A Few Bright Spots Tonight (and the Winner of WHEN HE WAS BAD!)

May 14, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments

But for me David Archuletta was not one of them. I’m really sorry, but I think Randy must have some side money on the kid. I do not understand his fascination with the kid. And allow me to clarify: David A has talent. He has a strong voice, but everything he sings sounds the same to me. He’s boring to watch and I’m tired of his goofy quinty-eyed look. That said, I have no doubt the teeny-boppers will vote him right into the next American Idol slot. Fine. David Cook will go on like Doughtry and break record records.

So without further adieu, here is my recap of tonight:

David A sang Paula’s choice for him, And So It Goes. When he said in his wispy voice, “It’s a real pretty song,” I just threw my paper and pen on the table. But hubby and future son-in-law reminded me I had a commitment, and to take notes. Only because I love you ladies did I pick my pen back up, but I did it under protest. So, he sang well. Of course he did. David always sings well. But as per his regular performance, it was predictably boring.

Crack baby Randy said, “Paula chose a dope song. You are in it to win it!” How much are you getting paid to say that, Randy?
Paula said, “It was a pure and stunning performance.”
Simon who I adore said it, “Yeah, it was a very good performance, a bit predictable. I didn’t think it was outstanding.”

Next song, David ‘er his dad (who has officially been banned from backstage) picked; With You by Chris Brown. What a freakin’ train wreck. Sigh, I actually felt embarrassed for the kid. I hope his dad was happy with his lousy choice. When David sang the line “my boo” I nearly spewed my Diet Pepsi. And this performance brings me precisely to my point about David A. He has no pop/commercial appeal. And he is no Michael Buble or that other crooner Josh Grobin. The teeny-bopper girls drive me nuts. Now to be fair, I was really glad to see David try something different. But he failed. But he was brave and I give him props for that.

Of course I was waiting for Randy to tell us the performance was the bomb, and was very relieved to hear him say, “All right so –not sure that was the right song.” Duh.
Paula is on crack.
Simon said, “I applaud you not doing the shrieky ballad (lol, way to get a dig in), but that performance was like a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger.” Right on!

Okay so the last song was picked by the producers. The title escaped me but I rolled my eyes. Sadly, predictably it was more of the same. So let’s get this over with:

Randy said, “So, very interesting song choice. You can sing the phone book.” True but we’ll all be asleep before he gets to Aa.
Paula said, throwing hands up, who the hell cares?
Simon said, “You sang the song very well…I thought the song was gooey, something a 95 year old would pick.” In David’s defense, he didn’t pick the song, the producers did. Can’t blame the kid’s dad for the crappy song choice–this time.

Randy picked If I Ain’t Got You for Syesha. Frankly I didn’t pay much attention, but future son-in-law said it was awesome.

Randy said, “You’re peaking at the right time.”
Paula, blah.
Simon said, “That was very good. You look gorgeous by the way.”

For Syesha’s second song, she picked, Fever. I knew as soon as I heard the title it was not going to be good. Fever is a low sultry song, Syesha sang it too high and the tempo was too fast. Overall though, I thought it wasn’t half bad.

Randy said, “A very interesting song choice. You sang it amazingly well tonight.”
Paula said, “I’m surprised you picked this song. Not sure it shows Syesha.”
Simon said, “I think you may regret this. You did a lame cabaret performance.”

Not sure what the song was that the producers chose, but it was a toe-tapper. Even so, here we are another week to go, and I have no idea why Syesha is in the top three. I really don’t think she has it.

Randy said, “I can see you doing a Rihannasque song. It was just okay for me.”
Paula said, “You did the song very well. Not sure it’s the type of song to define Syesha the artist.” Agreed.
Simon said, “You had your best moment last week with Sam Cook. It didn’t define you.”

I think the handwriting is on the wall for Syesha. I will be shocked if she does not go home.

So now we come to David Cook, a man who has really grown on me. Simon’s pick shocked me, but I totally understood why he chose it. He wanted to show David’ skill off, and David delivered. I really, really, really enjoyed this performance. I wish he could have sang the entire song.

So Randy’s comments pissed me off. He said, “I wish Simon hadn’t picked something so predictable.” Whaaaaaat???? “You’re a rocker.” And you Randy are a biased A-hole.
Paula said, “It’s not about this, it’s about you, David.”
Simon said, “One of your best performances. This is what makes you brilliant. Round one to Cook and Cowell.” I loved it!

Second song, David picked Dare You to Move. Not my fave.

