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April 15, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

Okay, so Mariah Carey aka Mimi has never really done it for me. Until tonight, if you asked me to name a Mariah Carey song, I’d look at you with a blank stare. But I did recognize a few of them tonight (so I am not totally still living in the seventies). But before I go there, was it me or is Mimi one cold fish? Yikes! And it was exacerbated by how the idols reacted to her coolness. Hey, I understand the whole, I’m a living legend thing, but damn she was so not approachable. Sigh, I guess some people just have intimacy issues. Whatev.

So tonight, I’m wondering how the guys would pull out those girly songs. Surprise surprise, they out sang the goils all night.

The evening began with David A. I had no idea what he sang, but he sang it with gusto and it sounded like everything else he’s sung. Great if you like that. I was bored, but admittedly impressed with his vocals. He’s like reading literary stuff. Really well done, and boring as hell. No thanks. Give me commercial.

Randy said, “You can sing anything. That was the bomb.” Okay, if you say so.
Why bother with what Paula said? She said the same thing last week, last moth and last year and the year before that. Who cares?
Simon said, “I thought it was very, very good. You set the benchmark.” Yeah, for boring. No wait, Brooke gets that title tonight.

Carly sang a song I recognized, not because Mimi sang it but because Nielsen did. Can’t Live. I can live without Carly. Okay that said, I kind of liked her performance. But she didn’t quite hold those notes. I didn’t care for the way she cut them off. It sounded to me like she was chickening out.
Apparently the judges felt the same way.

Randy said, “It was pretty good.” Hmm kiss of death.
Paula made a comment I could use. She said, “You swelled and soared.” Kudos to, ya Paula baby for an original thought.
Simon as usual was not impressed with this girl. Do ya think he has a grudge against the Irish? Anyhoo, he said, “I really wanted to hear you sing this song. I don’t think you pulled it off. But I think you’re capable of it.”

Syesha sang…I don’t remember. I’m glad I took notes because if I hadn’t, I’d have sworn they forgot about her. ‘Nuff said.

Randy said, “So you always pick the toughest songs. You did a good job…all things considered.” Ouch.
Paula? Gah
Simon said, “Once again, technically very, very good” But he wasn’t impressed with the song choice.

Okay so is Brooke too cute or what? Hero is a song I did recognize. While her vocals were good, it just sounded to me as if she were singing the same thing over and over. And I could see toward the end there she was getting nervous. I think she knew.

Randy said, “Check it out. I thought it was pretty cool and was digging it until the bridge.”
Simon said, “I think it was a bit like ordering a hamburger but only getting the bun.” I totally got what he said, and resent Paula chastising him for his opinion. I’d really like to see her go next year. So, Brooke’s performance had not meat. Gotcha.

Kristy Lee
sang…not sure, but call me amazed. I actually liked it. Her voice came through tonight. Yes there were a few bumpy notes, but overall I liked it. I still can’t believe she’s there and Michael isn’t. 🙁

Randy said, “You know? You definitely stepped up in the end.”
Simon said, “You didn’t give me chills. A little whiny at times. You were quite smart, it wasn’t great though.”

David C gave me goose bumps. But I was getting a wee bit annoyed with the mumblely stuff. But he is a true artist. No doubt about it.

Randy said, “Yo, I think more than anyone on the show you are ready to make an album.”
Simon said, “Original, daring. Stood out by a mile. Potential great artists take risks.”

Jason. He is such a goof and every Tuesday night I can’t wait to hear him sing. So of course I’m totally biased. Go ahead, arrest me. Despite the fact Jason can do no wrong in Karin’s book, I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. His voice was soulful, sexy, real.

Randy must have had his head up his ass during Jason’s performance because he said, “For me I didn’t really love that. It was weird for me, like some distant music at a beach luau. I didn’t get it.” Pfft.
Ding dong Paula said, “I’d like to be at that luau.” She is forgiven for all of her previous ramblings of the night.
Simon said, “I have to agree with Paula. It was a cool version.”

So, Randy, go home.

I see Syesha going home. Or Kristy, or Carly or even Brooke. But dumb ass America will probably vote my boy Jason off. After last week anything is possible. I’m bracing myself.






  1. Cele

    I agree with you on all of your critiques for tonight. I can’t hear David A’s voice, it blends totally in with the music, except his higher register. I loved David C’s song, and I thought Kristi picked the right song for her. And Jason, dude you could do it today…like David C.

    Going home? Carly or Syesha, because I couldn’t be lucky enough for it to be David A.

  2. Karin

    Thanks, LaDonna! It’s sad really that I get such amusement out of my own sad sarcastic commentary. Some would say I need to get a life…

    Cele, you and me both. I will jump for joy the night David A goes. Are we evil?

