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May 8, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments

Jason is gone and then there were three. I have a sneaking suspicion no matter how good she does next week, Syesha is a gonner, and then no matter how awesome David Cook does the week that David A will be crowned the next American Idol. Whatever. You’ll never see his name on a Pop chart. We will however see much of David Cook in our musical future.

So since Idol is coming to a close, whatya all want to chat about when it’s over? I was thinking of maybe doing an advice (pertaining to writing) column type thing. My agent suggested the other day we put our heads together and do a workshop titled: It’s Just Business, and really get real about the biz, and writer expectations, and hurt feelings, and the ultimate end of the day reality that this is a business first, second and third, and we really need to put our big girl panties on.

Do you remember that great line in A League of Their Own? The one where Tom Hanks as the coach says to one of his players who was crying over something during the game, “There’s no crying I baseball.” He was right.

In this business, I feel that line should be a mantra to us all. I know, I know, it’s tough to remain thick skinned, and rejection stings, but that is part of the business. Hey, agents get dumped too! Lines close, editors move. What one publishing house does for one author they don’t do for all. It’s business. They can’t do it for everyone, they have to pick and chose. That P & L is their bible. I’m getting a little ahead of myself right now, but I feel like I have a real objective POV when it comes to the personal side of this business. My agent certainly does. So, we will be taking the show on the road, but in the mean time, I think I can offer some advice here, all with a grain of salt of course.




  1. Jaci Burton

    I was more relieved that Syesha didn’t get booted off last night than I was when Jason did, if that makes sense, because it wouldn’t have been fair for her to go before him.

    And yeah, the way it’s going to play out now should be interesting. Looking forward to David Cook’s first CD.

    I always love chatting about the biz, especially one with a good reality slap.

    Hey Karin, we both finaled in the same category in the More Than Magic contest! Congrats! 🙂

  2. Amie Stuart

    GMTA!!! I’m totally with you on the “It’s a business” thing. I’m actually thinking about doing a series on writing over at SFC for the next couple weeks about the basics (since this weeks blog was how NOT to be writer LOL)

    I’ll miss Jason. The only reason I watched this week was the R&R Hall of Fame theme. I’m pretty much done I think w/AI.

  3. J. Carson Black

    I don’t think Jason’s on the same planet. He looks and acts as if he’s been sedated. I agree that David Cook’s the one to have a career out of this bunch, and it doesn’t matter whether he wins or not.

    I love the biz chat idea, Karin.

    But… even if we can’t cry, can we a least mewl? 😉

  4. Edie

    For anyone else who wonders what GMTA means, I looked it up. It’s Great Minds Think Alike. 😀 I agree on everything, Karin. What a terrific workshop idea! I’d want to see that. And I want to read your columns on it.

    Yes, glad Jason is gone. As for David A, I think he’ll find a niche when this is over. Look at Seth Grodin and Michael Buble. Music isn’t a one-size-fits-all business anymore than writing. Kathy mentioned Carrie Underwood. I’m a country western fan, and Carrie Underwood is doing pretty damn good. I believe she’s one of the most successful AI winners.

  5. Holly D

    I would love your words of wisdom about the business.

  6. Kathy Calarco

    Karin, a chat about the business works for me. I’m a relative newbie to the published author world and would love to learn more from a seasoned pro. (That’d be you.)

    I agree with your take on the AI finals. I was thinking about it this morning, trying to remember when a rocker won AI, and realized none have. Only Bo Bice got close, and he lost to Carrie Underwood (not to compare her to David A, but if the shoe fits, etc.). I also tried imagining what type of songs would be on David A’s first CD. He hasn’t sang anything like what’s selling in today’s teen market. Can’t imagine him singing SexyBack. I can only picture him singing Barry Manilow or Andy Williams.

  7. Karin

    Okay, so woke up with a lovely allergy instigated headache. Grrr.

    Kathy, I’m scratching my head too about the what will David A sing, but as Edie mentioned further down there is Michael Buble and Josh Grobin, who I think have much more distinctive voices then DA, that said, good voice coaches can cajole more out of him. I think, as I type this, once we get DA out of his father’s clutches and into a true mentor/coaches hands we may be surprised.

    Jaci, I an so with you on the Syesha not going. I was holding my breath thinking how unfair it would be for her. I’m so glad America got it right. And congrats on the MTM final! I don’t know about you but I was completely surprised. I thought it was a friend of mine telling me she finalled. Good luck, Jaci!

    Amie, you are a smart cookie with a level head. Let me know if you do the series over at SFC, I’ll pop in later today to see how not to be one. 🙂

  8. Karin

    Jake, I just checked the latest rule book, and mewling is allowed in publishing. 🙂

    Edie, you are too funny. And I think you may have hit on something regarding David A and his type of song. Whatever he does, I hope he can be happy about it, but I think that will mean some separation between himself and a certain family member.

    Holly, my brain will be yours to pick, just push all the gooey stuff aside, and you might want to wear gloves.

  9. Cele

    I think aspiring and frustrated novelist need all the advice they can get and eat it up spoon and fork in double fisted gorging. Go for it.

    As to Jason, I thought all of AI last night had a strange weirdness to it. From Maroon 5 being a bust, Bo Bice showing song selection makes or breaks the artist, the irratating viewer questions, to David A being as big a dufus as he can be it was just weird weird weird.

    I am glad America got it right, because, yes, Syeshia deserves the final three.

    In the numbers race Carrie Underwood is the biggest Idol with her debut CD selling platinum seven times over. Four number one hits from the first LP Some Hearts, two top ten from her second, Carnival Ride is already double Platinum.

    Kelly Clarkson is second to Carrie. But I don’t know her numbers, I do know her latest LP is not selling well.

    Daughtry comes in second with his debut LP delivering three numbers one, four top tens, and has gone platinum four times over.

    I know, too much information.

  10. Poppy

    I might be wrong, but it’s been weeks since Ryan actually said the last two people of the evening are the bottom two. Obviously the kicked off person was, but the other one? Not necessarily. I think Syesha still has a chance for #1.

  11. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, would’ve been here earlier, but had puter woes. With your headache and mine, we could really have a gal session! LOL. Okay, I really saw last night what a train-wreck Tuesday really was for Jason. Not sure, but think maybe it’s the first time I’ve seen someone afraid of success…actually saw it with my eyes. IMO he made it happen, and was relieved when he walked. The comment about his inexperience showing nailed that opinion for me. And he mentioned next week would be three songs, and man that would be rough. Okay…. He’s not ready. I hope it’s David Cook wearing the crown, and I think Syesha will go next. You may be right, though, about David A. He’s talented, but I do love David C’s fire inside.

    And I’m so here for your future chat about, It’s business! Oh yeah, can’t wait! Sounds like a great topic too.

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