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April 17, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 27 comments

I knew something was up when Seacrest put Brooke and Kristy with David Cook. So while I know Poppy is crying in her tea as I type, I can honestly say while I feel bad for Kristy, she was due. Past due. While you all know I heart Brooke, my heart grew even bigger for her when she set her jaw and said, “Hey!” to Simon when he said Kristy’s time had come. For such a little mouse of a girl she has a big protective heart. Oh, and didn’t Elliott make you tear up? Especially when I heard about his mom? Poor thing, she was his rock, his anchor, his biggest fan. She saw his star shine long before any of us did. Godspeed, Mrs. Yemin.

Okay, so I have pretty much depressed myself at the moment.

So next week the Idols sing Andrew Lloyd Weber songs. Hubby rolled his eyes. I’m rubbing my hands together. The man is a maniacal genius! Ok, well, he looks like one anyway. But he is a genius, just not maniacal. Maybe. Who knows.

I wanted to pass along a little tidbit. A couple of weeks ago the ladies over at Magical Musings and over at Writer Unboxed, talked about Blake Snyder’s book Save The Cat. I’m not a how to kind of girl. My eyes glaze over. I have always considered myself a very organic writer, and themes, the three acts, and the dark moments and like stuff have always come fairly naturally to me. BUT! Blake has opened my consciousness to a wondrous world. A word I knew existed but thought I would not be interested in. Boy was I wrong. Anyway, I bought the book, it arrived yesterday and I have had my nose stuck into it since.

I’m a log line girl and have always had one for most of my stories before I write, but the last few I haven’t. And I sort of struggled with the gist of the story. Hell, I had to write Master of Surrender twice! Anyhow, Snyder says the log line needs irony. So I thought, hmm what is the irony of Master of Torment? Light bulb moment. Assassin knight falls in love with his mark. Theme? Simple. Love conquers all. But in the case of Wulfson and Tarian, their love is a freakin’ battlefield until they get there. I’m sitting here grinning like an idiot. Why, oh, why does it take me so long to get past myself?

I’ll tell you why: I think I know everything, and I don’t. I have to remind myself of that huge fact daily. So, I am off to slam some love on the battlefield into words.

But first, let’s have some fun. For those of you who have a current wip or one you are about to begin, share your log line with us! I love reading them. Especially the ones when you read it, you get an instant feel for what the story is. So, pretty please, share.



  1. Poppy

    Crying? Hardly. I don’t do the mushy girl thing. But I am bummed. I really liked her and thought she had one of the best performances of the night. Maybe she’ll still get an album.

    As for my WIP, hmm, don’t have a log line. Have to think on that one.

  2. Karin

    Poppy said, “Crying? Hardly. I don’t do the mushy girl thing”

    smacking forehead. I forgot.

  3. Poppy

    heh. I’m now rooting for Carly and voted Jason for next Vote for the Worst support. 😉

  4. J. Carson Black

    Great minds think alike. The logline for my WIP is also about an assassin who falls in love with his victim – but after the fact. No, it’s not a paranormal—he’s basically starstruck.

    Logline(s) (needs work): When operatives dispatch a houseful of people in Aspen, Colorado, the leader recognizes Brianne Cross, a big star whose poster is displayed in his daughter’s room. He is deeply affected by the moment of her death–he sees it as a communion between them—and now must know who ordered her murder and why.

  5. Edie

    I liked Kristy, but I like most of this year’s bunch. I think with the right songs she’ll do well.

    Thanks, Kathy! I think I’m better at blurbs than loglines. Mine aren’t as concise as Karin;s. Here’s mind for an older book that I might be pitching next month. The first is 2 lines, because I couldn’t resist phrasing it the way I did. 🙂 The second is making the 2 lines one:

    When a brooding songwriter who wants to give his newly found daughter a normal home discovers his house is haunted, who’s he gonna call? A ghost whisperer who thinks men are hard and dead people are easy.

    When a brooding songwriter who wants to give his newly found daughter a normal home discovers his house is haunted, he calls a ghost whisperer who thinks men are hard and dead people are easy.

  6. Kath Calarco

    AI business first: I can’t wait for next week! ALW IS Broadway (jmo), and I’m already thinking of songs I’d like to see David Cook, Brooke White and my fav, Jason Castro, sing. Speaking of Jason, I have to run to ITunes and d/l his newest AI song. P.S. I’m not crying over Kristy’s departure, although I was sad to hear that chump who bought her horse won’t sell it back to her.

    Loglines: I have to say, I suck at coming up with them AFTER my manuscript it done. My friend, Edie Ramer, helped me come up with a hook for it, and that helped me boil it down to the logline. Edie’s so freakin’ GREAT at finding the bare-bones of things. I just love her!

  7. Cele

    I was sad to see Kristi go, she did the song proud and definately has a future ahead of her. But like Michael last week, there are one or two how should have gone before her.

