The Final Showdown

May 21, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 27 comments

And I missed it. Sort of. It was my oldest son’s birthday tonight and I had a houseful. I was unable to sit and take notes but I did watch and listen in between the chicken parmesan and the birthday cake. After the show, my mother-in-law and I had # 01, 03, and 05 on speed dial on three different phone lines. We called for an hour and a half. I think all tolled we got in about 30 votes for David Cook.

That said, I think it was obvious by David A’s second song that kid came to win. I have never seen him so focused or really sounding as good as he did tonight. That isn’t saying David Cook tanked, he didn’t, but well, he just didn’t seem to shine the way the other David did. But despite that, I still think David Cook is the man to beat, and most definitely the man who will go on to break chart records. He has the sound, David A doesn’t.

And even after the obvious, I think David A’s crazed teeny-bobber cheering squad will vote him in as the next American Idol. C’est la vie. The good news is, we will all be hearing more of David Cook, and very soon.

and for those of you wondering, Kristi Yamaguchi won Dancing with the Stars Tonight.

So? Who got your vote and who do you think will be the next American Idol?



  1. Margaret

    Oh, I watched it. Both David’s were good, excelling in their particular styles. Though I would like DC to win, I think DA will.
    And, for those of you who didn’t realize it, the judges were leading the watching audience to vote for DA. I’ve seen this technique used by numerous judges when I sat as a jury member, and it seemed quite obvious to me that was what they were doing. Judges have to spout the law, but it is the way they do it that makes the difference.

  2. Jaci Burton

    I thought Archie was very good last night, even if he does make my skin crawl. That being said, I still think he needs a few more years to mature. Will he win? Probably. It seems, as Margaret said, the judges were pushing the viewership that way. I think in a few years he’d be mature enough to sell some records. Right now? Eh. Disney all the way.

    I’ll buy David Cook’s CD when it’s released whether he’s the AI or not. And I’ll wager he sells more records than Archie.

  3. Edie

    To me it didn’t seem as if David Cook came with the intent to win, where David A did. I was frankly disappointed with David C’s performances. He held back. I didn’t vote for him or for David A.

  4. Lynn Raye Harris

    After DC’s first song, I was stoked. And then Archie arrived and I thought he bobbled a little. I waited, waited, waited for Simon to call it like it was — and Simon disappointed. In fact, the hubby and I were in shock after every song when they’d give the props to Archie. When Simon said he won the night, I was like WTF!?

    I have never felt so disappointed in Idol, or so much like the rumors of fixing are true. Fixing in so much as they know who they want to win for one reason or another and are anointing him officially. WTF? Honestly, I didn’t get it.

    Ballad boy did what he always does. David C rocked. Reading the EW Idol recap, I’m thankful that I’m not as wrong in my assessment as the judges made me feel: Michael Slezak agrees about how the night went. I swear, after it was over, I was still shaking my head and wondering what was up with those judges.

    I voted for about two hours on and off since the voting was four hours long. I’m not watching tonight though. It’s on DVR, so if DC wins, I’ll watch. If not, erase. I think Margaret is right, and I sure don’t know why the AI machine wants DA. If there’s justice, DC will be another Daughtry.

    Speaking of Daughtry, did anyone find it interesting that Ryan spoke of Idol superstars, the crown, and showed a montage that included Daughtry instead of, say, Ruben or Taylor Hicks?

  5. J. Carson Black

    I agree – it’ll be David A. The judges, including Simon, gave the signal. As if the teenyboppers need a signal!

    David Cook will do great as a recording artist. That said, David A will probably do better than we’d like to think. I wouldn’t predict who’s going to sell more albums, because there’s no accounting for taste and teenaged girls basically drive this culture. They have a lot of heft with the economy.

    So, the more important question is: will Big Brown win the Triple Crown?

  6. Cele

    Go Big Brown!

    I thought David C rocked last night, his second song, was so reminiscent of something Asia would have done back in the 80s. Wow.

    David A was David A. I think he was on spot last night, but looking at the whole season, well there was no way I could vote for him. So my hour and a half of dialing went to David C.

    Usually I agree with Simon, but this season he’s been smoking crack or something, because he’s been so off base in his anaylsis. The ladies here have called it well, David A will win, but David C has a hearty career a head of him. Why would they who Daughtry instead of Ruben or Taylor, because Daughtry is multi platinum and Ruben and Taylor can’t even sell gold (despite what the producers keep telling Ryan to say. The numbers don’t lie and they are there for anyone to read, you just have to look.)

  7. Kathy Calarco

    I didn’t do the phone-in-boogie. David, a/k/a Alfred E. Newman, will win. As I told my hubby, DA might win, but it’ll be David Cook who sells the most records.

    And I agree with Margaret’s take – those judges did their best to manipulate the outcome.

  8. Karin

    Color me confused here. Monday night Simon was a guest on Jay Leno. Jay flat out asked him who was going to win this year. Simon smiled and said, “David.” Jay nudged him harder and Simon came right out and said, “I’d like to see David Cook win.” So, while Randy has been predisposed all year to Archie, Simon hasn’t, but I really believe Simon had to give the night to Archie because he felt he did a better job. Paula? Who cares what she said, her opinion in my mind means nothing. Very rarely does she actually say something worth my time. Randy and Paula like too much. And boy has Randy called some dog performances good this year.

