Mother’s Day

May 5, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 7 comments

My kids want to take me out to brunch or dinner, I’m thinking not. I think I’m going to make them work this Sunday. Dinner here, a BBQ and some really good wine. Or maybe I’ll go shopping or go to a movie before hand. Maybe I’ll curl up with a good book, or maybe I’ll just do nothing for a change. Or maybe we’ll go to Carmel or Napa for the day and have dinner at one of my any favorite restaurants. Hmm, Napa and all of that yummy wine? I think so.

How about you? What would be your perfect Mother’s Day?



  1. Cele

    Anything that includes a mound of crispy hashbrowns (that I didn’t cook) and lots of ketchup.

    Can you tell I’m on a diet?

  2. LaDonna

    A day on the beach would the perfect day for me. My family, good wine like you mentioned, and maybe a cookout at day’s end. Since I don’t live near the beach, I’ll save that scenario for vaction this year. 😆 I think we’ll all go out to eat instead. As long as it’s with family, I’m good to go.

  3. Edie

    LOL about Cele’s perfect Mother’s Day. I’m on a diet too. 🙁

    I like Amie’s idea. My perfect Mother’s Day usually involves food, but the following week I’ll be at a conference and I need to fit into my conference clothes. Hence the diet.

  4. Kathy Calarco

    Perfect Mother’s Day? Hmmm. The biggest kick and honor comes not on Mother’s Day, but on those random occasions when people who know my daughter approach me just to say how wonderful they think she is. That’s better than eggshells in the pancakes. 🙂

  5. Poppy

    heh. When I was a kid, we’d trash the kitchen making homemade cream puffs for breakfast then spend the day in tears screeching at each other that were not supposed to be fighting today because it’s MOTHER’S DAY. I’m sure my mother couldn’t wait for the day to be over. 😉

  6. Karin

    My kids ask me every year what I want, and every year I say the same thing, “Peace for one day.”

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