Can you say Kamikaze?

May 6, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

Talk about crash and burn suicide!! If Jason doesn’t go after tonight, I will be seriously pissed. Even, I, who adore the schmuck have had it with his dumb ass performances.

So, tonight was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night. Kewl.

We begin the night’s performances with the man, David Cook who chose Duran Duran’s, Hungry Like a Wolf. Great song choice for David’s husky rock and roll voice, unfortunately I was on the phone the entire time he sang. But I gathered while it might have been a great song choice, he didn’t deliver. In the play back at the end of the show I would have to agree with the little I heard, but it wasn’t gawd awful, not like some other dread-headed dude’s was.

I didn’t hear Randy or Paula’s comments but did catch what Simon said, “Little bit copycat, but good enough to get through to the next round.”

Next song he sang was The Who’s, Baba O’Riley (and yes I had to look that up). I thought it was titled Teenage Waste Land. Not. But what do I know? I didn’t realize how much I liked the song until David totally nailed it. I loved this performance.

Randy said, “That’s more like the David Cook I love. Live it out, man. You were great.”
Paula said, “I want more.” I do too.
Simon said, “Welcome back, David Cook.”

Next up was Syesha who looked great. She sang Proud Mary. Nobody does it like Tina and unfortunately for me Syesha didn’t come close. For me it was just another unmemorable performance by her. That said, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t memorable.

Randy disagreed. He said, “What a difference a couple of weeks makes. Syesha is in the zone!” Whatev.
Paula said, blah blah blah.
Simon said, “I thought it was a bad shrieky version.” The man has a way with words.

Her second song was A Change is Gonna Come. I thought she did a stellar job.
To me it felt like she reached down deep and pulled something extra special from inside. My fave so far.

I’m not sure what Randy was smokin’ during her performance but he said, “For me the first song I loved. This one not so much. I felt like you pushed things out that weren’t there.” As you can tell from my notes above I felt completely different.
So did Paula. She said, “You did that beautifully.”
By this time Syesha was a basket case. I prayed if Simon didn’t like it he would be gentle. He was a class act. “I have to be fair,” he said, “I agree with Paula.” And then that little girl broke down. I hope she makes it through this week.

And after Jason’s performances? How could she not? Jason, Jason, Jason. Okay so when he said he was going to sing a Bob Marley song, how come I wasn’t surprised? But the mood fit, until he opened his mouth. Now, before I get into more Jason bashing I have to admit, I really dug the funky vibe of the performance, but he so did not pull it off.

So Randy said, “Dude, for me that was a real karaoke Bob Marley. At this point you need to show something.”
Paula said, “I wasn’t crazy about the performance.”
Simon gave a warning shot. He said, “Jason, stand back. That was utterly atrocious. The performance and signing was like a first round performance.” Yowch, but true.

Second song he sang was, OMG, Mr. Tambourine Man. When he said the title I cringed. I hated it, then he forgot the words. He is so going home. But, he did muscle through the performance, but my god it was painful witnessing it.

Randy said, “Jason is not in the zone tonight.” Hell, he isn’t close.
Paula said, “It is what it is. It didn’t blow us away, but you blow us away.” Sigh.
Simon said it simply and honestly, “Jason, pack your suitcases.” Fade out…

Then there was little David A. Gah. Sorry. Okay, so he sang Stand By Me. A great song, one I love and one he made so boring if I had never heard it before I’d never want to hear it again. I was startled awake by my loud snores just in time to hear Randy who must certainly be in his own zone say, “He brought the hot man vocals.” Huh?
Paula said, “You really delivered this.” Would someone please tell me what I’m missing here?
I loved Simon’s comment. “The truth is, David, you could have whistled and sounded better then the last performance.” Then he added, “In the grand scheme of things, it was the best performance tonight.”

Then little David A followed up with Love Me Tender. Oh god, not again. How boring can one man be?
I’m not getting the judges on this.

Randy said, “Check it out, baby, another great performance!” Then he said, and I almost spit my tea back into my cup, “I loved how you caressed each word.” Ew.
Paula said, “You were beautiful.”
Simon shocked me when he said, “You didn’t beat the competition tonight, you crushed the competition.” I guess it’s me.

So, if Jason doesn’t go home tonight the producers are going to have to find a better way to keep the talent in house and not make this a popularity contest. Michael should still be there, not Jason, but because he appealed to the more mature crowd he didn’t get the votes.




  1. Cele

    What a weird night.

    David C’s Hungry Like A Wolf did nothing for me, not bad, but not original. His Baba O’Reilly started out great and ended okay.

