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April 23, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments

Okay so tonight was an Andrew Lloyd Weber night, and wow-wee was I impressed with this guy! In the immortal words of my husband, “As a mentor, he’s tits.” Okay, so it made sense when he said it. It dropped my future son-in-law to the floor in hysterics. It’s a line I will use someday. Frankly, Mr. Weber stole the show. One of the things he said that stuck with me was, “Everything I do is story driven.” His energy and love and passion for what he does was palpable. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! I heart Andrew Lloyd Weber!

So let us begin with Miss Syesha: She looked hot and ready to do some damage with I Rock and Roll Tomorrow. She said, “Finally, something I can show my personality.” Scratching head here but when has she not been able to do that? It matters not because quite frankly for the first time, in my estimation, she did show her personality. I thought it was her best performance yet. Mostly because I wasn’t bored.

Randy said, “So this may surprise you, but your best performance to date. You could be a Broadway star.”
Paula agreed.
Simon said, “That was very sexy-I actually agree with Randy. You showed more of your personality tonight.”

Jason sang Memory and I want to forget it. What a train wreck. Sigh. I think he sealed his fate. I thought I was gonna die when he told the camera, “I didn’t know a cat was signing it.” What a goofball. Double sigh.

Randy said, “Wow.” And it wasn’t a good wow. “I thought it was a little bit of a train wreck.” No kidding, my words first.
Paula said, “I think it was a wise choice.” Gah, not!
Simon said, “Jason it felt to me and to you like the longest two minutes of our lives…You were miserable up there throughout, and I was miserable throughout.” Triple sigh. I agree.
Jason, honey, say your goodbyes now.

Brooke sang “You Must Love Me” from Evita. When she started over I froze. When she began anew she looked so nervous I seriously doubted she could finish, but somewhere in the very depths of her soul she reached down and pulled out what I thought was an emotional second half comeback. I swear as she belted out the words, “You must, love, me.” I said to the television, “I do love you, Brooke.” And I do. She was very brave tonight.
And she got my first vote of this season.

Randy said, “For me this wasn’t great. I liked though that you listened to ALW.”
Paula said, “You must never stop and start.” I disagreed. She forgot the damn words! Was she supposed to hum?
Simon was on very good behavior. He hearts Brooke. “It was so dramatic, it completely threw you. It became quite uncomfortable. I think you’re going to be disappointed.”
When the judges were asked if she should have stopped, Simon said, “I thought it was a very brave thing to do.” Rodger that.

David A. The kid annoys me. Hubby and future son-in-law were gagging. When he picked a song that ALW said, “Was for a diva and one he wrote for a girl,” I sat back and thought, hmmm. When he begun to sing, future son-in-law said, “He doesn’t have much of a personality.” I’m thinking that’s because his dad won’t let him have one. Some celebrity came out the other day and said the father was the worst stage dad she had ever seen. Poor kid. Aneee-way, as usual the performance was predictable and boring.

Randy totally digs this kid. I don’t get it. But he said, “It was the bomb! This is the boy to beat!” Maybe.
Paula said, “I thought it was perfect.” Of course you did.
Simon my man said, “I thought it was pleasant, one of the weakest performances, and it was forgettable to me.” Ditto that!

Carly sang Jesus Christ Superstar. She wasn’t gonna. Not until Mr. Weber said, “For goodness sakes, you have to go with a song that inhabits you.” Well said! I bet he’s phenomenal to work with, and at the end of each day you’d be exhausted. He certainly makes you dig deep for every single note. So overall, I liked the performance despite the little screechy parts. She really needs to work on that.

Randy said, “It’s no surprise to me the bigger voices are doing well tonight.” But then said, “I thought it was okay.”
Paula said? I wasn’t paying attention.
Simon said, “It got a little bit shouty in the middle. It was actually one of the best performances tonight.” Agreed.

David C sang Music of the Night. One of the most powerful love songs ever written and sang to perfection by Michael Crawford. I doubted David could match it. He didn’t come close but he did a good job. I also liked the way David looked tonight. Kudos to the stylist.