    Edie, love the log line.

  8. Virna

    Great log line, Karin! I read Save The Cat, too, and agree it was so enlightening!

  9. Elisabeth Naughton

    Okay, Kristy’s from Oregon so I’ve been rooting for her even though (egad! Dare I admit it???) I don’t really watch Idol. (I know – GASP!)

    Chuckling at the loglines. I think we’re all wriing the same story with different twists. Mine is:

    Mythological warrior falls for the one woman destined to save his race. The same one he’s been sent to find and lead to her death.

    J – LOVE your logline. Sounds like a fascinating book. And Edie? AWESOME. You really are good at these!

  10. Karin

    Poppy, let’s hope Vote for the Worst keeps Jason in the running.

    Hey, Jake, that’s some pitch. It gave me shivers and made me want to read the book. Now! So how far along are you?

    Kathy, I need to hop on over to iTunes as well and download a few idol songs. And Edie is the eighth wonder of the world.

  11. Karin

    Edie, I love the first pitch line!

    Cele, I felt bad for her, she’s a nice girl.

    LaDonna, my copy of Butterfly Wishes is on its way! Can’t wait to read it.

    Virna, great book.

    Eli, I love that line! It says it all and conjures up so much angst and conflict. Well done.

  12. LaDonna

    I agree, the log line is great Edie!!!! You rock! And Karin, so true it was Kristi’s time to go. I’ll be rootin’ for my boys, Jason and David C. I’d be happy with either wearing the crown. And I won’t bore you with loglines now, I’m doing revisions on Ruby, and y’all have all met her thanks to your great contest, Karin! 🙂

  13. Amie Stuart

    I’ll miss Kristy but it was indeed time for her to go.

    Loglines! I love this! Ok the one the agent is shopping:

    Mutants attempt to overthrow the government that wants to annihilate them.

    Current WIP: (Can I just say I”m so glad I”m not the only one writing about a mercenary? My hero’s a hitman). Anyway…uhhhhhh I dunno. Ok…here: SCREWED is a sexy thriller with a pooch that doesn’t get screwed, a hitman with a killer sexual identity crisis, and a Bohemian babe who’s aiming to straighten them both out.
    But can they outwit the predator ready to send them to their final destination?

  14. J. Carson Black

    Amie – I LOVE your logline!

    Karin, I’m just shy of 30,000 words and trying to put together the outline. I wrote way over that originally, realized it was going wrong, and started over. But this time it’s working. Once I had Cyril’s motivation, everything else fell into place.

  15. Therese Walsh

    Assassin knight falls in love with his mark. Theme? Simple. Love conquers all. But in the case of Wulfson and Tarian, their love is a freakin’ battlefield until they get there.

    That sounds awesome, Karin. And I’m glad you love the book, too. Blake is a genius.

    Like Edie, I have a hard time with one-lines. Here’s my attempt:

    When a woman finds an old sword reminiscent of her adventurous youth, she begins a journey that will make her face and fix her dysfunctional adulthood.

    Not as intriguing as a nice, meaty blurb. 😉

  16. Hubby

    Therese, how about…

    Finding an old sword reminiscent of a daring youth, a woman is thrust headlong onto a path of self reckoning with her dysfunctional adulthood.

  17. Karin

    Ames, you never fail entertain. I love the logline!

    Jake, amazing how once the true motivation is discovered how easy the story follows. My editor has bashed that concept into my head until I have dropped unconscious to the floor.

    Therese, sounds intriguing, but I have to say, the hubster’s take has some extra punch to it.

  18. Therese Walsh

    Oh, I like hubby’s take, too. Thanks!

  19. Hubby

    I like this version better. Relic – a trace of some past or outmoded practice, custom, or belief

    Finding an old relic of a sword reminiscent of a daring youth, a woman is thrust headlong onto a path of self reckoning with her dysfunctional adulthood.

  20. Karin

    into a path

  21. Karin

    I guess it is onto. hmm not gonna live this one down for awhile…

  22. Edie

    Thanks, everyone! I’ll be pitching this soon, and I should have a little more confidence now.

    Therese, instead of saying “a woman,” you could use an adjective and a noun. Like Karin’s “assassin warrior” and my “brooding songwriter.” Blake Snyder advises this in his book, too.

  23. Therese Walsh

    I need to check back more often! Thanks, you guys for lots of great ideas. Edie and I had secret speaks and came up with a new alternative:

    A repressed musical prodigy tries to unlock the secrets of an ancient sword and finds the key to her music and her spirit again.

    Better, worse or the same?

  24. Karin

    thunmbs up from me.

  25. Karin

    that should be thumbs. Doh!

  26. J. Carson Black

    I really like that one, Therese.

  27. Therese Walsh

    Oh, good. Thanks! 🙂

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