    Syesha’s cover of Proud Mary started out good, but ended like someone covering Tina. Her version of A Change Is Going To Come… AWESOME I loved it, I loved the emotion, I loved the sincerity.

    Jason, Jason, Jason. I think Simon said it best, “Pack your bags.” I wasn’t in tune with his arrangement of I shot the Sheriff. And how do you screw up Dylan? How?

    David A. Please shoot me now, he’s better than Lunesta.

    Going home… It’s got to be Jason. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t appreciate what he has been offered. I would buy his album, but he’s wasting the time of American Idol. That is incredibly sad.

  2. Jaci Burton

    Jason is so going home. He was awful. I read in my issue of Entertainment Weekly last week that he blew off rehearsals the weekend of Neil Diamond weekend to go party (from the way he performed last night, bet he blew off rehearsals this week too), and then he actually said he’s ready to go home because the whole thing is just ‘too weird’ to him. Buh bye Jason.

    David C, whom I love, just didn’t curl my toes this week. He was okay.

    Syesha moved me with her second song. She rocked it. I really hope they don’t put her in the bottom. She doesn’t deserve it. She rocked it last night.

    David A makes me cringe. I don’t care if he does make all the little girls scream. Ick. And I don’t know what the judges are smokin’. I don’t get it either, Karin.

  3. Amie Stuart

    Jaci I totally got that vibe off Jason last week!

    David C did the CSI SONG! Wasn’t it? I know big dork. I totally want to get it off I-tunes

    David A…..every time i see him I think, “I wonder if he brushed his teeth.” Not because of the way they look, because he’s such a kid and I nag mine ALL the TIME to brush/go brush/did you brush. And dude, get some chapstick already!

  4. Margaret

    I think I saw on one of those entertainment shows that Jason was ready to go–like we couldn’t have figured it out by his performance!
    I try to enjoy Syesha, really I do, but nothing she has ever done has been memorable.
    I think it will be a David duo ending, but Cook even disappointed me this week. I really expected him to turn up the heat on CUTI-BOT 5000.
    And OMG, Kathy, you are so RIGHT pinning him down as a cross btwn Eddie Munster and Alfred E. Newman!!

  5. Edie

    Looks like I’m the only one here who thought David A was fantastic! He moved me, so much emotion in that kid. And one was an Elvis song too! I didn’t expect to like his version, but I loved it.

    Otherwise, I agree with all of you. There’s something wrong with Jason to blow this off, something missing. Cook disappointed me on Hungly Like a Wolf. It was too toned down, not even as good as the original. The second was good.

    Syesha was fabulous on the second song. She should make it through to the next round.

  6. Kathy Calarco

    Ack! It appeared like Jason WANTED to go home with those performances. I think he’ll get his wish. He is so going (and I didn’t dial him once).

    David C’s rendition of Baba O’Reilly let me down. Okay, I have the Who’s original vinyl version in my basement which I bought when it first came out – I was a senior in high school. Played it TO DEATH. When Seacrest announced the song I said, “Awesome!” and then he started to sing. Yawn. I didn’t dial him either.

    David A. I’m completely with you, Karin. SNOOZE. Sorry, David A fans, the kid has some pipes, but I just can’t stand looking at him – a cross between Eddie Munster and Alfred E. Newman. Never dialed him in and didn’t last night.

    Syesha. Big YES! I wasn’t crazy about her first song, but man, did she ever look gorgeous. Her second song, as well as her looks, were fabulous. I re-dialed Syesha over and over. She deserves to be in the bottom TWO. (But, we all know it’ll be the battle of the Davids.)

    P.S. Karin, I ordered “Good Girl Gone Bad” last night. Can’t wait for school to end so I can read it!

  7. Randy

    David Cook: Is the guy on valium or something?? I mean, the way he stands there all slouchy, hands in pockets, with that hint of a smile–as though he’s afraid to actually enjoy the moment. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate that he’s the non-drama boy, but maybe he’s a little TOO laid back. Coulda used some energy–some electricity–for that first performance. Liked the second one, though. 🙂

    Jason: Don’t have much to add here. His laissez-faire attitude has put him in danger for weeks. If it weren’t for that one performance of Hallelujah (sp?) and that sexy boyish grin, he’d have been gone a long time ago.

    Sayesha: As I’ve been saying, at least this girl IMPROVES every week (unlike some dread-locked people we know). No, I don’t think she’s American Idol WINNER material, but I truly appreciate the mental effort she puts into preparing for her performances. Despite what was said about her in the early going, I believe she deserves to be there.

