Okay so a couple of things going on today. I’m splitting time between Murder She Writes (I’m giving away a really nice prezzy) and Fog City Divas. Diva Bella Andre asked my ITALIAN STALLION antho partner Jami Alden and I few questions about the book. We had fun with the answers. 🙂 C’mon over. K*… Read more »


Hits the shelves!!! I could not be happier or more excited!!! The Blood Sword Legacy, begins! Bound by a brotherhood forged in the hell of a Saracen prison, eight Blood Swords — mercenary knights for William the Conqueror — set out to claim their legacies the only way they can: by right of arms, by right of victory, by right of conquest. Excerpt “Prepare for entry!” Rohan called to his men. “The timber gives!” Thorin, Ioan, Wulfson and Rorick hurled the thick oak trunk for the death blow. Rhys, Stefan and Warner wielded its twin. In unison, the two battering… Read more »

Monday Monday…

so good to me, Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn’t guarantee That Monday evening you would still be here with me. (courtesy of The Mamas and the Papas) Yep, it’s Monday again, and I’m in for another long haul writing week, release week (Yay! MASTER OF SURRENDER hits bookshelves in a book store near you Tuesday!) and another round of guest blogging. Tuesday will find me at one of my most favoritest blog spots, Magical Musings, Thursday I’ll be chattin’ over at Love Is An Exploding Cigar, a bunch of… Read more »

Finally Friday!

I know I said I’d post a It’s Just Business Q&A Thursday but the day got way out of control. Not sure if I’ll do it next week or not. MASTER OF SURRENDER releases Tuesday and I am trying very hard to wrap up MASTER OF TORMENT by the end of the month. I’ll be here, but just not really having to think much. Plus I have a few guest blog appearances next week. I’ll give you all a heads up Monday if you’d like to pop in and harass me. 🙂 Okay so I said I’d draw a name… Read more »
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