25th Wedding Anniversary and AI

lol so tonight hubby and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. My youngest daughter and her fiancé were taking us out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, but hubby woke feeling a bit under the weather. So dutiful daughter bought some fabulous filet mignon, fresh scallops and shrimp and whipped us up great dinner. Future son in law picked up a bottle of ’03 Silver Oak cab. Boy was it good. So we sit down to dinner and I realize AI is just about to start. As we’re finishing our salads, future son-in-law sets his salad plate aside,… Read more »

Rami goes home

But y’all knew that. Sheesh. I’m getting old. Once again I came upstairs last nigh to post this, and got sidetracked. The good news is, I pounded out ten pages of NAUGHTY. 🙂 So, I was surprised to see Brooke in the bottom three though. She’s so cute. Now, ladies, you will not hear much from me until next Friday. I will be over at Murder She Writes tomorrow, but I have an engagement party to throw this Saturday (yes, I know it’s a little late, and should have been sooner, but we were waiting on the ring. My daughter… Read more »

A mixed bag of AI nuts tonight

And methinks Simon is PMSing. And he doesn’t like country to boot. Tonight was Dolly Parton night. As a mentor they didn’t really show her doing anything except standing by a piano, but that’s ok. While I am a huge fan of Dolly Parton the person, I have never been a big fan of her music. She does have a few tracts though that I like. So here we go. Brooke started off with Jolene, a song I have never really cared for. Until tonight. I loved the arrangement and the singing. Much better then the Dolly version. Good job,… Read more »
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