National is Next Week!

July 24, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

And I am soooo glad it’s local. I have a ton of crap to lug over there. As the chapter president for the San Francisco Area RWA I have been invited to speak to several groups, which I love to do, but what has me extra special excited about this conference (aside from all of the parties, meetings with my agent and editor, catching up with GF’s I only see once a year) is our chapter wrote a book! Writing Romance, the Ultimate Guide on Craft, Creation and Industry Connections! And we’re hawking it big time at Moonlight Madness! The book had been talked about for several years and when I was asked last year to give it the nod, I will say, I did so without reservation, but I had doubts it would get published. Why? Because I knew it would take a Herculean effort. But a handful of ladies did it!

And they did it in very fine form. If you can’t get to National to pick one up, follow the link and order one today!

I am off in a bit to take care of some lose ends, one of which is to hunt down a gown for my daughter’s wedding. I can tell you, I am not into this. I detest clothes shopping. I will admit it may have something to do with the fact that I don’t have one of those bods that make even a plastic garbage bag look good, but it also has to do with taking clothes off, then putting stuff on that doesn’t fit right, then taking that off only to fight my way into something else that looks horrid. I want to be Jeannie and just blink the perfect gown.

Okay, so, reluctantly I go…I’ll let you know how I fare…



  1. Cele

    This is me pouting because I won’t get to be there, though it had been my express desire to be so. Have fun.

  2. LaDonna

    Karin, I’m so sorry I’m gonna miss ya this year! I had the best time in Dallas. 🙂 So glad your chapter got the book done too. I’m off to check the site out now.

  3. Edie

    I’m not pouting, but I feel the pang that I won’t be there with you ladies. That book sounds great!

    Hope you found the perfect dress while you were shopping. 🙂

  4. Karin

    LaDonna! I thought you were going???

    Cele, one of these days we are going to meet!

    Edie, Methinks I found the dress. I’m heading out Monday again, and we’ll see…

  5. Holly D

    I loved shopping when I was in my twenties and was a size 7. At 40 and nowhere near a size 7, I hate it. Good luck on the dress hunt and I too wish I could be at Nationals.

  6. Elisabeth Naughton


    …I don’t have one of those bods that make even a plastic garbage bag look good…

    Every time I’ve seen you, you look fabulous!!!!

    Gosh, it would be nice not to have to fly to a conference, wouldn’t it? This year I’m just thankful my flight is less than 2 hrs.

    Looking forward to seeing you, Karin!

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