Randy said, “Dude that was an amazing performance!”
Paula said, “This song just proves more and more you are such and instrument.”
Simon said, “I much prefer the grittier you, but you made the most of it.” Agreed.

Overall, and despite the fact that Mr. Weber was tits tonight, the idols as a whole disappointed me. So, my pick to hit the road tomorrow night, based solely on performances tonight is Jason. His time is up. 🙁






  1. Cele

    Oh mi god a new phrase…It’s Tits! thank you hubster.

    Syesha stole the show
    Jason made me cry, bye bye **sniff**
    Brooke, oh so sad but I am glad she gave it her all
    Carly, hmmm I”m on the fence…leaning to fall off
    David C stole the show back.

    I love Jason but I’m with you, I think he sealed his fate with such an ill chosen song, a weak performance, he has no power in his voice, no lung capacity to drive a song. But I will buy his folk album.

  2. Karin

    Cele, my life is a three ring circus. Between the hubster, the boys and my daughter, I am always shaking my head in amazement at what comes out of their mouths.

  3. Edie

    I was surprised and pleased at how well they did — except Jason. This was one of the best AI nights for me. Syesha was in her element. I don’t think she’ll be the American Idol, but I can see her being a major star one day too, Broadway or in movies. David A was boring. David C. was good, as usual, but I didn’t love it. Although Carly did get a little shouty, as Simon said, I enjoyed her performance. But my favorite was Brooke. I felt the anguish and emotion as she sang that song. I hope she passes on to the next round.

    Karin, I so agree with you about Andrew Lloyd Weber. I didn’t expect him to be so warm and helpful.

  4. Carol Burnside

    Oh, man! Wish I’d seen it. My TIVO fritzed last night of all nights. Damn!

  5. Lynn Raye Harris

    ALW was totally cool, wasn’t he?

    Syesha did a fab job. Hubby and I said, before Randy did, that Broadway was her gig. She could be a star there.

    Jason: not a fan.

    Brooke: when she doesn’t talk, I like her. I didn’t mind her starting over, and I thought she brought emotion to the song.

    David A: please, can we get over him already? Those little girls in the audience who went up to hug him will be the force of nature that hands him the AI crown. And he won’t deserve it as much as David C.

    Carly: I liked it. Loved that ALW told her she needed to sing that song instead of the other one.

    David C: I heart him. Have from his audition. Knew he’d be something when they styled him up — and isn’t he becoming quite the cutie with that hair and beard? 🙂 I thought he did a good job with the song. My hubby predicted last week that Music of the Night was the song David C would do — and should do.

    But y’all know who I think would have knocked ALW songs out of the park? The Jason dude with the blonde thing in his hair that got booted off a long time ago. He had that kind of voice.

  6. Mary

    Brooke has stayed well beyond her time. Second time she has forgot words to songs. That is an AI no no. Bye Bye!

  7. Amie Stuart

    >>Paula said, “This song just proves more and more you are such and instrument.”

    You think that was Paula Speak for TOOL LMAO!

    My notes are at home but ya’ll should also check out Donna Kaufman’s recap (sorry Karin?). It’s really good!

  8. Kath Calarco

    I don’t think any of them did justice to ALW, and here’s why: His music is meant for singers who either have a strong made-for-Broadway voice, or for singers who took extra song coaching for the part. (For instance, Madonna as Evita, which ROCKED btw, and Antonio Banderas was the added HOT to the entire thing.)

    But for what it’s worth, the kids did what they could with the little time they had to prepare. And although Jason was clueless in an endearing sort of way (I’m SO smitten with him), as always, I had his number on re-dial, giving him a pass for his lousy performance. I tried to think of other ALW songs that would better suit him, and I still can’t think of any, but do think he deserves to stay for whatever next week brings. (Is it Neil Diamond?)

