Fast, Furious and Mostly Flops

April 29, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments

Simon was right, it was a bizarre night. I wasn’t impressed with Neil Diamond as a mentor, but maybe they didn’t show us much because of time constraints, who knows, and frankly I didn’t care. I was underwhelmed most of the night, and frankly there is not one performance that comes to mind that I recall as enjoyable, and the show has been over for only a few minutes. Another thing I found underwhelming was the format tonight. And Paula thinking that Jason had sang two songs when he had only sung one proves she is in her own orbit. ‘Nuff said.

Jason: What a freakin’ train wreck tonight. As he sang his first song Forever In Blue Jeans, I hid under the coffee table. That said, if the kid just pushed, he could knock us all off our seats. September Morning was just as bad for me in the sense it was just plain old boring.

Randy said, “Dude, check it out—so—It was just ok. That was just an okay performance.” I couldn’t agree more. Based on performances Jason should go home this week, and frankly, as much as I like the kid, I am very okay with that.
Paula said, “You need to get outside your comfort one.” It was the only intelligent thing she said all night.
Simon said, “You struggled through both songs. I think you’ll look back on this and wonder who this performer was.”

David Cook sang I’m Alive. I didn’t care for it—But I still mucho like David. It was nice to see him mix it up some more but it just wasn’t my thang, except the chorus. Then he sang, All I Really Need is You. Was the title of the song? Irrelevant actually because I liked this performance less then the first one. His mumbly slurring lyrics were getting on my nerves. However I loved the arrangement. Apparently I was in the minority with the judges, all three totally dug it. Whatev.

Brooke. Oh, my. Poor thing. I’m a Believer was as Simon said, “A nightmare.” Sigh, all I could think of as she crashed and burned was how awesome Micky Dolenz sounded singing this song. And then of course there was Shrek. The tempo was too fast, and well, it was bad. Then she sang I Am I Said. I love this song. And thankfully Brooke did a better job with this one then the first song. Hubby said it was lackluster. I thought it was nice.

Randy agreed, he said, “Nice job.”
Paula, blah blah blah
Simon said, “I really, really hated the first song. This is the Brooke I like. A million times better then the first song. Well done.” Whew. It may be enough to keep her in the running, but if she goes I won’t be upset. She doesn’t have the pipes to be the American Idol this year.

And along came David A. eye roll. He sang Sweet Caroline, another fave ND song of mine. I thought he butchered it. As I thought those thoughts I said, “Karin, don’t you think you’re being a little harsh because you can’t even stand to look at the kid anymore?” So I closed my eyes. Gave it another chance. Still hated it. Then he sang America, and while I liked it better, once again it did not stir the cockles of my heart. And apparently I’m an idiot because all three judges flipped over it. I think I need to guest judge next year. Let’s start a petition!

Last and certainly least (heh did you catch that?) Syesha. So she sang Hello Again, barefoot again. What’s up with that? Immediately I was bored. Then it occurred to me, perhaps I’m being too harsh, or maybe I’m expecting too much at this stage in the game. But shouldn’t I expect more? I mean we’re down to 5! So, I was bored and while her second song Thank The Lord For The Night Time (another fave of mine) was better, I still was not wowed by this girl. In fact I haven’t been at all this year. To me she just doesn’t have a distinctive enough voice for me to remember anything she has sung thus far.

Randy said about this performance, “Yo, you know what I love ? That was also in the zone. (yeah the dead zone!) This is the way I like you.” Barefoot?
Paula, blah
Simon said, “You are a very good action stroke singer. I think however, you may be in trouble tonight. I didn’t think you had a very unmemorable second song tonight.” And as usual, Simon was right.

My pick to go home this week is Jason. His time is up.




  1. Cele

    You said….”Karin, don’t you think you’re being a little harsh because you can’t even stand to look at the kid anymore?”

    Oh mi god you’re in my head except, It was, “Cele don’t you think you’re being a bit to harsh?”…nahhh the kid drives me insane.

    A boring night for hte most part. Don’t you think we can pick the songs they do better than they can pick them theirselves, their choices suck for the most part, not the songs, just the songs they chose for themselves.

    Jason – I just didn’t get it (but he got my votes because I love him and he needs them.) Gads I wish he hadn’t sung two songs.
    David C – I liked I’m alive thought it was pitchy in a spot or two. Did he sing two songs?
    Brooke – Needs to stick to the intimate songwriter routine, it suits her better. I liked I AM, I Said
    David A – Yawn, I just don’t get this guy.
    Syesha – She is Broadway bound, Hello, Again was pitchy, but fit her.

  2. Cele

    Oops, I meant to say

    Syesha – She is Broadway bound. Hello, Again was pitch, but Thank The Lord For The Nighttime fit her. (I think I flubbed up some html somewhere there the first time around.)

  3. Jaci Burton

    Ugh. You’re right Karin. It was a meh night for all of them. Nothing memorable and David C can usually sing just about anything and curl my toes. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

    Jason was a trainwreck.

    David A made a mess out of America, my favorite Neil Diamond song. I had to rush over to YouTube to listen to Neil Diamond singing it to cleanse my hearing palate after he destroyed it with his icky voice.

    Brooke always looks pained, like she has gas.

    Syesha…eh. She should do Broadway. Second song was ok.

    David C – he sang ok but the songs? Eh

    We’ll see what the voters say, but Jason and Brooke’s time is up.

  4. Lynn Raye Harris

    I’m so with you on Archie! Hubby and I looked at each other both times and said, “Ick.” It was terrible, and when the judges didn’t call him on it, we were shocked. But, of course Simon isn’t going to clash heads with “America.” I’d hoped someone would tell this kid they were both awful, but no one did.

