Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Said with a Caribbean accent. Okay, so this week is conference week, and I know there are a whole lotta writers out there stressing big time. Many for different reasons, but a lot of you for the same reason: The stress of being on. For some that means pretending. My advice? Be yourself. Relax. Have fun. Yes, yes we are all on to a certain extent, but when you’re on make it a super-sized version of your personality, not someone you aren’t. That comes across as stiff, false, and well, not genuine. And we ladies can smell a fake a… Read more »

National is Next Week!

And I am soooo glad it’s local. I have a ton of crap to lug over there. As the chapter president for the San Francisco Area RWA I have been invited to speak to several groups, which I love to do, but what has me extra special excited about this conference (aside from all of the parties, meetings with my agent and editor, catching up with GF’s I only see once a year) is our chapter wrote a book! Writing Romance, the Ultimate Guide on Craft, Creation and Industry Connections! And we’re hawking it big time at Moonlight Madness! The… Read more »

It’s Just Business Tuesday!

Ain’t! No on has sent me industry questions to answer. C’mon, ask and yee shall receive!! Don’t be shy! Now, for those of you coming to my neck of the woods for National next week, check out Candice Hern’s San Fran tips! Awesome info!! K*… Read more »

Happy Week Before National!

I’m really jazzed. Let’s see by a show of hands who’s going? Are you getting excited? How many of you are going for the first time? Are you nervous? Why? Have any questions? Ask here, and if I can’t answer them someone will be able to. So on the writing front, I thought I’d wait until after National to begin the next Master book, but alas, a scene took hold of me and I started today, and it feels great! I am having some difficulty though in locating some info I could really use, so I’m going to throw it… Read more »
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