Randy said, “Performancewise, not your best. A little pitchy, baby.”
Paula said, “You just got to the beginning when you ended the song.”
Simon said, “I don’t think it was the best melodic song…All of you, an okay second round.” Agreed.

So the producers picked Aerosmith’s Don’t Want to Miss a Thing for last. Not a bad performance.

Randy predictably said, “For me, predictable. It was okay.” Pfft.
Paula said, “See you in the finals!”
Simon said, “David Cook wins the night!” Yay!!!

Okay, so are we all agreed Syesha is on her way out?

And the winner of WHEN HE WAS BAD, Cynthia Eden’s May Brava release is Holly D!



  1. Virna

    “It’s a really pretty song.” Yeah, that was a hard one to choke down. Right now, I’m pretty done with Idol–I want your advice column to start!

  2. Edie

    I agree with Simon on all his comments. The singers all picked lousy songs for themselves. The producers picked lousy songs for Syesha and Michael A. They should know better. I’m pretty sure Syesha will go.

  3. Jaci Burton

    It was an interesting night of song choices. And what’s up with Randy? I agree, does he have money on David A? Because he’s boring enough–singing the phone book would be torture. Poor kid. I just about died when he sang a Chris Brown song. He’s just not hot and sexy like CB. Sorry.

    Syesha screwed herself singing Fever instead of some hot R&B contemp song. I really liked her third song. I thought she nailed it. But then again i like Syesha and think she has a ton of talent and stage presence.

    David Cook was awesome on the first song, eh on the second, good on the third.

    I think it’ll be a David vs David finale, though who knows how the voting went. It’s never a done deal.

  4. Lynn Raye Harris

    Agree 100%. Hubby and I have said all season that no one should touch a Stephen Tyler song — and then the producers pick one for David C. Argh! But he did a good job with it! I was worried, because no one can scream like the Steve-O. Probably the tight pants, but you know, the guy’s got range.

    I’m so afraid Archie’s gonna win. And I really don’t think he deserves it. Is AI becoming AI-Teen? Because it seems that’s who controls the show — they vote like it’s a popularity contest.

  5. Cele

    It was a weird night for me, check it out, check it out. Shoot me now, I’m channeling Randy.

    I have come to realize I am a purist in some respects. David A drives me insane, and his singing is ever so blaise. So when he sang “And So It Goes” it was ugh. Then he slaughtered one of the most beautiful love songs ever, “Longer”. It made me realize some people just shouldn’t sing those songs.

    I thought Syesha did a good job, I did live “Fever” but not a good choice by her. Her first song was excellent. I personally thought she made a liar out of me and has what it takes.

    David C’s song choice sucked, but he totally rocked on Cowell’s song choice, and the producers song choice.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Idol Gods (double tee hee here) smiled on us and kicked out David A tonight. I know but a girl can dream can’t she?

  6. Karin

    Ugh! Allergy attack this morning. And we slept with the windows closed! So, once again I can see we are all pretty much on the same page. You know, they should have viewers send in their song picks next year for each contestant. I think we’d do a much better job then the producer’s for sure. And most def better then Archie’s dad. Gah, could you imagine having your every move scrutinized like that? Talk about a nervous kid. No wonder his pipes froze up for two years.

    Cele, I would love to see David A go tonight, but he hasn’t seen the bottom two or three all season, I doubt he will tonight, but it’s nice to dream…

  7. Kathy Calarco

    For the first time this entire season, I didn’t phone in any votes. Why bother when it was apparent last week who’d be in the final two.

    My take on last night: David Cook was the shining star; we learned where the producers keep their heads; David A. will be the next AI; the teens who love him now won’t buy his stuff because he proved he can’t perform what they like, unless they are still buying Barney DVD’s.

    Now that the season is just about kaput, I’m going out on a limb to say that it was the most lackluster season of them all. The only outstanding talent was David Cook. The new set – boring. I hated the mosh pit. And I don’t know why, but this year the judges just seemed disinterested. Next season will be skipped by yours truly. Oh well. It was fun for a while, but I think it’s time to pack up the tent and move it along, folks.

  8. LaDonna

    First off, Karin, thanks so much for sticking it out as always and keeping those recaps coming. I know it’s painful sometimes, but this is more exciting than the show. David C is my choice, and David A is not idol material imo. He’ll have a career, but shouldn’t be the pick. And I agree with some here, how did Syesha get in the top 3? I’m still mourning Michael’s exit, because he was good. I miss Jason, but he wasn’t ready.

    Fun comments everyone!

  9. Cele

    Yeah I know it was a pipe dream…. ah so sad

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