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September 23, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

To say that Dancing With The Stars royally sucked last night!!!!

OMG! The highlight for me was that Maks is back, but as much as I love Misty May she is not the right partner for him! Gah! Poor Karina, she is stuck with…? Hell if I remember who it was, but he was not right for her, and I could see her going much sooner than later. Susan Lucci? Talk about a deer in the headlights, and that smarmy dance partner of hers? Didn’t Jane Seymour have him a couple of years ago? Shivers. Sadly, I was not feeling the two new dancer girls at all, or Corky or the other new guy. I was sooo disappointed.

The biggest laugh and show stealer came when Cloris Leachman called Len a bastard for giving her a 5. As entertaining as that was (watching her dance was not) the show didn’t get started for me until Warren Sapp and the cutie from Down Under took the floor.

Sigh. I hope half of them go home tonight.

That’s all I have to say.

Anyone else?





  1. Buffie

    Hey Karin!

    I watched it last night too. And while I was not standing up clapping away, I did find several moments funny. Cloris was a trip! I loved the fact that she had Len blushing a deep red when he saw her cleavage. That made me laugh out loud. Like you I thought Warren was wonderful. He has a wonderful personality. I’m pretty sure I will be watching it again tonight just to see what happens.

  2. Edie

    I didn’t watch. I don’t care for this show as much as You Think You Can Dance, which features real dancers, not entertainers.

    I wish I would’ve seen Cloris dance. I love her chutzpah.

  3. Karin

    Buffie, Cloris was hysterical!

    Edie, at this juncture you did not miss much.

    I also meant to say that someone needs to feed Susan Lucci. She is way too thin. I thought she might break there a couple of times. I know she was scared and it showed but she really looked fragile.

  4. Jane

    I loved it when Cloris put her leg on the judges’ table in an effort to get a higher score. I was so surprised to see that Warren was so light on his feet. I thought Toni Braxton was pretty good.

  5. Karin

    the second round was much better then last night. I was sorry to see Edyda go. 🙁

  6. Buffie

    Last night was pretty good. I was surprised that the judges were already giving out 9s. I thought Brooke Burke did a great job, but 9s on the first week??!!

    And once again, Cloris stole the show! LOL

  7. Elisabeth Naughton

    OMG. So I read your title and thought, “OMG…she hit a list, or…she sold some major ass new contract, or…she’s pregnant!”

    And then read about Dancing.

    With the stars.

    Can you see me rolling my eyes up here in the wilds of Oregon????

  8. Karin

    Okay, the list or major ass contract, yes, I hope one day soon, and you would hear me screaming all the way up there. But the pregnant part!!! Bite your tongue!

  9. Mary

    okay so I was not gonna put my two cents in because I really do not watch this show. But, when I heard that Sapp was going to be on I knew I would not be watching. He is one of the most ignorant/arrogant people out there (always has been dirty football player). Now there is an article posted that if the dancers and crew had a vote he would be the first to go. He is talking down to everyone, yelling at the crew and even walking out on rehearals with his partner. I might call and vote for the other dances just to get this jackass off the show. Okay I’m finished with my rant.

    Party on Ladies,

  10. Cele

    I normally blog DWTS for Jenny T Partidge, but unfortunately my work schedule for the first two weeks of the show is saying “It ain’t happenin’ folks.”

    I got to watch the first hour of the first night and the third night. While Brooke Burke was okay, she wasn’t nines, and she wasn’t better than Toni Braxton, who didn’t get near the points.
    As a So You Think You Can Dance fan I was delighted to see Lacey Schwimmer as one of the pros, as for Corky Ballas…well not so. He reminded me of a dirty old man for some reason. Maybe it’s good I’m not blogging it yet.

    The wilds of Oregon, ha ha ha, love it.

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