No Surprises Tonight

May 15, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

But I tell ya, I was a wee bit nervous when it was just Syesha and David Cook standing there. I was so relieved when they said he was going up against David A. I can assure you, I will have the phones in my house set to speed dial next Tuesday night and rabidly vote for David Cook!

Is it me or is my life flashing before my eyes? It seems like just yesterday this season of Idol began.

Have a great day. I’m heading up to Tahoe tomorrow night for a few days of much needed R&R but will be back in time to see my son and his date off to Senior Prom on Saturday. Whoo hoo! The last one!!




  1. Edie

    It’s not just you, I sometimes feel the same way about the flashing life thing.

    Yeah, I expected David and Michael to be the two last ones. I hope David C wins. Wasn’t Fantasia great last night? Though I’m not sure if Simon loved it. 😆

    Have fun in Tahoe!

  2. Kathy Calarco

    Karin, I’m with you on the re-dial carousel. I’m not sure I can out-dial the David A fans, but I’ll give it my best. David Cook is not only extremely talented, but a class act. I love the way he works the crowd, as well as Seacrest.

    And yes, this season flew by. I’ll miss coming here to complain about the show, and even though I’ve said I won’t hitch up to it next season, I’m an American Idol junkie.

    Enjoy your Tahoe trip and thanks for this blog. I’ve really loved it.

  3. Lynn Raye Harris

    Amen on the speed dial next week! I told my hubby to clear the calendar, I must watch Idol and I must vote for two hours. He laughed because he’s the one who was the Idol junkie. I could have cared less before.

    But, dang, I’m going to be so ticked if David A wins. Just waltzes through to the end without ever being on the bottom, without ever being in danger.

    I loved Simon’s face during Fantasia’s performance. I was, unfortunately, drinking a beverage when they cut to him. I nearly choked. He looked sort of stunned, didn’t he? Like he didn’t know what to make of it.

  4. Holly D

    Oh, Karin and Cynthia thanks. I was finally able to read the blog. I had one kid w/ a checkup, one w/ a chorus performance, and one needed help on a school project. Now this morning I find out that kid #3 has a play at school tonight. Oh well, life is never dull.

  5. LaDonna

    Holly, congrats on the win! Forgot to say that earlier.

    Karin, enjoy Tahoe! And hope your son has a great prom night. I’m sure you’ll take lots of pics, and celebrate too. Maybe you can post one in your pic section? 🙂

  6. Caryn

    Have a great time in Tahoe! It’s beautiful there.

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