Just Another Manic Monday

Do you ever feel like you’re hitting the week running with your head down, and ready to stiff arm anyone who gets in your way? That’s how I’m feeling right now. I have a lot to do today. Phone crap. Business phone crap. I just want to drink coffee, get my walk in and write. But I do have a business that needs my attention, and so it will get it. I’ll get my walk in too, and before I go I’ll have lots of coffee, and when I come back and shower, I’ll make more coffee and write. I’m… Read more »

Another One Bites the Dust

I knew something was up when Seacrest put Brooke and Kristy with David Cook. So while I know Poppy is crying in her tea as I type, I can honestly say while I feel bad for Kristy, she was due. Past due. While you all know I heart Brooke, my heart grew even bigger for her when she set her jaw and said, “Hey!” to Simon when he said Kristy’s time had come. For such a little mouse of a girl she has a big protective heart. Oh, and didn’t Elliott make you tear up? Especially when I heard about… Read more »

7 Idols Standing

Okay, so Mariah Carey aka Mimi has never really done it for me. Until tonight, if you asked me to name a Mariah Carey song, I’d look at you with a blank stare. But I did recognize a few of them tonight (so I am not totally still living in the seventies). But before I go there, was it me or is Mimi one cold fish? Yikes! And it was exacerbated by how the idols reacted to her coolness. Hey, I understand the whole, I’m a living legend thing, but damn she was so not approachable. Sigh, I guess some… Read more »

Catch Up Monday

So as most of you know I was under yet another nail-biter of a deadline. I think, no, I know, I thrive under pressure. I love pulling all-nighters. I know, crazy but true. Since I turned Naughty Santa in last week, lot’s more is going on, mostly catch up, and planning for the future as in promoing and spending money I really don’t have right now on stuff readers will probably toss in their nearest trashcan. Such is life. Maybe one day my name will be synonymous with the word coop. One can dream. So I have the teaser done… Read more »

Oh. My. GOD!!!!

I am speechless, dumbfounded and in compete and utter shock. I cannot believe America voted for Syesha and Carly over Michael! OMG! What the hell? I am so pissed right now. Freakin’ Kristy Lee over Michael? Syesha over Michael? My, god! I can’t type I’m so pissed. K*… Read more »
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