    Anyhoo, Big Brown will go all the way. There is no one out there to stop him, and you could tell when his jockey pulled him up after the Preakness that big boy was like, “What the hell? I just got started?” A mile and half? He’ll be just warming up.

  9. J. Carson Black

    Re. Big Brown’s win:

    Randy: Dude, that was just all right, OK? It was like… your heart wasn’t in it, you know? You hit all the right notes, but I wanted to see you go head to head with Gayego, dawg.

    Paula: You’re just so special, Big Brown, I think you are just getting started. But I liked your first race this afternoon better than this one.

    Simon: Paula. That was a filly race. Big Brown, I have to say, that was a stunning performance. I have to wonder, though, how interested you really are in racing, considering you will be having sex with a bevy of beauties every day of your life, after you retire this year. Are you actually willing to give your best effort in the Belmont, when the ink’s already dry on your stud contract?

    Randy: Dawg. I wish I was you, man.

    Paula: giggle.

  10. Karin

    too funnee, Jake! I love Simon’s response to Paula’s first race comment. hee hee.
    I can’t wait for June 7th! It’s graduation party season. I told hubby, go without me, I’m not missing history in the making live.

  11. J. Carson Black

    Karin – this is going to be an interminable three weeks.

    Love that horse!

  12. Lynn Raye Harris

    I never get my hopes up for the Triple Crown anymore. Hell, I was a KID when the last one happened. Affirmed, I believe? The year after Seattle Slew. Or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway, I sure hope Big Brown can do it! That would SO rock!

  13. Hubby

    Re: Big Brown’s Win
    Mean while over at Dancing with the stars…

    Bruno: That was amazing! I love this big fellow! So strong, so forceful. He was like a sweaty gladiator winning in the coliseum! (pumps fist into the air again and again)

    Len: (mouth agape, shakes his head in disbelief at Bruno) Well then, it was kind of like bangers and mash wasn’t it? I mean it was full of substance but no excitement.

    Bruno: What are you saying? He was magnificent! What is with this fellow, eh?

    Len: Well, we knew he was going to bloody well win from the get go now didn’t we. I’m sorry Big Brown but it just wasn’t very exciting for me.

    Carrie: Oh I think it was completely exciting but your kicks and flicks are still a bit awkward. I really enjoyed the use of the whip…

    Bruno: Oh my God! How could I forget the whip? Bravo! Bravo!

  14. J. Carson Black

    I can’t imagine Bruno forgetting the whip. “Jazz hands, everybody!”

    Should have known you’d weigh in and one-up me, Hub. Well, yeah? Who’s the Big Brown around here? Who’s the Big Brown? I drink your milkshake!

  15. Hubby

    My milkshake brings all the ponys to the gate
    And they’re like, “It’s better than yours”
    Damn right it’s better than yours
    I can teach you but I have to charge you…

    Inspired by true lyrics, only the words have been changed to protect the innocent.

  16. Margaret

    OMG! You guys are hilarious!!
    Go Big Brown! We need a Triple Crown winner.
    Oh, FYI, Jake. . .er, Simon, BB will only get to sniff a mare in heat while his whang is incased in a huge plastic condom! 🙂 Sorry to disappoint, big boy, but its that darn reality knocking at the door.

  17. J. Carson Black

    Innocent? We’re talking about horseracing and milkshakes. (Not to mention, jazz hands.)

    It wasn’t just Bruno who went for the whip!

  18. J. Carson Black

    Yes, Margaret, sex is a long way off for Big Brown. And he has to earn it by winning the Triple Crown, the Travers Stakes and the Breeder’s Cup Classic.

    Maybe Simon’s luckier, after all. The bar’s not so high.

  19. LaDonna

    I missed all of it but the recap, and look forward to seeing it through tonight. I’m for David C, but who knows what the higher-ups have in plan for David A. I really believe it’s cause of his youth appeal, and maybe they need a new male star in that age bracket. Wish I could comment more, but I missed it. I’m in the dark here.

    On a note, my grandson rocked at pitching last night’s game!!! YAY. 🙂

  20. Cele

    Oh ni god you two are classic, I kneel in worship to the witticisms of Jake and Hubster.

    Margret I agree I caught that too and thought WTF? I’d love to see David C win just to rub it in their faces.

  21. Karin

    you two are killing me! I’ve said it before, Jake and Hubster need to take their show on the road.

  22. J. Carson Black

    I hope he drives. I think I have night blindness.

  23. Amie Stuart

    I have to say the comments Randy adn Simon made about DA being the next AI esp last night more than any other, I thought was a bit crass.

  24. Amie Stuart

    >>the judges were leading the watching audience to vote for DA

    Margaret I caught that too and it pissed me off! LOL Maybe they were pushing to piss folks off so they’d vote for DC???

  25. Karin

    Hey, Jake he does drive (but be forewarned he drives that Escalade like he’s in a damn squad car. Hate it!!!). I have night blindness too. You should have seen me last Thursday night driving through the Sierras. Talk about taking my life into my hands, not to mention half of Nor Cal to boot. Never ever again. Ever.

  26. J. Carson Black

    Karin driving through the Sierras at night… that could be a Stephen King novel! 😉

  27. Karin

    trust me, Jake all kinds of plots were swirling in my head.

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