It’s Just Business Tuesday

September 9, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 16 comments

Can not exist without questions, ladies and gents!!! Send me questions!

I do have some exciting news to share though, my uber good friend, Edie Ramer, finalled in the American Title contest with her book DEAD PEOPLE!!!!! I read the first version and smiled while I read it (Edie has a wonderful sense of humor). She has since revised and it kicks more ass.

I’ll keep you posted on the contest front, I believe it launches in January.

Now, send me questions!

K* who is off to chop off more Viking heads!

PS, real quick, I have to share a funny with you. Last week I get a phone call from my mother-in-law who is an avid reader. She’s at our local BN.

Phone rings, Karin answers, “Hello.”

Mom, “Karin?” (she always does that, like who else answers my phone?)

“Yes, mom, it’s me.”

“Who’s that writer friend of yours who wrote that book?”

I pull the phone away from my ear, looked up at the ceiling, and rolled my eyes, then put it back to my ear and asked her, “Mom? If you had to hazard a guess, how many writer friends would you say I have who write books?”

She laughs and says, “Oh, yeah.”

“So? Be specific, which writer friend and which books?”

“You know, your friend, the one we had dinner with in New York.”

I had to laugh again because I know which dinner she meant and there were three of my writer friends. But she knows Allison very well, and is waiting with bated breath for her next book so I knew it wasn’t her, but I do know she gobbles up Rocki’s Bullet Catcher books.

“Rocki, mom?

“Yes! Rocki! Her, you know those guys she writes about.”

“Bullet Catchers, Mom. Her next one is NOW YOU DIE.”

NOW YOU DIE? But the guy here said it was HIDE something. I read it already.”

I shake my head, I mean how hard is it for the clerk to really look at the computer? “He’s mistaken, Mom, the trilogy is FIRST YOU RUN, THEN YOU HIDE, NOW YOU DIE is the third one, it released last week.”

“Okay, I’ll go find it.”

She calls back. “They don’t have it!”

“I guess they sold out already. Good for Rocki! Did you order it?”

“I did, now I’m coming over there to get something to read in the mean time.”

She knows my to-be-read pile is towering. She depleted it a bit.

I love my mil. 🙂


  1. Edie

    Thanks for the shout out, Karin!

    Great story about your MIL. And you’re amazing to remember all the titles!

  2. Karin

    Edie when I heard the titles for Rocki’s trilogy I was so impressed. They just flow together, and are so suspensey! And so easy to remember! And they are awesome, awesome stories. Go Roxanne! And go you, Edie, I can’t wait for the AT contest to commence

  3. Holly D

    Congrats, Edie!

    Karin, your mil sounds great. I have a great one too.

    I’ll have to think about some questions. I’m sure I probably have a million of them.

  4. Roxanne St. Claire

    No, no, no. I am the one who loves your mother in law!!! Am so honored to be 1) one of your writer friends ; 2)the author of those guys; 3) sold out at B&N (waah); and 4)remembered! Thanks for the smile. Gimme her address – I shall mail her a copy, stat!


  5. Karin

    Hey, Rocki, how are you?? I’ll send you her addy but I think she already picked up the book. I um, think she decided not to wait and got it at Safeway. She is very impatient that one.

  6. Roxanne St. Claire

    I love impatient readers! And, I’m so glad I stopped by because that is the first I’ve seen of MASTER OF TORMENT. Not only is the cover viciously hot, I totally, totally love the title! Congratulations on that!

  7. B.E. Sanderson

    Congratulations to Edie! Hooray.

    Sounds like you have a great MIL, Karin. I’ve been talking Roxanne’s books up to everyone I run across. I know her books are selling like they’re going out of style at the local grocery store. I almost couldn’t get a copy for myself. (That would’ve been ugly.)

  8. LaDonna

    Karin, love the story of your MIL. You lucky goose to have her. 🙂 And I agree, it’s so terrific about Edie! We’ll have a lot of cheering going on this year. Too fun!

  9. Karin

    oh, baby, I love the way you said, viciously hot. It’s viciously tormenting too.

    LaD, I predict Edie will win!

    Beth, my MIL is awesome. I love her to death, she says some of the funniest things. And thank god for the grocery store, huh? I buy more books there then at the book stores.

  10. Caryn

    How funny. It would be nice to have relatives who are readers. My other family members have very different tastes in books.

  11. Elisabeth Naughton

    Too funny about your MIL, Karin. I read both of Rocki’s first two in the trilogy while I was on vaca in Hawaii. Very very good. I picked up the third one during release week. She’s such a sweetie…I’m so glad her books are doing so well!

    And big congrats (again) to Edie!

  12. Karin

    Caryn, my MIL is a voracious reader, and she is my most stalwart fan.

    Eli, I’m glad Rocki’ books are doing well too! And yay! for Edie!

  13. Buffie

    Hey Karin!

    You had me giggling with the MIL story. So sounds like mine. Well, except mine would be talking to the clerk, another shopping, and me all at the same time! But you gotta love that woman 🙂

    Edie — congrats on the win!

  14. Karin

    Hey, Buffie, how are you? Yes, my mil is a keeper for sure, and Edie is going to win!

  15. Buffie

    [i]Hey, Buffie, how are you?[/i]

    I’m doing pretty well Karin. Just staying busy with all the kids activities. They are out of school next week for fall break. So hard to believe they have already been in school for 6 weeks.

    I am anxiously awaiting Master of Torment. Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

  16. Karin

    Fall break already??? OMG!

    and TORMENT is in the can, baby! I’m hoping to have arc’s in the next few weeks. 😉 I’ll keep you posted.

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