  3. Hubby

    Watching Mariah was like watching Diana Ross last year; dead mackerel.

  4. LaDonna

    Karin, I missed it tonight, I was at a ballgame. But, I rushed over here to get your scoop! This is better than TIVO. 🙂 Sounds like my favs, David Cook, and Jason made me proud. Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow night. Thanks mucho!

  5. Jaci Burton

    Mariah was dull. Your hubby gets it spot on, Karin – dead mackerel.

    David A is technically good but makes me yawn. Bleh.

    Carly did ok, but she’s just not pushing it enough. She just doesn’t have ‘it’

    Syesha was good. Just not good enough.

    Brooke – nice song. Didn’t it look like she was trembling at the end?

    Kristy – I really have grown to like her, maybe because she isn’t one of the best but has continued to push and grow and make songs and arranged them to suit her voice. I liked what she sang last night.

    David C – still totally my favorite and he rocked that song.

    Jason – eh. Still not seeing what everyone else does. He bores me.

    I think any one of the girls will go home tonight. Sadly, I don’t think David A will go home. He’ll probably win. Bleh.

  6. Edie

    I’m all alone here. I loved David A! The girls aren’t as good as the guys this year. I’m disappointed by Carly. I think she can do better, but she’s holding it in. I felt for Brooke and voted for her. I don’t want to see her voted out. I really like her.

  7. Carol Burnside

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned David Cook tearing up at the judges comments. I’d begun to wonder about his humility and whether it was totally real. Guess that answered my question. I SO want him to win.

    And Jason is a goof, but I’m still with you. There’s just something about his voice and style that I like.

    My prediction? Carly or Brooke will go.

    I finally figured out what it is about Carly that bothers me. Some singers can belt it out and it looks effortless. With Carly, it looks painful. Don’t like watching the “big ‘ol voice” parts. And Brooke isn’t reaching or taking risks. It’s the same sound, just like David A.

  8. Poppy

    I thought Kristy had one of the two best performances of the night. (with David C.) I agree on David A. great singing, but could have been the same song as last week, and the week before, and the week before that… I *really* don’t like Jason. He seems so smarmy to me. However, everyone else seems to, so I doubt we will see him in the bottom three anytime soon. I think the three for this week are Syesha, Carly, and Brooke, with Syesha going home.

  9. Amie STuart

    I said I wasn’t going to watch (I was going to write) but I did 🙁 (and I didn’t)

    For the most part I agree w/you and

    >>She is forgiven for all of her previous ramblings of the night.


    I didn’t get David Cook–I totally see what you/they mean about him being a true artist (and for the most part agree) but last night’s performance left my ears feeling violated.

  10. Amie Stuart

    You know what I think it is bout Jason–I hart him too–he knows who he is as a performer, something all us writers can respect (same for David Cook).

  11. Karin

    Bingo, honey!

    Jaci, once again, great minds, except the Jason part, and don’t I have a smart hubby?

    Edie, I like David A, sort of, in a I’m-sorry-your-dad-is-such-a-jerk-and-you’re-so-insecure-with-that-big-talent kind of way. Okay that wasn’t nice. The kid is sweet, he has the voice of an angel, but he is too…too…too.. somebody help me here.

    Carol, I forgot to mention that about David. Good catch. Hubby and I discussed it last night. I’m glad he teared up, and I’m glad he went to the hospital a coupe of weeks ago with heart palpitations, it shows he is nervous, worried, and last night, grateful. All good for an Idol. Actually all good for any artist, writer, actor. Let’s see how long he can hang onto to it after his first album goes platinum in record time.

  12. Karin

    Kath, this dumbass will be joining you next week, so long as the real dumbassses don’t vote our boy off this week! I’ll vote for David C too.

    Poppy, I thought last night was the best exhibition of Kristy’s voice yet.

    Yo, Ames, AI is like a drug, baby, you can’t kick it, not even for a night. And right on about Jason and David knowing who they are as performers. That’s so huge! And with us both hearting Jason so vehemently, and others who I will not mention not, it just goes to show once again how so very subjective this industry is.

  13. Kath Calarco

    Karin, I share your taste in men. This dumbass American had Jason Castro on re-dial. I worship at the dread-lock altar and have bought all of his tunes from ITunes. His and David Cook – love them both!

    But David Archie – I know he can carry a tune, but he still does nothing for me, and he’s more boring than literary fiction. At least with lit fic one can break it down and find its underlying meaning. And that’s what David Archie lacks: meaning, i.e., passion and does the kid actually have a personality?

  14. Amanda

    I think Kristy or Brooke will go home tonight, they just don’t have the vocal cords to bump it up the next notch.

  15. Karin

    Good call, Amanda, they, as you know were the bottom two.

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