It’s Just Business Tuesday!

Dear Karin, Could you tell us how auctions are handled. Do they usually lead to six figures? And what about pre-empt deals? I’m assuming a lot of money has to be on the table for an agent to agree on a pre-empt. Is there a time limit on those things? What happens if it’s a “no” on the pre-empt. And do you know of any auctions that have ever soured? With a lot of input from my agent 😀 here are the answers: 1) Auctions can lead to six figure deals but not always. 2) A pre-empt deal is when… Read more »


duties call. Engaged daughter and I spent the better part of the weekend doing wedding related stuff. At a bridal tea yesterday, hosted by my Mother-in-law, I um, had a few too many mimosas, came home, took a nap and felt groggy for the rest of the night. No writing at all this weekend. I miss my story! The wedding is like19 days away and I have so many lose ends to take care of I’m really beginning to feel the pressure. The kids finally booked their Hawaiian honeymoon yesterday. They went back and forth on exactly which island and… Read more »

We Interrupt It’s Just Business Tuesday

To say that Dancing With The Stars royally sucked last night!!!! OMG! The highlight for me was that Maks is back, but as much as I love Misty May she is not the right partner for him! Gah! Poor Karina, she is stuck with…? Hell if I remember who it was, but he was not right for her, and I could see her going much sooner than later. Susan Lucci? Talk about a deer in the headlights, and that smarmy dance partner of hers? Didn’t Jane Seymour have him a couple of years ago? Shivers. Sadly, I was not feeling… Read more »

I’m Baaaack

And hitting the ground running. That was the quickest 2 days of my life. Today is my youngest daughter’s 25th birthday! I can’t believe it. Time sure flies by. The big bachelorette and bachelor parties were this weekend. I have seen neither since my return home last night, but my spies tell me they are alive. The wedding is less then a month away now, and I have a deadline that has crept up on me. Hitting forehead against desktop. Why did I actually think I had some wiggle room? My editor called me Friday morning in Tahoe to go… Read more »

It’s Crash and Burn Time!

Between deadlines, taxes (argh! But at least they are done!) wedding planning, (only 31 more days!), all of the other time sucks of the writing biz, and life, I’m toast. I just want to go veg, and that is exactly what I’m going to do. I’m heading out to the great outdoors tomorrow morning. I’m Tahoe bound and can’t wait to get up there and do absolutely nuttin’. Except eat, read, sleep and drink some good vino. At first, I was horrified to learn that the place I’m staying has no Internet. But on second thought, I’m glad it doesn’t.… Read more »
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