A Little Under the Weather

August 11, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

I think I have Post RWA National Syndrome! A complete physical collapse after too much fun! Seriously, I have a nasty chest cold thingy going on. I’m going to spend the day in bed drinking hot tea and watching the Olympics. Did anyone catch the men’s incredible 400 m relay last night? Unfreakin’ believable. It was a very proud moment for America. The men’s basketball team is a class act this year and the ladies’ gymnastic team? Yowch it was hard to watch them. I hope they got all the kinks out of the routines. I have never seen so many mistakes in my life. But conversely the Chinese men’s team: Holy Cow! except for that one guy sitting on the parallel bars they were spectacular. Some years I really get into the Olympics and this seems to be one of them.

Anyone else watching?



  1. Margaret

    I am, I am!! (waving madly) I’ve missed watching that darn relay 3X already! I keep catching the celebration!
    I must say that I’m disappointed they haven’t shown any of the equestrian stuff. I might be just missing it, though I think the Oxygen channel is supposted to be showing the cross-country phase tonight. I plan to check it out.
    Get better, Karin! Oh, I did a MAJOR brag at my chapter meeting about your PRO award, Jaded and MofS–and passed out your bookmarks!

  2. Hubby

    Viva le American!!!

  3. Amanda

    I love watching the Olympics. The sycronized diving is awesome to watch as well. The Chinese ladies don’t even make a ripple when they hit the water. I was yelling and screaming and so enjoying the look on the French faces when they realized the Americans kicked their butts.

  4. Jane

    Feel better soon, Karin. The 4×100 freestyle relay was the most exciting thing I’ve seen in quite some time. It was especially satisfying because of the trash talking. I watched a bit of fencing and gymnastics, too. They’re such beautiful sports.

  5. Holly D

    We love to watch the Olympics. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. kh

    yep specatalor the race, saw teh winners aehad of time so, the race was amazing, by a finger. congrats on top pick from rT for Jaded

  7. Karin

    thanks everyone for the well wishes, and boy I am impressed with our men’s gymnastic team. I call them the young guns. and Michael Phelps is just amazing.

  8. B.E. Sanderson

    Sorry to hear you’re sick. Good thing you have the Olympics to keep you entertained while you recover. =o)

    I’ve been watching the games when I can. Phelps is my new idol. What a great athlete, and what a nice guy. I’m also really impressed with the 41-yr old female US swimmer (whose name escapes me). I want to see her win just to prove you don’t have to be in your twenties to succeed. =o)

  9. Michelle

    Sorry to hear about the chest thingy. Get well. I don’t have a TV at the moment (on a ship, which was somehow mysteriously delayed by two weeks) so I’m doing a lot of reading 🙂 . And writing.

  10. Edie

    Hope you feel better soon, Karin. I’m not too much into the Olympics. I did catch some of the men gymnasts last night. The Chinese are amazing! It was a joy to watch them.

  11. Sylvia Day

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well! Sending *chicken soup* vibes your way…

    Syl, who loves the Olympics

  12. Anna Louise Lucia

    Get well soon, sweetheart! I saw that incredible relay – that last leg swimmer was just a miracle in muscle. I was stunned at what he was able to achieve in such a short space….

  13. Karin

    cough cough sniff sniff. Is it okay if I’m sick for another day? I promise I’ll be out to play by the end of the week.

    Beth, Dara Torres is amazing. She really is an inspiration to us all.

    Michelle, no tele? Egads! My husband would have shot himself by now. Or I would have shot him. I’m with you, I’d just write. Are you getting all settled down under? You know there is the big RWA conference in I think Melbourne soon. Are you going?

    Anna I have two books for you, I was hoping to give them to you at National when I met you! I’m so bummed we didn’t get to meet face to face. I’ll get them out in the mail when I join the living.

    And Syl, no vibes, bring me some soup in person.

  14. LaDonna

    Karin, a big hug on that nasty cold. So glad you’re taking care of yourself. And I watched the opening ceremony, wow, and caught several of the events. I’m a big Torres fan too, that gal rocks! And just so proud of the whole bunch.

  15. Diane W

    So sorry to hear you are under the weather. Plenty of rest, fluids, and Puffs brand kleenex with the lotion in it are my suggestions for you!
    I have been watching the Olympics and while the success of the American team as a whole warms my heart and I am in awe of their physical accomplishments, the female hormones in me are very impressed with our men’s swim team. I mean, have you seen those chests and back muscles?!?!?! Look no further for inspiration for a new male hero for your books!
    Having said all of this, let me take a minute to comment on the bathing suits the guys wear. I kinda’ like the full body ones, they are cool and accent the shoulders *sigh*. But the half ones that only cover the legs, I want to pull them up because they look ready to fall off. How do they stay up? Am I the only one who thinks this way? Am I a bad American to worry about a wardrobe malfunction while we are winning gold?
    Feel better soon Karin!

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