Cynthia Eden

May 9, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 1 comment

Will be my guest here on Monday! Yay! She writes some serious sexy paras for Brava.
To get acquainted with Cynthia and her books hop on over to her web site.

Also my bayou gf Toni McGee Causey who is the most talented author of the Bobbie Faye’s very very very very very bad somthin’ (I’ve read her first Bobbie Faye book and laughed my ass off, Bobbie Faye’s second book comes out later this month, ca not wait to read it!) will also be guest blogging here later this month. I have a few more guest surprises up my sleeve, so keep checking back.

Have a great weekend everyone, and to the moms out there, have a wonderful day Sunday!


1 Comment

  1. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, sounds like a really fun month! Whoot! I’m reading Cindy’s, Hotter After Midnight, now and I got a sunburn. 😆 Great stuff. Toni sounds awesome too. I’m off to check her website out. I love anything Bayou!

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