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May 25, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

And I mean that in every sense of the statement. Anything I say in reference to a question or advice sought, is, just business. Let me explain: I wouldn’t have this blog if I weren’t in the business of writing. Yes, I started it to garner traffic in the hopes that someone would buy my book. I still hope that, but for me personally it has gone beyond that. I can honestly say if I never sold another book and knew it at this moment I would still maintain this blog. I have built a community that I love, and do not want to give up if I don’t have to. So here I will stay. I created the First Line Contest in hopes of garnering traffic and was hopeful it would inspire someone to buy my book. But as with the blog, the contest has become a personal mission of mine to be directly responsible for a new author selling. Yes, my ego is involved but more than that, I know how hungry we all are to sell, and I want to be able to open that door for someone.

So this brings me to me latest endeavor. A few weeks ago I was chatting with some friends on a private loop and someone suggested I do an anonymous advice column. The advice column part screamed at me, the anon part not so much. I’m afraid I could not disguise my voice, and I really don’t want to. So, here’s the plan: My Tuesday blog will be titled It’s Just Business. I’ll take one or two industry questions from the gallery and answer them once a week. Everyone is free to chime in with their opinion or experience but under no circumstance will there be any flaming. No question is a dumb question. There are lots of newbies out there and to us jaded vets we must always remember, we all started in the same place: 100% ignorant of what we needed to do. This also calls for me to say this as well: We all also started in the same exact place with our very first story: With one word. Some of us have gone on to hit the best seller lists, most of us are still striving for that golden ring, so no sniping please. If you don’t like my advice? Don’t take it. Advice is given if asked for, and not debated. If, as Jack Nicholson perfectly said, “You can’t handle the truth!” Then don’t ask for advice, because the closer we are to the matter of the business at heart the less objective we become. ‘Nuff said on that end,

Now, do I consider myself and expert here? Yes and no. I have a great agent and have learned a lot from her. I have also seen through the actions, reactions and decisions of my friends and colleagues what a bad agent can do, what a great agent can do, what an emotional, knee-jerk reaction can do (it ain’t good). I have great editors. I have seen bad editors. I have seen, heard and experienced a lot in the few short years I have been in this business, and while I may only be offering advice, there are some cold hard facts to back up my advice. And in the vein of It’s Just Business, I won’t pull any punches. I’m a realist and understand the business aspect of It’s Just Business all too well. My father is a self made man and I, a self made women in the business world. I have experience. I have seen businesses come and businesses go, all the while my own business nearly 22 years old is hanging in there through yet another rough economy. Writing is a business. We are all in the same boat and I for one am happy to share what I have learned in the hopes of helping someone along the way to steer clear of my mistakes.

So, if you have a question send it to and next Tuesday I’ll pick one or two. I will not use real names either. 🙂 Oh, and I reserve the right not to answer any question that I think is too personal, inappropriate or obviously not serious.

So, bring it on, and if there is interest we’ll keep going, if not? We’ll kill it and find something else to chat about. 🙂



  1. Edie

    Karin, I’m so looking forward to your Just Business blogs. Liz asked a question on Magical Musings about why some books get to be bestsellers and others don’t. Would you like to answer this on Tuesday?

  2. Karin

    You don’t mess around do you, Edie?

  3. Holly D

    Yeah Karin. Thanks for doing this.

    How do you know if you have talent or are just wasting your time?

  4. Karin

    Okay, Edie and Holly, I’ll tackle both questions this week. stand by.

  5. Edie

    Heh heh heh, you can handle it, Karin.

  6. B.E. Sanderson

    I think it sounds like a great idea, Karin. I can’t think of anything to ask right now because I’m in my post first draft brain-dead stage, but when I think of something, I’ll send it over. I look forward to the answers you’ll give and the questions others will ask. =o)

  7. Kathy Calarco

    Karin, I’m so happy that Edie put a reminder at the Elements loop – without someone kicking me in the head I’d forget it if it weren’t attached.

    I’m so very grateful that you’re doing this. I’m sure I’ll walk away with more than what I walked in with. THANK YOU! You are a real sweetheart.

  8. Susan

    God – so many questions…how do I focus on one story? I’ve got a million bits floating around. How do I keep my ass nailed to the chair? don’t just say discipline…how do you tackle self – sabotage? ie. procrastination. do you map out characters and their personalities, do you chart the book first or let it develop and evolve on its own? how do I stop reading how to and just do?

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