    I still love David Cook. He’s my choice, my fav, and I’ll buy those songs the instant they are for sale. I bought “Innocent” after he didn’t perform it so great on stage — and whoa, he does a fabulous job with it in the studio version. He could sing a menu to me and I’d listen. But I love that kind of gritty rock voice and I know that makes me a little biased.

    Jason: his time should be up, but who knows what the teens will do? He does the same thing week after week after week. It’s his wheelhouse. 😉

    Brooke: first song was painful. Second was much nicer. Quite good.

    Syesha: very good both times, I think (though I’d stopped listening to dial for David C on the last one — we’d DVR’ed and watched about 1/2 an hour late).

    And I totally love Neil Diamond’s early stuff! I’d kind of hoped David C would go for “Cherry, Cherry” or “Hanky Panky.” Those would have been great, I think.

  5. Amie Stuart

    I nearly pissed myself when Randy told David A he was the bomb after singing SC!!!!!! Sheesh!

    Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder why I keep watching.

  6. Edie

    I think David C will win. He’s the best out of all of them. I agree that David A was borking.

    I liked Brooke’s second song. I thought it fit her and she did it well. I’m guessing she heard too many people call her “sad,” and that’s why she was smiling like an idiot for that first song.

    Jason should be voted out, but Simon’s usually right, so I won’t be surprised if Syesha is. I did like her last night, but she’s still not a great singer. And I think her heart is in acting, and that will be her career, whether it’s Broadway or film.

  7. Kathy Calarco

    Paula should be voted OUT OF THERE! Could she be any more f’d up? I’ll bet she sat in on the pre-show rehearsals and forgot about it. Stupid, stupid, stupid girl. No wonder Jason’s second song was worse than the first. Her blistering pre-judgment was the killing factor, in my mothering opinion.

    Poor Jason. He’ll go tonight because I wasn’t about to put him on the re-dial for the allotted two hours. Sorry, Jason. I let you down, but you let me down first with your first song. You get a pass for the second.

    Ack! Watching AND hearing David Archie was fingernails scrapping across the blackboard. Karin, you aren’t being hard on him. He really sucked.I thought he did a horrendous job. The only reason he’s staying is thanks to all the pre-teens and old ladies who have a crush and are proficient at re-dial and texting. ICK!

    I had no idea that Neil Diamond wrote “I’m A Believer”, and I was a huge Monkees’ fan back in the day, so when Brooke poured acid on my beloved pre-teen fav, I was crushed. That said, I did not dial for her even though her second song was just o.k.

    David Cook: I loved both songs. He had the required pipes, although my hubby (big Diamond fan) thought he was so-so.

    I thought Syesha did a good job, but I think she lacks what it’ll take to cling on for another week. I see her and Jason on the hot two-seater tonight, although I’d rather it be she and Brooke. (not a brooke fan)

  8. Karin

    ‘Twould appear,ladies we are all pretty much on the same page here. I feel like somehow the show has let us down. Not the Idols mind you, but the show. As if the voice coaches haven’t worked hard enough or the stylists whipped them up enough. I can’t lump in the band, they have been incredible. But this crop of 5 is very lackluster. While David A has talent, he doesn’t have the commercial appeal David C has, and frankly, David C is the only one out of the last 12 who has the voice to go anywhere. Well, except Michael. I think it was a huge mistake when Michael was voted off. Huge, huge mistake. He gave the show some dimension.
    I’m really really disappointed Jason has not stepped up. He can sing the same way, but damn it! Do it better with more heart, more voice, more soul! Same with Brooke. I don’t want to see David A win, because I truly don’t feel he has it, but then I didn’t feel Jordan Sparks did either and she sounded great in that duet with that R and B singer. so what the hell do I know?

  9. LaDonna

    Wow, I had such high expectations this year. I caught the tail-end of the show, and saw the highlights and last two performers. That said, it was a wierd night from the looks of it. I still think David Cook will win, and I really hate to see Jason C go. Maybe next week will totally rock, and he’ll get a second chance. I’d love to see him top 3, at least. And Syesha is headed for Broadway, not a likely winner for AI IMO.

  10. Edie

    If it comes down to the 2 Davids, David C will win. “Lackluster” perfectly describes Jason’s performance. As if he thinks his pretty face is enough. A couple of the guest mentors have said they didn’t think he’d listen to their advice. He’s gotten spacey.

  11. Randy

    See, I thought this would happen. Only Neil Diamond should sing Neil Diamond songs. *g* And in the case of “I’m a Believer”–well, the Monkees made a hit of it, but it’s an OLD song, for heaven’s sake. Anyone singing it now is gonna sound dated. That’s always the dilemma when we get down to the “pick something from the vocalist’s songbook” nights. I know I’m in the minority, but that’s why I think the ballads are always a better choice–unless you’re David Cook and can make an old up-tempo song sound new.

    Oh, and another drawback–how to get the most out of a song in such a short snippet of time. Brooke’s second song really suffered from that problem IMO. She was just getting going. And her first song was so fast it made my head spin.

    In fact, although I’m hardly a Sayesha fan, at least she appears to be getting BETTER, not worse–a la Jason and Brooke. (And, don’t get me wrong–I LOVE Jason, but come on, GUY…put some effort in it!).

    I too DID NOT GET the judges’ thumbs up on David A. He coula phoned it in.

    And, sigh, although I’m a fan of David Cook, I’m geting the feeling he may suffer from Hootie-itis…y’know, that’s when your voice is so distinctive, every song starts to sound the same…?

    Bottom line…I’m afraid Jason may have to go this week, but to tell you the truth, I don’t really care WHO goes.

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