    David A: When I heard he was gonna sing Stand By Me and that Elvis song (I’m not a fan), I cringed. But, you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. Sung by any number of other fallen idols, those two songs would have sounded hackneyed and cliche…but IMO David brought his strong vocals and made them work. Okay, so he’s painful to watch–I’ll give ya that! And I’m not sure he’ll ever be a big hit in the “real world”–it’ll depend a LOT on the material he ends up with. But at least the guy’s consistent and he can truly sing.

    And, yeah…if it’s not Jason tonight, AI’s gonna lose a ton of credibility.

  8. Karin

    ack, allergy alert! we slept with the windows wide open last night and now I can barely see! I see we are all agreed, Jason needs to go home. I think though the pressure is really beginning to get most of them. I watched David Cook after his last song and when Simon gave his thumbs up I thought David was going to burst into tears. Frankly, I’m a fan of anyone who can week after week subject themselves to the scrutiny of Simon and us. I know even if I had a decent voice, I would not be able to get up there. I’d be puking all over everyone.
    They are much braver souls then I.

  9. Carol Burnside

    David Cook: 1st song okay, 2nd song much better. Overall, I was disappointed. I expected him to really rock it out this week.

    Jason: Um, yeah. Whatever. Later, dude.

    Sayesha: 1st song was just okay, though I did love her energy and the performance part. Even the 2nd song, I wasn’t crazy about. She got screechy. I hate it when the song morphs so much the melody is lost.

    David A: I’m totally with you on this one, Karin. I really didn’t get the ’emotional’ part of his Love Me Tender performance, or any of his performances for that matter. So squinting your eyes and warbling all over the melody is emo? Who knew. I just knew the judges would blast him for totally leaving the melody behind, and they loved it. I don’t get it.

    For me, all he ever does is either squint his eyes a little bit for sincere/love/ernest or get a half-smile (see I’m joyful/excited). And he concentrates too much on making every note perfect, which to me says he’s not thinking about the words he’s singing.

    And Amie, you’re SO right about the chapstick. LOL

    I think they’re all getting weary of the whole scene and are ready to go on tour.

  10. Lynn Raye Harris

    Whew, I’m late today! Totally agree with the assessments!

    David C: Love him, but first song not so great. Second much better. The David I love. I will buy his song tomorrow whichever one it is. And isn’t he turning into quite the cutie?

    Syesha: First song too Tina, but so NOT Tina. Even the dress and the moves were Tina. Honey, you can’t do Tina and try to be the woman — doesn’t work! Second song, very good, and her emotion over it was perfect enough to keep her there another week. I think. Finally, a genuine moment out of this girl.

    Jason: Dude, WTF??? When the second song was announced, even after the train wreck first, I said to hubby, “Oh, he has to do good with this because Bob Dylan can’t sing” (personal opinion, of course. Um, no. But I still worry that the girls will keep him in the running.

    David A: *sigh* Go home, kid. Stop wasting my time. Yes, lovely singing, pretty damn good in fact, but lots like every other song he does. And, all those teens and preteens texting in for him? They won’t all buy his CD because they will FORGET him by the time it comes out. Okay, they won’t forget, but they’ll forget that insane crush they had by then. His is not a CD *I* would buy, and I’m betting a lot of grown-up America feels that way too.

  11. Hubby

    La Donna – I bet you’re “dreading” his departure…

    What is it that the judges see in David Ar-chu-squinting-again? I swear this thing is rigged. The kid has a voice but this was rock-n-roll week and he’s doing the same slow, emo-squeezo ballads he does every week.

    David Cook didn’t. Again, rock-n-roll, with his voice he should have been all over that stage and tearing down the house.

    Syesha – sounded pretty good, moved better and looked dyn-o-mite last night. She and the two David’s to the next round.

  12. LaDonna

    I’m really late checking in, but glad I did before tonight’s vote-off. Karin, I know….my guy is probably leaving. SNIFF. My daughter even called today, and told me to prepare myself. LOL. So, I am thanks to y’all. I’ll be back after the show tonight.

  13. LaDonna

    Hey Gary, thanks for the thought. I didn’t see Jason’s performance until the Wed. clips, and it was painful to watch. I’ll miss his sweet smile, pretty eyes, and carefree music, but he blew it. I don’t think he wanted it bad enough. Sigh, oh well maybe one day he’ll be ready. I’m rootin’ for David C. now! Go David C, go!!!!

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