Monday Again

September 8, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 7 comments

Funny how that keeps happening.

I won’t be around much today. Hubby and I will be gone for the better part of the day. A dear friend of the family passed away a week ago yesterday and today is her funeral, to be followed by one hell of a party. No mourners allowed! That’s how Barb wanted it. Bright, cheerful colors and a party thrown in her honor. I can see her smiling right now and hear her cute little voice reminding us all to be happy. Sigh, she was one of the good ones who got away too early, and I’m going to miss her joi de vivre.

Her family was one of the very lucky ones to have her as a daughter, sister, wife, mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. I was lucky to call her friend.

Every time I see her in my mind’s eye she is smiling, and so she makes me smile. I know she is no longer in pain and is now with her loved ones who went on ahead of her. So for Barb it’s all good, for those of us she left behind? We’ll find a way to go on until the times comes when we will all meet again,

So to Barbara, we love you, sweetie, rest in peace, baby, and never stop smiling!



  1. Holly D

    My heart goes out to you and all of her friends and family. When my mother died I wore her favorite favorite color, green, to her viewing and the funeral. She didn’t want all the black either.

  2. Kath Calarco

    Karin, my condolences. It always sucks to lose someone, but the party planned in her honor is an awesome way to celebrate her life.

    Party on with the rest, but grieve the loss on your own terms, too.

  3. Cele

    I love that her life is being celebrated rather than her passing mourned. I believe our loved ones remain with us forever, are our inspiration, support, and comfort.

    Joy to Barb and my heart to those who miss her.

  4. Karin

    🙂 Thanks, goils, when I go I want a party too! Just try to be a *little* sad I’m not there.

  5. Edie

    I started to write the same thing Cele did. Instead I’ll ditto what she says. A little sadness is allowed. Imagine your friend smiling down on you from Heaven, sending you love. 🙂

  6. Jane

    Sorry for your loss. The party sounds like a great way to celebrate your friend’s life.

  7. Karin

    So we walk into the church and guess what is playing? Don’t Worry Be Happy! Classic Barb! She was Jewish and married a Catholic, so it was nice to see the priest and the rabbi come together for her. I have never laughed and smiled more at a funeral or hell at some parties! As she did in life, Barb has inspired me in her death.

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