    I enjoyed Syesha, Carly and Dave Cook; could always live without David Archie (and his father’s dumbass hats), and I agreed with Paula’s comment to Brooke(and I really love Brooke). Just my opinion, but when they’re down to six contestants the playing field is narrowed and you have bring your “A” game. Forgetting the words is sort of like submitting a query/ms that has misspelled words. Again, jmo. Brooke had a stutter start during the Beatle week (I think) too, but it was less noticeable because she kept on playing.

  9. Randy

    Last night’s music selections thoroughly entertained me, but then I’m a big ALW fan. Having said that, okay, yeah…Sayesha showed a lot of personality; it didn’t make up for how often her voice thins out and goes a little off-key. She’s adorable though, and her big smile and great looks will take her far.

    I really, really, wanted Jason to do something interesting and unique with Memory–and I believe he has it in him to do just that, but I dunno…he seemed to lack the energy last night. Definitely didn’t score with his rendition. And though I LOVE the guy, his lack of competitiveness is failing him.

    Brooke–Something about this girl bugs me. Hate to say it cuz I know she’s a favorite here, but she comes off as phony to me. Shoot me now, but it even crossed my mind that she stopped and started on purpose (God, I’m such a cynic). I paid close attention to the part where they recap because those snippets are from rehearsal and I have to admit, what we saw of that version appeared more heart-felt, so I’ll concede the stutter step may have really thrown her. I saw on TMZ that after his session with her, Andrew Lloyd Weber felt she could do something really special IF she could sing to the cameras and audience the way she sang to him. Didn’t happen.

    David A. He really soars when he goes up the scale, and technically it was a fine performance but I have to agree with Simon–not too memorable. I liked that he put his own spin on it, though.

    Carly. Screechy. Screechy. Screechy.

    David C. Technically perfect, but I was disappointed that he didn’t put more angst in it.

    Jason SHOULD go tonight, but I’m not betting on it!

  10. Karin

    Kath, agreed on why it was such a lackluster night. Truly for me, I wanted more ALW!
    I hear you on the don’t stop issue. I felt for Brooke, can you imagine the incredible panic she must have felt when she realized she had forgotten the words?

    Edie, I felt the exact same way about Brooke’s performance.

    Carol, it was a great night, but not because of the Idols but because of ALW. I think I’m a fan girl.

    Yep, Lynne, he was.

    Mary, Brooke may well be gone. But I think America is done with Jason’s one dimensional performances and his goofyness. 🙁

  11. J. Carson Black

    David A. has a beautiful voice, but it always feels as if I’m watching the last hour of the Oscars and he’s performing a Disney song with orchestra, complete with dancing Pocahontases or waltzing teacups. Forget Lunesta – all you need to give you a good night sleep is David A.

    So the plaintive-looking guy with the braids didn’t do well? I missed him – we were going back and forth between AI and the Pennsylvania primary, where Hillary was cleaning Barack’s clock. So I’d see Hillary knocking back Crown Royals on the podium, and then I’d switch back (so as not to miss David Cook), and I see the guy in the braids with the pointy little elfin nose looking like someone (Simon?) just took his lunch money. A real disconnect.

    Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

  12. Karin

    LD, I think our boy’s time has come. 🙁

    Amie, at this point in the game I have no clue what Paula speaks.

    Randy, Yes yes yes! on the being disappointed David C didn’t put more angst into it. He has it in him, but he didn’t pull it off. And I hear you on Jason not being competitive enough. I think after last night, while I have known he’s a goof, he is also very clueless. Doh! Doesn’t take a hammer over the head for me to get it.

  13. LaDonna

    Karin, thanks for the update on Idol night. Sounds like my cutie patootie, Jason, is in trouble. We knew it would eventuall come, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Sniff… Since I was unable to watch it, I imagine David C. might possibily be the only really safe idol about now. Can’t wait for the voting and recap tonight!

  14. Kath Calarco

    Karin, I put myself in Brooke’s shoes and then some. I’ll bet her heart had to have been skipping beats three at a time. I think she has a lot of people pulling for her, so maybe we’ll see her singing Cracklin’ Rosie (or whatever Neil Diamond song).

    I’m still pulling for Jason ’cause I’m not done droolin’, um um, looking at him.

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