Edie, emailed me this morning to let me know MASTER of SURRENDER was reviewed over at Publisher’s Weekly, by one of Barbara Vey’s goils. I met Barbara at National this year, and she’s just as bubbly in person as she is on her blog. The women gets around too! She hits all of the conferences. If you haven’t visited, hop on over. Always lot’s of good stuff going on! And thanks again, Edie for the heads up! And to PM for the great review! http://www.publishersweekly.com/blog/880000288/post/ 1460032346.html?nid=3383 Ciao, oh and PS, I’m just rambling over at Murder She Writes today. K*… Read more »

Question Regarding First Line Contest:

Would y’all rather have an A list agent as final judge or an editor from one of the New York five? Please chime in. I’ll give y’all until Sunday and make my decision based on the comments. And don’t forget, I’ll be chatting over at Murder She Writes Friday. K*… Read more »

It’s Just Business Tuesday

And I lost my Q&A for today! So I’m improvising, adapting and overcoming. There has been some discussion recently of the proper etiquette of firing/letting go/parting ways with an agent. So, here’s my take, and always remember this blog is Karin’s POV only, yours and others may very well be much different, and that’s cool. My quick answer is: If you are not happy, end the relationship. Period. But most authors will not make a jump without an agent waiting in the wings. For me personally that would not matter. If I was not happy, the relationship would be over.… Read more »
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