O.M.G! David Won!!!!!!

May 22, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

David Cook that is, and by a whopping 12 million votes! Whoo hoo, about 30 of them were mine, and my mother-in-law added her fair share. I’m so happy. And I have to admit there were come classic moments on the final show this year. The Love Guru, and Gladys Knight’s Pips were hysterical! Okay so when they announced David…Cook we all jumped up whooping and screaming. My mother-in-law called all shrieky excited and I just felt so very happy for David C. He’s a great guy, and I will totally buy his CD’s.

Speaking of music, I’m going to download that Cold Play song, and the One Republic song and Father Figure. How could I forget Father Figure????

Sigh, I’m very happy right now. And weirdly enough I would not have been upset if Archie won, but I am so totally elated David C did. Okay, I am off to download some musica and then write. I wrote a very sexy scene today and as I wrapped it up I sat back and smiled. It was one of those scenes where when I read it back I couldn’t believe I wrote it, it was that good. Now I just need to find a way to write every scene that way!

Ciao for now, and whoo hoo!!!!



  1. Cele

    Totally estatic that David C won. I was sweating bullets there.

    I am usually not into weird humor but I will probably be nodding and saying, Mariska Haggitay for a week.

    A must on my buy list…. The David’s singing Chad Kroger’s Hero, wow. And Brooke White sings Teach Your Children with Graham Nash…incredible performances. David C singing Sharpe Dressed Man with ZZTops. Wow, this might have been the best Idol finale yet.

  2. Karin

    Cele, most of the singing was great tonight, except…Amanda…yikes! What were we thinking??

    and Mike Myers was too funny.

  3. J. Carson Black

    I thought it was a foregone conclusion that the kid (Archie) would get it. So I whooped, too, and scared the cat off the bed. Sorry about that, Allie.

  4. Margaret

    Wow, I was totally gobsmacked–in the good way.
    Way excited here in Tulsa. 😉 They didn’t give us enough coverage, considering David C bartended and played here for the last few years.
    Totally stoked!!
    I agree with everyone. It was the best Idol finale EVER! They had some wonderful musical pairings.
    And wasn’t that dress Syesha one that was designed by a Project Runway finalist (winner?) I forgot his name? It only makes sense. 🙂 Seal sang with her, he’s married to Heidi Klum, and she ‘is’ Project Runway (Okay, with Tim Gunn).
    Love, love, loved it!!

  5. Lynn Raye Harris

    I wasn’t going to watch. But the inlaws arrived yesterday and hubby turned on the tv and nothing else was on. So, we started it with 45 minutes to go. I was so convinced Archie was going to win. I didn’t want to watch that last moment, but I did. Resigned myself.

    And then, OMG! I was so happy! My hubby said about a million of those votes were probably mine. LOL!

    I’ll watch the whole thing now, so I can see DC with ZZ Top and all that. Loved the Pips. So glad I didn’t miss that. Did you start to think something was up when Simon apologized? I was too dense, but afterward I thought, hmmmmm.

    OMG, it was a great night, and he so deserved it. I’ll be buying his album for sure. I think I’ve spent a fortune buying his Idol stuff already. 🙂

  6. Jaci Burton

    Woooo hooooo! I screamed when Ryan said ‘Cook’! I so didn’t expect it.

    And it was an awesome finale overall. Cook fronting with ZZ Top? Stellar. Graham Nash, George Michael, One Republic. Carrie Underwood rocked the house. The whole thing was awesome.

    I wish I had been hitting the bars here in Tulsa the past few years and seeing Cook for free(okay for the price of a few beers). I missed greatness. Dammit. Now it will cost me an arm and a leg. *g*

    I’m SO happy for him!

    And I agree about Amanda. So so stiff.

  7. Edie

    Really, really happy here. I like David A’s voice, but David C’s is special. I enjoyed hearing Michael from Australia again too. Great performances. Syesha was fabulous. Carly was great too. I always love Brooke. Mike Myers and the Gladys Knight and the Pips routine were hilarious, but I was pleased that Donna Sommer’s voice was still so good. This was the best AI ending yet.

  8. Amie Stuart

    I thought Amanda looked pissed at having to be there!

    WOW I’m so happy though….and I’m glad I watched even though I hadn’t planned to!

  9. Kathy Calarco

    When Seacrest announced the wide margin of votes, I thought, “Could that many teens have dialed and texted in?” Guess not! That was the best, most pleasant surprise ending ever. Really didn’t see it coming. Love when that happens!

    P.S. I’m going to sound catty as hell, but Amanda looked like she overdosed on Botox. Frozen facial expressions – almost like she just let go in her tight jeans.

  10. Karin

    I am soooo glad it worked out the way it was supposed to work out. It just goes to show, while Simon is powerful, the voters are more powerful, and, Archie wasn’t all that in the end. Hubby has a saying, which I love: Age and treachery will always trump youth and exuberance. Those teeny-boppers goils didn’t stand a chance against us broads. We got to stay up later and keep voting. Muwhahahahahahah

  11. Kathy Calarco

    P.S. Karin, thanks for your weekly coverage of A.I. It’s been a real blast, and I look forward to whatever you’ll put in its place. 🙂

  12. LaDonna

    Really late chiming in here, but so glad David C won!!! Best ending ever, and so happy to see his career launch too. And Karin, you’re the best for sharing these recaps too. Saved my hinny more than once when I was unable to watch. I feel I never missed a “thang!” 🙂

  13. Michelle

    Can’t comment on AI, but congrats on the fab scene, Karin. I just wrote one that when I read it back, knew it just wasn’t good enough. Thank goodness for that delete key 🙂 .

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