the performances tonight?





  1. Jaci Burton

    David Cook rocks as usual. Yes, Carly needs a new wardrobe. Simon was on the money on that one. David A redeemed himself with that song. Agree with your assessment of the bottom 3. We’ll see how it plays out.

    Ya know, David Cook’s been playing Tulsa bars for the past couple years. I could have been listening to him sing for the price of a few beers and I missed my chance. Dammit. Heh.

  2. Edie

    I missed the Brooke’s and David C’s performance! The show starts too early and I didn’t realize it was so late. I agree with the rest of your assessment, although I’m not as crazy about Jason as you are. And I love Dolly and her songs. 🙂

    I haven’t heard about David A’s father. Hmmm.

  3. Edie

    I just went to YouTube and watched Brooke and David C. I thought Brooke was great. Wasn’t as crazy about David C and his sparrow song. In fact, I’m writing this while he’s singing in the background. Didn’t stick around to watch it.

  4. J. Carson Black

    I liked Michael and David Cook best. Almost all the women have good voices (some country, some Disney-movie solid) but it takes more than just a good voice these days. There has to be originality, something electrifying, and something that makes the people sitting in front of their TV sets believe in that singer completely.

  5. Kath Calarco

    Karin, I totally agree with your take. I’ve already bought all of David Cooke’s tunes on ITunes, and a few of Brooke, Aussie Man and of course, Jason Castro. I am in love with him. He could sing the Micky-Dee jingle and I’d buy it.

    I haven’t heard anything about David Archie’s dad, but I’d love to snatch the hat off the dude’s head. What’s up with the damn baseball hat? As for David A, I’m sort of so-so on him.

    As far as Paula, I really wish the show would replace her. She adds nothing to the show.

    Yep,Kristy, Ramiel and Syesha should be on the bubble tonight, but won’t be surprised to see Ramiel NOT in the final three.

  6. Karin

    Kathy, I am so down with Jason! Oh, and yes, will do the iTunes thing. But I want more than 90 seconds! And yes the fashionable ball cap has got to go.

    Jaci, how sucky is that, that you missed out on David C? Maybe he’ll remember his roots and come on back for an encore or two nad you and biker dude can check him out.

    Edie, the rumors are David A’s dad is a tyrannical stage dad. Remember that week David choked? The media blamed the dad for causing strife on the set. then that horrible song choice a few weeks ago? The one where Simon said he didn’t beliefs David picked the song? He was alluding to his father picking it and next time to stay out of David’s song choice.

    Jake! so nice to see you! I knew you would like those two the bestest.

  7. Cele

    Wow, a mixed bag from last night.

    Brooke, started off weird, but I loved her version of Jolene. I too would buy the LP.

    David C went to the hospital after his performance, the stress is getting to him. He’s fine. I didn’t like the song, but him… oh yeah!

    Rameille, did she sing? I couldn’t hear her voice, it was musically wall paper inside the music.

    Jason Castro, I thought it fit him, I loved it, and bought the itune…I’m making my own little cd, I hope his has a lot of other stuff.

    Carly Smithson, this song has a special place in my personal history. I thought she hit it well, I loved her notes.

    David A, did he sing? blah blah blah

    Kristi Lee, definately a country girl, I thought she did well.

    Syesha, I am one of the few who will take Dolly’s version of this song over Whitney’s any day. Dolly rips my heart out with this song. Syesha, a bit pitchy but a great note.

    Michael Johns, hmmmm, I think I tuned out, I have a question mark next to his name.

    Going home? I’m with y’all… Rameille, Syesha, Kristi…eeney meeney miiney mo.

  8. Amanda

    Carly sings too good to dress the way she did last night, she looked like biker chick at kareoke night at the local bar.

    I loved David Cook.

    Ramiele or Syesha will go home tonight.

  9. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, missed the show tonight…ball practice, but knew I could come here and get the scoop! And sounds like a winner. I totally agree with you on the bottom three, and look forward to when they “get down to business.” 🙂 Thanks for the terrific update!

  10. Edie

    Too sad about David A’s dad. He’s such a sweet kid too. He looks like he’s experienced sadness in his life, something about his expression. Normally a kid with his looks and talent would be cocky, but not him.

  11. Amie Stuart

    >>Ramiele sang…?

    LOL!!!!! I KNOW I fast forwarded! She gets my go-home vote for this week.

    I totally agree on Jason –his best yet– and I loved Brooke this week. I was very pleasantly surprised overall because I’m not a big Dolly fan either. I’m becoming a fan of David C, Michael Johns was FAB, Syesha was awesome (she made me tear up). I wasn’t overly impressed w/Carly this week. She’s getting, dare I say it, predictable?

    David A *yawn*

    Kristi…she’s growing on me. She might not make it on Ai but I can totally see her in Nashville and I might even buy the album.

    Ok now going to read everyone elses comments

  12. Kath Calarco

    Thanks for the heads up on David Archie’s old man. What a rodent.

  13. Kath Calarco

    Wow! Ramiel was booted. Didn’t see that one coming. 🙂

    I was shocked that Brooke was in the bottom three.

  14. Randy

    Quick note before I dash off to the airport for the Desert Dreams Conference in Arizona (is anyone here going??)…I read that when David A was on some sort of Junior Star Search show, they kicked his father off the lot because he was so awful/abusive/interfering. Maybe the relationship with dad is the source of the emotion with which he sings…?

    Since I’m chiming in late, I’ll be brief and besides, much of the other night wasn’t too memorable. I still say Kristi Lee is underrated; her problem is that she hasn’t matured enough to connect emotionally with the material. David A, while being uber-young, must be an old soul. I still like Jason Castro, too…how can you not? But his career will take making careful choices. Again, Carly left me cold–I’m beginning to think she needs to hold notes a little longer???–aside from the big ones, I mean. I know they only get something like a minute thirty to cram their songs in; she always sounds rushed to me. David Cook’s Sparrow song was just okay as was Michael John’s…and the rest–well, not memorable at all. I love Dolly Parton, but maybe we should blame her. LOL

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