Monday Monday…

June 23, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 7 comments

so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn’t guarantee
That Monday evening you would still be here with me.

(courtesy of The Mamas and the Papas)

Yep, it’s Monday again, and I’m in for another long haul writing week, release week (Yay! MASTER OF SURRENDER hits bookshelves in a book store near you Tuesday!) and another round of guest blogging. Tuesday will find me at one of my most favoritest blog spots, Magical Musings, Thursday I’ll be chattin’ over at Love Is An Exploding Cigar, a bunch of fabo authors hang out over there, I’m looking forward to both. And of course, I’ll be hanging out in my usual spot on Fridays over at Murder She Writes, so come hang with me for the ride!

🙁 No It’s Just Business Tuesday this week, but I promise next week we’ll be back on schedule.

Ciao, chicas,



  1. Edie

    Karin, I gave my sil a bookmark for JADED. She said she was stopping at a bookstore on the way home to buy it. 🙂

  2. B.E. Sanderson

    Great. Now that song’s stuck in my head. =op

    But seriously, I’m looking forward to surfing around to all your posts this week.

  3. Karin

    Thanks, Edie!

    Beth,it’s stuck in my head too!

  4. Karin

    LaD have a great time in FLA and thanks again for spreading the word! Enjoy SURRENDER!!

  5. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, I’m sprinkling a few of those bookmarks along my roadtrip to FL! I thought that would be fun, and give a certain “sassy” to the experience. And, Master is my official vacation read. My daughters and I take that choice very seriously. 🙂

    Thanks for the Mama and Pappa’s! Took me back for a moment, and I loved it.

  6. Tara Green

    Hi Karin, I’m reading MASTER OF SURRENDER and loving it! How can I contact you via email to discuss a book club feature with our group as well as a review copy of the upcoming 2nd in your series? Thanks! Congrats on a new release and a HISTORICAL ROMANCE! My favorite. 😉 Tara Green,

  7. Karin

    Hey, Tara! Just saw this, and I know we’ve already connected, but, thank you again!

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