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August 17, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments

Are you feeling the energy just pulsing our way from Bejing? I have always enjoyed the Olympics, but this year for some reason I am more hooked then normal. I’m sure it has something to do with the incredible Michael Phelps, and the incomparable Dara Torres, along with so many of our athletes, but for me, it goes deeper then the incredible feats of these Americans. For me, I look at all of their hard work, their determination, and their guts and realize what I have always known: We all are capable of gold!

My competitive nature has been rattled this past week, and with it the current story I’m working on, book three of the Blood Sword Legacy, is starting to take form. I knew who my hero was, but once again I found myself looking for his soul mate. And late last night I found her! She is a Welsh princess who has a mystic mystery about her that captivates my hero, Stefan, who is violent, dark and brooding but finds he wants her at all costs. And he goes to great lengths to have her. This is going to be one of those books that jumps from one emotional high to another only to plummet then to be resurrected again. I know what the black moment is, and it will come earlier in this story than normal, with the balance of the story being how these two reconcile after a heinous deed born of passion and greed nearly destroys them both.

I’m excited. Really excited. And while I have a lot on my plate right now, I feel like for the first time in a long long time, I can actually relax and write. I have only the final page proofs of TORMENT to go over, but I won’t see those for a few weeks. I also have a good friend of mine reading TORMENT and other than my editor and agent who love the book, her eyes are the only other ones to read. And since she writes historicals and is a fanatic about detail I am nervously awaiting her thoughts. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I also wanted to pass along some sad news: 🙁 The Fog City Divas are having their final hoorah this month. Yep. We’re shutting down, but go on over and comment coz there is a huge book giveaway at the end of the month. I’m going to miss chatting with the goils, but, I’ll still be here, and hanging out over at Murder She Writes! And we’ll all still be Divas in our hearts!! Muwhahahahaha.

Okay, I do have some questions I will be answering on It’s Just Business Tuesday, so come on back, and check it out.

So, now with the Olympics nearly half over, what other events are you looking forward to watching?



  1. Kath Calarco

    I’ll be watching the badminton. There’s something sinfully intriguing about a (shuttle)cock getting swatted back and forth over a net. Where did they come up with that name? Shuttlecock. Huh?

    Karin, I wish you the best on your newest lustful brainstorm. It’s been a while since I’ve had that feeling, but am hopeful it will return, come hell or, you know, high waters. (and I love that you used the word “heinous” in your blog.)

  2. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, congrats big time on your Welsh princess revelation. 🙂 I had a major breakthrough this weekend, too, and I nabbed it!

    Can’t wait to collect the next two Legacy books too. You’ve been kissed by the Gods on this one! Or did you kiss them by chance? 😉

  3. Jennifer McKenzie

    I love that feeling when a book is so clear in my mind! Awesome.
    I’m so sorry to hear about Fog City Divas. That’s too bad.

  4. Amanda

    Karin, you ‘sound’ so much better. Glad to know the writing is going well because I can’t read your books until you finish them.

    I’m enjoying the Olympics very much this time around. I love watching diving and swimming and gymnastics. But, I’m enjoying beach volleyball and weightlifting as well this time.

  5. Jane

    I saw the qualifying rounds for the trampoline. I didn’t even know it was an Olympic sport. It looks fun.

  6. B.E. Sanderson

    I’m really enjoying the Olympics. Swimming especially, but since that’s over, I’m getting into the track & field events. I always loved the equestrian events, too, but so far I haven’t seen them televised. :pout:

    I was bummed to read that the Fog Cities Divas won’t be blogging any more. But I understand. Thank goodness you’ll still be here and at MSW. =o)

  7. Karin

    Thx, LaDonna. I hope you’re still enjoying SURRENDER!

    Amanda, I hate being sick! So glad to be back amongst the living. And I love watching the swimming and gymnastics too.

    Jennifer, that perfect clear place is so elusive sometimes that when it comes it’s pure pleasure. 🙁 I’m sorry about the FGDivas too, but ya never know, a few might pop up here or there!

    Jane, I haven’t seen the trampoline event yet. My husband is Olympic weary and we have been dueling over the downstairs remote for the few days. So far it’s Tabke 2 and the other Tabke 2. I suspect by the night’s end I’ll have the advantage.

    Beth, hasn’t Michael Phelps just made this Olympics so special? And I have fallen in love with Bejing. Love it, despite the smog. And yep, Allison and I will still be hanging out at MSW and me here.

  8. Elisabeth Naughton

    I’m sad swimming’s over. 🙁 It’s been so fun to watch.

    Right now I’m wrapped up in women’s gymnastics. Since I run I’m enjoying some of the running events in track and field (and wishing I had one of those runner’s bodies!) Hard to believe the Olympics will be over so soon.

    So glad book 3 is percolating for you. Do you have a title for it yet?

    Now that Nationals and my vacation are over, I’m hard at work on my deadline book…and so happy school is about to start up again so I can actually get something done. 😉

  9. LaDonna

    Surrender kept me up past my bedtime last night. I’m wearing my dark circles proudly this a.m. When I’m finished, you’ll know cause you’ll hear me in sunny CA. 😆 Can’t wait to give ya a shout too.

  10. Edie

    Gymnastics are my favorite, and I watched some of the swimming. Love the phrase, “We are all capable of gold!” You bet!

    Congrats on your heroine breakthrough. I can feel your excitement and know that will transfer to the pages. That’s your gold. 🙂

  11. Karin

    LaDonna? I’d like to say I’m sorry my book kept you up all night. But I’m NOT! 🙂

    Hey, Eli, I’m sad the swimming is over too. I loved watching Michael and Dara. I have a tentative title for book three, it’s MASTER of ……. 🙂 Not sure on the last word yet. And my youngest child had his first day of college yesterday. My house is now quiet again during the day. Whoo hoo!

    Edie, I really enjoy the gymnastics too. Lastia should have had the gold last night on the uneven bars. I was pissed.

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