25th Wedding Anniversary and AI

April 9, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

lol so tonight hubby and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. My youngest daughter and her fiancé were taking us out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, but hubby woke feeling a bit under the weather. So dutiful daughter bought some fabulous filet mignon, fresh scallops and shrimp and whipped us up great dinner. Future son in law picked up a bottle of ’03 Silver Oak cab. Boy was it good. So we sit down to dinner and I realize AI is just about to start. As we’re finishing our salads, future son-in-law sets his salad plate aside, and dutiful daughter asks, “How was that, babe?” He looked right at her and without missing a beat he says, “It was good but not memorable.” I almost spewed my wine all over the table. It was hilarious! I could not stop laughing. Dutiful daughter almost dumped the shrimp and scallops in his lap.

So without further adieu here we go. First I have to say Paula’s dress looked ridiculous. It did nothing for her figure. And did she look loopier then normal to you tonight?

So Michael starts off the night with Dream On. I liked it, but for me it wasn’t his best performance but it certainly was not bad.
Randy said, “Pretty good song choice, but some pitch problems. It was all right.” I agree.
Paula said dumb stuff.
Simon said, “I thought it was a very good performance.” Then he made a comment about not trying to impersonate but to be your own voice. I totally got that.

sang, I Believe. Strong but pitchy. My daughter said “She sang the hell out of that song!” I thought it was solid.
Randy said, “I didn’t find that special connection.”
Paula said, Oh wait, who the hell cares! Would she just shut up!
Simon said, “Technically I thought you sang it well. But it lacked a big wave of emotion.”

I heart Jason. He sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I love the song, love that rendition, and LOVED the performance. But y’all know he could sing a commercial jingle and I’d love it.
Randy said, “Jason Castro is back in the hunt!” Whoo hoo!!
Paula said, “Definitive sound.” Her two intelligent words for the night.
Simon said, “Fantastic.” 🙂

Kristy Lee sang, Anyway. Great song choice for her. She did that long note really well. It was one of her better performances. But I had to check my notes to remember what she sang. As future son in law would say, “Good but not memorable.”
Randy said, “Actually that was really good for you.”
Did Paula speak?
Simon said, “You have the opportunity to show who you are. I thought you were very good indeed. Tonight you look like a star.” Wow praise indeed.

David C sang, Innocent. Started slow for me, but it picked up. Not my fave but it was still good. I mean the guy is technically and vocally so sound he can sing anything well, and some things off the charts. Tonight was not an off the chart performance. I’d delete this one from my David Cook repertoire.
Randy said, “Not sure it was one of your strongest weeks.” I disagree. The performance was strong, as it always is, but the song didn’t resonate.
Paula said, “You are it.” Karin says to Paula, “You are redundant.”
Simon said, “I didn’t like the performance very much.” I watched Paula’s reaction, I think she took too much of whatever it is she takes.

Carly sang Show Must Go On. Let me begin by sounding a bit Paulaish here. Carly’s makeup was perfect and she dressed much better this week. Hubby said, “She actually looks kind of hot.” Though he didn’t care for the performance. She once again seems to over try. She forces emotion where she doesn’t have to. She really needs to just kick back and sing what she sings best and hope for the best. Personally, I was okay with the performance. Not really feeling it was very good or even very bad. It was, okay.
Randy said, “It ended up just okay for me.” Hmm great minds.
Paula said, “I just didn’t feel engaged.” Wow, deep.
Simon said, “You look good. I thought it was an unusual choice for you. You over sang it and it came across as an angry performance.” I think Carly may hit the road Thursday night.

David A sang Angels. I was prepared for one of his soulful whiny ballads. He did not disappoint. Sorry, the kid sings songs much too old for him. He’s 17! Hubby is tired of David A. Apparently the teeny boppers aren’t. And did you see the dad ditched the ball cap and went with a regular cap. Hmmm, interesting headpiece choice.
Randy said, “Check it out, Dawg-That was your hottest moment all season.” Meh.
Paula said, blah blah blah
Simon said, “Best song choice of the night so far. I’m not going to say it was your best performance to date, but I’m being nit picky. You’ll sail through to next week.” And he will, and he will also sing the same song.

I heart Brooke too. She sang, You’ve Got a Friend. I really enjoyed it. Maybe more than I should have it. But then I love Brooke. As I have said, she reminds me of my oldest daughter so I am very partial. Brooke is so sweet and wonderful and earnest and genuine and emotional I just want to hug her to death. That said, I did not like her dress. Hubby said she was going to go. I almost hurt him, 25th anniversary or not!
So Randy said, “It was okay for me. It was all right.” Phooey on Randy.
Paula said, blah x 3
Simon said, “A pleasant walk in the park.” And he left it at that because he did not want to hurt her feelings. Neither do I, so America better vote for her!

I think we’re going to see the girls again in the bottom three. And if my memory serves me correctly isn’t this the week that two Idols go? Anyway, Syesha, Carly, and Kristy get my vote for bottom three. And I don’t care which one of them goes.


And remember elimination night is Thursday this week. Wednesday is the Idol gives back night.


  1. Jaci Burton

    Michael was okay, not great.

    Syesha did a pretty decent job.

    I just don’t think I see what everyone else sees about Jason C. He just doesn’t do it for me and I thought the song was lame. Sorry Karin 😉

    Kristy Lee was solid. She’s of course going nowhere, but at least she sang well.

    David C – love him to death but I agree it wasn’t the best song choice. Still thing he’s the best out there.

    Carly – great singer, tries too hard. Fails at it. I don’t think she’s gonna make it, sadly.

    David A – gah the kid gets on my nerves. Or maybe it’s the squealing fangirls.

