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Syesha and Carly in the bottom two, and Carly loses the coin toss. Surprises never cease. Not sorry to see her go, but shocked Brooke and Jason were not near the bottom, BUT happy they weren’t!

So next week is Neil Diamond. I think it will be a good show.






  1. Jaci Burton

    I thought Syesha and Carly gave way better performances than Jason and Brooke. Then again, didn’t think Carly would last much longer anyway.

  2. Kath Calarco

    I really thought Jason and Brooke would be on the bubble, but am happy they eeked through (my having Jason on redial was probably the key factor in his making it through,tee-hee). I’m still stuck on Brooke’s re-start and am amazed over the pass Simon gave her considering he made such a big deal during Hollywood week, stating something like, “And PUHLEASE don’t forget the lyrics.” Last night he commented that everyone’s human, and then I momentarily felt inhuman, but I’m so over it now.

    Regarding Neil Diamond week, hubby and I sat thinking of Neil Diamond songs. He came up with Diamond’s entire collection (GEEK!); I could only re-call one, “Craklin’ Rosie,” and said to the old man, “That’s the title, right?” His reply, “Yeah, or maybe it’s ‘Crack Smokin’ Rosie.” This was during dinner and needless to say, it was Heimlich maneuver time. If anyone picks that song next week I’ll be sure not to be eating or drinking anything while watching.

  3. Cele

    I’ve thougth about this for a while now. Surprised Carly left, at this point I’m not surprised anyone leaves, just that David A stays. That Syesha was in the bottom two, yeah I’m surprised…this week.

    As to Carly starting over. I think our comments would have been more involved and down on her if she’d continued her song. Think about her stopping/lalalaing/mumbling — I’ll take her stopping and starting over again over her destroying the song anyday. To me it shows that she cares about the song, forgetting the words, yeah bad, but I think plowing ahead on shaky ground would have been even worse. It’s just my thougths.

    and Crack Smokin’ rosie, oh my god.:roll:

  4. Karin

    Ditto that, Jaci.

    Kathy, I will admit right here on my blog that I too have an extensive Neil Diamond collection and, don’t laugh, have even seen him in concert. But that was over twenty years ago! and I did not raise my hands in the air and wave them back and forth with a lit lighter! Oddly, I feel better admitting that.

    No kidding, Cele, why *is* David A still there? Heh, I suppose more people are wondering why Jason is still there. I’m pointing my finger at Kath and her speed dial.

  5. Randy

    I’m afraid relying on votes by unlimited phone calls is never gonna result in the true measure of ANYTHING, so nothing surprises me. And, like Simon said, the final tally for some weeks may be based more on popularity (or cumulative performance) than on a flubby and/or spectacular night.

    Plus, I don’t feel so bad seeing anyone in the top six go because (correct me if I’m wrong here) don’t they get to sign with whomever they choose–instead of being locked into the AI contract?

    Cele, I totally agree with you about Brooke. I thought it took grace under pressure to make that instantaneous decision to start over and, under the circumstances (between the orchestra leader and Brooke) it went pretty seamlessly. Much better than trying to fudge some lyrics…especially because when you miss ONE phrase, sometimes you can’t come up with the next…or the next…and suddenly the song is over.

    Neil Diamond week should really separate the wheat from the chaff (what the hell does that mean, anyway??). *smile* His songs are either gonna sound TOTALLY KARAOKE or…well, to tell you the truth, I’m predicting only David Cook is gonna shine.

  6. Hubby

    If David Cook is smart he will sing Brother Love. It builds slow and ends big. I could see Brooke doing, You Don’t Send Me Flowers but it’s a duet. Maybe David Archuleavingyet could join her and sing with his eyes closed in that please love me look of his and Brooke could keep moving around him so that when he peeks out he doesn’t know where she is standing. Then David’s father would get pissed off and throw one of his hats and we’d all get to see the bald head he’s hiding.

    For Jason how about Shilo, “had a dream and it filled me with wonder” wonder why you are still there. Maybe “Forever in Blue Jeans” cause they go with the dreads.

    Syesha, what the heck, “Holly Holy” give her a chance to show that range.

    And Paula could suddenly burst into “Do you know what I mean” because no one undersatnds a damn word she says!

  7. Jaci Burton


    I so need to watch Idol with Karin’s hubby.

    David Archuleavingyet


  8. Karin

    Randy, it does come down to popularity at the end of the day. I’m not so sure America warmed up to Carly. I certainly didn’t and I can’t tell you why. I didn’t dislike her, and I think she has talent, and more so then some of the remaining Idols, but there was just something about her…
    The girls have kept Jason in the hunt, especially after this week.
    Neil Diamond week is going to be veddy interesting.

    Hubby, love the David Archuleavingyet!

  9. Karin

    Jaci, that and “He’s tits.” It doesn’t get any better.

  10. Cele

    Oh drats, hubster kills me.

    I think his song choices are pretty good for the coming week, although I think Jason could do “Solitary Man” also, and would totally be keeping with his style. Brooke, I would love to hear her sing “A Beautiful Sound.” David C (in my books) is the one to beat.

  11. Kath Calarco

    Karin, when you’re hubby retires from the force I see his future in the greeting card industry.

    And I fully embrace responsibility for keeping JC on, and next week I’m redialing everyone EXCEPT David Archie.

    P.S. I think Archie’s old man is hiding some hair-plugs under those dumbass hats

  12. Laurie

    I can’t say that I was sorry to see Carly leave, but I felt certain that Brooke or Jason would be in the bottom. I’m glad they weren’t, as they’re two of my faves – along with David C. I’m sick to death of David A. and Syesha is just kind of bleh for me. Anyone else think Paula’s medication must have been changed this week? She was calm and actually put together a few sentences that made sense, not so many rambling, random words. I didn’t see her hands miss each other a single time when she clapped.

    I’m a little intrigued w/what Neil Diamond night will bring. My older brother liked him a lot when we were growing up, so I’m familiar w/most of his stuff and like him ok. I’m thinking I heard a rumor a few years ago about him liking young, as in VERY YOUNG girls – anyone else heard that? Just curious. He’s still talented, even if he is a perv.

  13. LaDonna

    Just flat-out happy Jason is still among us! I predict David Cook will be our next American Idol, and little David will probably be standing next to him. His dad will become as horrible as Jessica Simpson’s preacher-daddy-manager, cause he’s in the same pothole as Archie’s daddy.

    And Karin, I do LUV Neil Diamond. Ran and I used to smooch listening to his albums on the record player. 😆

  14. Kath Calarco

    Laurie, either Paula’s on something new, or maybe this week there was just water in her Coke cup.

  15. Karin

    Kath he is retired!

    Cele, you know how hubby lives to make us laugh.

    LaDonna, I’m happy he made it too, but the boy needs to step up from here on out.

    Laurie, eww about ND!

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