    Brooke – isn’t she cute? Blah song.

    No clue who’s going this week. Might be Carly. Will there be a week when two of them go? I hadn’t heard that but I dvr the show each week so I can fast forward past Paula. Heh.

  2. Lynn Raye Harris

    Michael Johns is okay, nothing special, but he needs a smoking jacket to go with that cravat thing. I keep picturing Christopher Walken on SNL. 😉

    Syesha. Too fake. The girl irritates me with that overthetop smile. She is seriously beautiful and will be fine, but she bugs me.

    Jason Castro: as a former Hawaii resident, I was really irritated as soon as he opened his mouth. I knew they’d give him props for that song when no body sings it like IZ. IZ was da man! Voice like an angel. JC did the song proud, but no comparison to Bruddah Iz.

    Kristy Lee: smart girl, beautiful, will definitely get somewhere. Not as good as Martina McBride by a long shot. Solid country career waiting for her though.

    I was disappointed in David C. He’s my favorite, and I’m not ready for him to leave, but this song was not his best choice. He seemed distracted.

    Carly: what’s up with that girl? She’s lovely (now they’ve got her makeup straightened out) and she can sing. But she keeps picking the wrong song and failing. That performance was scary.

    David A: he irritates me simply because of the teens and their ridiculous screaming for him.

    Brooke: she looks like someone kicked her puppy. I’m always thinking she’s gonna explode into a crying fit and that makes me uncomfortable. Sweet voice, definite possibilities, but kind of bothers me over all.

    I expect Syesha to go, but I could be wrong. I’m afraid my boy may end up in the bottom three. 🙁

  3. Lynn Raye Harris

    Oops, forgot to say Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  4. Edie

    Karin, your anniversay dinner sounds lovely. Glad Gary was better.

    I agree that Michael was good, but not his best song choice. When he sings songs with a bluesy twist, he makes me want to melt.

    Syesha was good, but her voice is too thin, and it’s not wise for her to tackle well known songs by great singers. We can’t help but compare voices.

    Jason is where I disagree with you and the judges. A local singer does that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and compared to her, he sounded pathetic. I was shocked when Simon said he was fantastic.

    Kristy is getting better. That was a perfect song for her. I hope you’re wrong about her and that Jason will be on the bottom three.

    David C’s wasn’t good. Bad choice.

    Carly’s voice was good, but she might be on the bottom.

    Brooke’s was good. The song fit her voice. I hope she won’t go.

  5. LaDonna

    Karin, happy anniversary and I hope Gary feels better! Let’s see, the one song I remember today and can’t get the tune out of my mind, Jason C. Seriously, that song put chills on my arms. I just love that guy, and would buy that song today. Heck, I’d buy all of them. He’s so natural.

  6. Karin

    Hey, Jaci, no apologies necessary on not getting Jason. My husband thinks I’m crazy and my daughter looked at me like I had poop on my head when I was gushing last night. But we most def agree on David A though. Gah!
    As far as the week two go, I thought every year they sprung that on them, and us! Maybe the over forty cells have really kicked in and I’m delusional. It won’t be the first time.

    Hey, Lynne, too funny about the Chris Walken on SNL comment. lol. I love Christopher Walken on SNL Too damn funny.

    LaDonna, hubby is feeling better this a.m. and so glad you are a dread head (Jason lover ;))

    Ack, Edie! You don’t get Jason either?

  7. Amie Stuart

    >>I keep picturing Christopher Walken on SNL.

    LOL! I agree!

    I LOVE Jason for what it’s worth and David a? Oh look, another ballad! *eyeroll*

    Overall i agree w/you.

  8. Poppy

    If I had to pick bottom three, it’d be Jason, for the truly bizarre ukulele thing, David Cook, for a song that was just a jarring mess, and Syesha, form being nothing more than a lesser version of the soaring divas from seasons past. Sadly, I doubt America agrees with me and will send Kristi or Carly, both of whom I love, home.

  9. B.E. Sanderson

    Happy Anniversary, Karin! Twenty-five is one hell of a milestone. =oD I hope you got some lovely silver goodies. (Is 25 still Silver, or did they change it on me?)

    I spent the evening chatting with my daughter and watching Biggest Loser instead of AI. (If you’re into the show, don’t forget to go vote at nbc.com for who makes it to the finale next week. Go Roger!) Sorry about the shameless plug, but those people amaze me, and Roger’s got such an incredible attitude.

  10. Poppy

    hmm I have hope. Dialidol puts Kristy in the TOP three and David C in the bottom three. I could live with that.

  11. Cele

    I am chiming in late and writing this from… Concord.

    Michael Johns, I think he tried too hard to sound like Stevie Tyler, but he did a good job].

    Syesha, I think I’m the only person who liked her version over Fantasias.

    Jason, the first time I had to say Iz over the air I had a laugh call up laughing and gently correcting me. I love this version, Jason rocked it, in a ukelele way.

    Kristi Lee, I don’t like the song, but she did great.

    David C, did not buy it, wouldn’t buy it.

    Carly, you guys have all said it, sucky song choice, she needs to pick it up and fast.

    David A, put me out of my misery now

    Brooke, I like her, but I thought she made the song sad. James puts the folk in it, Carole the soul, Brooke the sad.

    Going home? Syesha or Michael Johns but Carly could bubble)

    How exciting 25, keep it going with joy and bliss.

  12. Elisabeth Naughton

    Happy Belated Anniversary, Karin! You don’t look old enough to have been married 25 yrs. 😉

  13. Edie

    Karin, you can hear the bginnning of that Somewhere Over the Rainbow version by my local singer, Cathy Bolton. She does it a hundred times better than Jason. It’s #2 on the page and will take less than a minute.

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